10 Bac Ninh specialties bought as gifts boldly in the countryside of Kinh Bac

The smooth surname sentences of instant brother and sister are what everyone thinks about when talking about Bac Ninh. However, there is another Bac Ninh with countless specialties such as attractive, rustic, simple, but fragrant and fragrant with human love. Here are some of the specialties that Bac Ninh bought as gifts from Kinh Bac countryside that you can refer to.

Bac Ninh is only about 30km from Hanoi capital, there are many roads and means of transportation to this province every day. Bac Ninh tourism in any season of the year is favorable in terms of weather, but spring is the time when many big festivals take place, attracting a large number of tourists. 

Bac Ninh’s cuisine is considered to be rustic, idyllic and passionate about Kinh Bac countryside, if you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful land, you must definitely try 10 Bac Ninh specialties bought as gifts. InnoTour summarized below.

Bac Ninh specialties are bold about the Kinh Bac countryside

1. Diem village cake

Banh banh is a long-standing traditional dish, appearing during the holidays and worshiping of the people of Diem village, Hoa Long commune, Bac Ninh city.

Banh banh is made from the main raw material, which is vegetables harvested from rice fields and riverside alluvial grounds. Vegetable chunks take the leaves washed, chopped and crushed with non-glutinous rice until they have beautiful color, have the smoothest fineness and then mold them into cakes with the filling of green beans and bacon seasoned with spices to taste. After being steamed, the cake is very attractive with its steamy, steamy crust, the guests blow while eating to feel the aroma, the pulp of the leaves and the greasy taste of the bean paste.

2. Dinh To Thai Porridge

Thai porridge is a dish that Bac Ninh people often cook on ceremonial occasions to make offerings to express gratitude to the ancestors.

Thai porridge is unlike any other porridge elsewhere because of its extremely special cooking style. The rice is soaked softly for half a day, then pureed and then dried. When you need to cook the sliced ​​porridge, the cook will knead the dough with water and then slice the dough into thin slices, place it in a pot of boiling water and simmer with minced chicken and pork and add a little green onions and pepper. fragrant every time you eat.

3. Ninh Xa burried spring rolls

Many tourists visiting Bac Ninh want to rest and sip a cup of beer with hot and fresh rolls.

Bun is made from minced pork meat with thin boiled pork skin and mixed with hot hearing. The sweet and sour sweet and sour taste of this spring roll, everyone who eats it must be broken, all want to buy it as a gift for their relatives.

4. Dinh To ash cake

Made from yellow flower sticky rice powder soaked in ash water taken from glutinous tree ash and lime water and wrapped in banana leaves or dong leaves and steamed. When eating ash cake dotted with molasses, you will feel a cool, sweet taste, once enjoying this rustic gift will make you always remember its aftertaste.

5. Pancakes

The pancake is shiny yellow in color, crunchy with the aroma of beans, sesame, sweet potatoes, … perhaps the aftertaste that people who visit the land of Bac Ninh will remember most.

6. Banh Bao Wa village

Wa Village Banh Banh is different and attractive by its toughness, richness, not softness like Banh Gio. In addition, the cake is often eaten hot, so it smells of leaves and warms your heart in the weather in the North of the pig.

7. Chicken Ho

Chicken Ho is a rare breed of chicken in the Northern Delta region with its muscular body, strong body and delicious meat. It is also the very famous and rare that everyone who visits Bac Ninh will find and enjoy this special dish.

What does Bac Ninh tourism buy as a gift?

1. Tuong Dinh To

Tuong Dinh To is made from corn and other ingredients such as soybean and Cai hoa vang sticky rice. Natural fermentation and fermentation process does not use any chemical or auxiliary yeast, so Tuong Toi not only has a delicious taste but is also very popular with today’s diners. This gift for relatives and friends after the trip to Bac Ninh is suitable for its delicious taste and safety for health.

2. Van village wine

Van village wine is made from glutinous rice with yeast from 35 rare herbs and traditional cooking methods of the villagers. Therefore, this is a gift for relatives with Bac Ninh brand name that you should not ignore.

3. Dinh Bang’s fiancee cake

Anyone who returns to Bac Ninh will not forget the bread that Dinh Bang’s fiancee bought as a gift for his or her family. Dinh Bang’s bridegroom has a very unique flavor of Bac Ninh, sticky rice, papaya crunchy, green bean paste, copra fat, lotus seed pulp, sweetness of sugar, etc. both converge, fully blended.

Bac Ninh does not only have sweet sarcophagi, there are festivals with intact cultural colors, Dong Ho painting village goes into history books, there is Phu Lang pottery village located on the banks of Cau river, crowded with passersby. … Bac Ninh also has a wealth of specialties bought as a rustic, casual gift that permeates human love.