Y Ty autumn is not only ripe rice

Y Ty autumn is not only ripe rice
LAO CAI-Visitors can learn about Ha Nhi’s life in the typical walled roofs, rattan sea hunting and check-in gate, Y Ty park …
Săn mùa vàng
Hunting the golden

season In the early days of September, Manh Tien Khoi (1993) had a 2 day and 1 night trip to Y Ty. Although the trip is short, Khoi enjoys a lot of experience in Y Ty , which is famous for its mountaineering palaces. On the first day, Khoi started from Sapa to Muong Hum to check-in the sky gate of Muong Hum, Dragon Waterfall (Bach Long Waterfall) in Trung Ho Low village, Trung Leng Ho commune.
Pictured is Khoi (right) and Mr. Ah, an ethnic Mong who used to work as porters to lead climbing guests now develop more homestay services, rice tours …
Mua lua
On the way to the homestay in Y Ty, people also stop to see the streams, terraces and jungles along the way in Sie Ma Flute, Dang Am. Nearly 2 weeks in early September passed, rice in many places in Y Ty has ripen and local people also reaped to avoid rainstorms.
Những thảm vàng lúa chín trải rộng khắp các cung đường níu chân du khách. Lúa ở Y Tý hiện đã gặt khá nhiều và chỉ còn rải rác tới cuối tuần này là qua thời điểm đẹp nhất.
The golden carpets of ripe rice spread throughout the roads clinging to visitors. The rice in Y Ty has now harvested quite a lot and only scattered until this weekend is through the most beautiful time.
Săn mây
Ty white cloud hunting is located at an altitude of over 2,000 m, back against the Mountains of Cuo San and the peak is up to 2,660 m, almost all year round cloud cover.

Homestay Cloud Y Ty, Upper Tender Wormwood, Y Ty Park… are some places for you to stop to see the sea of clouds. Traveling no one expects rain but in Y Ty if it rains after a night the next day will be filled with white clouds, the mountainous landscape turns into a fairyland.

The sea of white clouds flew over the peaks of Y Ty.
In the afternoon of the first day, Khoi was guided by an indigenous guide to the Upper Bid Wormwood to watch the clouds and sunset. The majestic and immense scenery of the sea of clouds delights everyone. Y Ty clouds appear all year round but the best time to hunt clouds usually at the end of the year, around October to March next year.

Nghỉ homestay nhà dân
Homestay homestay is

not developed like other locations, Y Ty currently has a number of motels, homestays built by locals to serve visitors. In case there is no sleeping space, you can ask for the help of the border guard station or bring a tent, but it is necessary to bring sleeping bags, warm clothes because at night Y Ty is very cold. Homestay points suggested for visitors to Y Ty are: A Muscle, Y Ty Clouds, Ah, Ms. Si, Discovery, Xa Ha Nhi …
Pictured is a private room in 2-3 people at homestay A Hoi. Here the price in the stilt house is 100,000 VND / night, private room is 300,000 – 400,000 VND / night.
Thưởng thức đặc sản địa phương
Eat local specialties Khoi

told, right at homestay you can order rice with specialties such as hill chicken, forest vegetables, sour bamboo shoots … processed in different ways so the menu is quite attractive. Especially grilled chicken marinated with local spices to create a different flavor. During the 2 days and 1 night trip, Khoi booked a tour that included meals.
Tìm hiểu đời sống dân bảnDu khách đến Y Tý mùa nào cũng có thể gặp trẻ em dân tộc vui chơi trên các con đường vào bản. Lũ trẻ nhút nhát và rất dễ thương. Ngoài ra, du khách cũng nên ghé thăm bản làng của người Hà Nhì với những ngôi nhà trình tường độc đáo xây ngay trên nền đất, tường được làm từ đất nện, dày 40 - 40 cm, cao 4 - 5m. Nếu có thời gian hãy tới cả chợ phiên Y Tý để thấy một chút không khí nhộn nhịp nơi vùng cao này.
Learn about the life of

the villagers to Y Ty can always meet ethnic children gathered to play on the roads into the villagers. The kids are shy and very cute. Over time, you should also visit the village of Ha Nhi people with unique wall houses built right on the ground, walls made from clay, 40-40 cm thick, 4-5 m high. If you have time, go to Y Ty market to see a bit of bustling atmosphere in the highlands.
Check-in công viên Y TýCông viên Y Tý là tên gọi ưu ái của những người dân địa phương và khách du lịch khi tới khoảng đất trống nằm cuối con đường xuyên qua bản Choản Thèn. Nếu may mắn tới đây vào một ngày đẹp trời, địa điểm này sẽ là nơi ngắm mây rất lý tưởng. Những đứa trẻ bản địa cũng thường vui đùa ở đây và bạn có thể thả sức chơi hay trò chuyện với chúng.
Check-in Y Ty

Park Day 2, before returning to Sapa in the afternoon, Khoi followed the Y Ty – Chon Cardn Road – Thien Sinh Bridge – Song Don Forest – Sa Pa. And Chong Thèn with the park at the end of the road is the first stop.
“Y Ty Park” is a popular name for locals and tourists when referring to the land at the end of the road through Chon Thèn. This location is the ideal place to see the clouds, so it attracts many photographers and visitors to hunt for clouds. Standing from these 2 ancient trees, you can enjoy the view of the rice terraces of the border. On a beautiful day, you will see the roofs of Ha Nhi village hidden in the clouds. Local children often have fun here and you can have fun, chat with them.
Check-in mốc
Check-in for Thien Sinh Bridge, the milestone 87

Thien Sinh Bridge is located at the end of Lao Chai village, nearly 10 km from the center of Y Ty commune. According to the Ha Nhi ethnic language, the bridge is called Thien Yard Shù which means “heaven and earth”. The bridge is only one meter long, formerly a natural rock crossing the deep crevice, below is the Stream of Lung Po.


Be sure to apply sunscreen and wear a hat during the day, warm clothes, a jacket to avoid cold nights.

Plan to go longer, you can visit more versions of A Doi, Lao Chai, Sim San, Bien Waterfall, A Xuy Waterfall …

Y Ty tourism is an exploring tourism should bring lightweight items.Bring your ID card or passport, identities to rent a motorbike, book a homestay or pass through the gate.

Meng Tien Khoi, Khanh Tran/vnexpress

Photos and videos: Meng Tien Khoi