10 days camping from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang

Thanh Tuan and his friends aim to sleep in a tent for the whole 10-day trip, instead of renting a hotel or motel room.

Nguyen Thanh Tuan, born in 1986, and his friends made a 10-day camping trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang . Both set a goal of sleeping in tents for the whole trip instead of hotels and motels. “Having the same hobby of camping, my companion and I arranged 10 days off to go on a long trip together,” Tuan shared.

Ta Dung Lake , Dak Nong (photo) is the first place the couple set up camp. Every day, the two boys started at 9am, went to 4pm and then camped. Tuan’s camping site selection criteria are safe, beautiful scenery, easy to move and quiet.

“After a long day on the road, any place that meets these 4 requirements will help me have more time to rest. The feeling of having a good night’s sleep, waking up to watch the sunrise and breathing in the fresh air is enough to recharge my energy. a new day is more interesting,” Tuan said.

The sunset dyes the sky and lake water red on the second day of the best friend’s camping trip. Camping under an ancient pine tree by Lak lake is the most impressive experience of Tuan’s journey. Around are long houses of ethnic minorities in Cuor Tak village, Yang Tao commune, Dak Lak . Local people mainly do rice farming and fishing on the lake.

“The scenery here is amazing, the air is fresh, you can watch the sunset and sunrise on the lake, hear the birdsong, the gentle waves…”, Tuan described.

Tan Son Dam, Gia Lai is the third camping site in the journey. Tuan said, for the first one to two days he was very tired because he was not used to sitting for a long time, but on the third day, it was normal. Tuan shared that he would wash and clean at large gas stations along the way when refueling. He charges electronic devices from motorbike batteries, charges them at a restaurant, or solar panels when it’s sunny.

Ba Hoang Monic Waterfall, Quang Nam is the fourth point where Tuan and his friends camped. Out of the 10 camping sites, this location at the foot of this waterfall is considered the least safe by him because it is located near a main road, with many vehicles passing by. This is also a location that was not originally planned.

Mossy beach at Nam O reef is the next campsite, marking the completion of half of the way when Tuan and his friends arrive in Da Nang.

Sa Huynh Beach, Quang Ngai is the next campsite. The more he goes, the more he finds that there is still more to see, learn and experience.

Watch the sunrise from the tent in Mui Dien, Phu Yen . Tuan does not have the habit of choosing a destination for each journey, but usually stops wherever he feels like. With this long camping trip, he had to find out the way and place, and prepare a week in advance.

Camping among goats at Hon Do, Ninh Thuan . Self-sufficient camping is different from the experience of camping at famous spots or service areas. Tuan always refrains from attracting attention, does not light fires, turn on loud music or light lights, or sleep near major roads where many people pass by. Such spaces are both noisy and create an unnecessary sense of insecurity. Before camping, visitors should ask in advance and ask permission from people, absolutely do not invade private property and litter.

Nuoc Ngot Beach, Ninh Thuan is the last campsite, ending the 10-day journey of the close friends. The cost of 10 days for two people is about 8 million VND. Because there is no hotel rent, half of the total cost is for gas, the rest is for food.

Double rainbow at Ke Ga cape, Binh Thuan.

Tuan chose the route Ho Chi Minh City – Central Highlands – Da Nang with a total distance of about 2,022 km in both directions, to celebrate the year 2022. Every day he moves about 200 km, which he considers fit.

Photo: Nguyen Thanh Tuan

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