Discover Bac Ninh cuisine – a feature of Kinh Bac land

Discover Bac Ninh cuisine

Bac Ninh is not only famous for being Kinh Bac land with traditional folk tunes, sacred ancient temples but also famous for a diverse Bac Ninh cuisine. In which, the traditional rustic dishes of the countryside always occupy the leading role.

Bac Ninh cuisine is famous near and far

1. Dinh Bang’s fiancee cake

If you have the opportunity to visit Do Temple, Dinh Bang Ward, Tu Son, Bac Ninh, do not forget to enjoy the famous spousal cake. This is not only a rural gift that is popular with tourists, but also a famous specialty of Bac Ninh cuisine . The wife’s wife cake is associated with the legend that when King Ly Anh Tong went on a mission, the queen went to the kitchen to make the cake to send with her husband to the battle. The king thought about the love of husband and wife passionately, so he named the cake his wife, later also known as banh xuê. Nowadays, Phu The cake is often wrapped into a pair of statues for the bond of a couple and becomes one of the indispensable gifts in the Kinh Bac wedding.Bac Ninh cuisineThe bride and groom Dinh Bang are indispensable in the wedding ceremony

2. Nem Bui Ninh Xa

Nem Bui Ninh Xa is a traditional dish of the people of Bui Xa Village, Ninh Xa Commune, Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh. This is a simple, rustic dish combined with fig leaves with chili sauce to create a delicious taste. Enjoying Nem Bui with a cool beer has become a typical pleasure. The fragrant scent of spring rolls, the fleshy taste of fig leaves, are the first sensations you experience when enjoying this dish. In recent years, spring rolls become more and more famous and known, becoming a delicious and cheap village cuisine. Bac Ninh cuisineNem Bui is a specialty of Ninh Xa commune, Bac Ninh

3. Waiting village’s pancakes

Although Banh Banh is an extremely popular traditional dish in many rural areas across the country, the cakes have a particularly delicious taste like  this Bac Ninh cuisine . Kinh Bac rice cakes are both supple, crunchy, and sweet, making people unable to forget their particularly delicious taste. The best pancakes are from Wait villages: Phu Man, Tien Tra, Ngan Cau, Nghiem Xa, Ngo Noi, Trung You, Phu Luu. These are the villages where the most delicious rice varieties can be cultivated, so it is easy to understand why this is the place to make the quality, flavorful cakes that go into people’s hearts.Bac Ninh cuisineYou may have eaten banh mi in many different countryside, but Waiting Village’s Banh Bac Ninh is definitely number 1.

4. Diem village cake

Diem village cake has been around for a long time. Nobody in the village remembers when the banh mi was from, just know that this kind of cake has made a name for the cuisine of Diem village. The people in the village still pass on the cakes that appeared from the time of King Ba, along with the formation of folk songs of them. Since then, pastry recipes have been passed down by father and son and traditional pastry making has been preserved until later, creating a famous dish of  Bac Ninh cuisine .Bac Ninh cuisineDelicious rice cakes with fatty meat, green beans and pepper

Diem village cake is divided into 2 types of onion and bean filling. Bean curd cake is made from green beans, fatty meat and pepper. These three ingredients are cooked, mixed together to make a cake. Eating bean cake, visitors will experience the rich taste of beans, fat of fatty meat and fragrant peppercorn blended together in harmony. The onion pancake has a slightly different way of making, including dried onion, plus wood ear, laksa leaves, chopped bacon and sprinkled with pepper. Then the crust and the cake are to be seasoned with a sufficient amount of spices to ensure the deliciousness. 

If the cake is too salty, it will lose the creamy and fatty taste. If it is light, the cake will have a delicious smell when eaten. The cake is usually round like a donut or shaped like an elephant’s ear, the crust must also be thin without revealing the nucleus. People make Diem map with rice dish like sticky rice, not ever boiled cake. For each turn, sprinkle a round of thin sticky rice so that it sticks evenly. Banh banh is usually only made when you come to play at home and on the full moon festival in January or the festival of the Temple of the King of Ba 6-2 and the Three – 3 wells festival in the lunar calendar. Bac Ninh cuisineThis is really the essence of Bac Ninh’s cuisine

5. Dinh To ash cake

Dinh To tro cake is a unique cake right from its name. The cake is made from ash water, glutinous rice, a little lime, wrapped with banana or dong leaves and molasses. To have ash water in baking, people use sticky rice straw to burn ashes, then pour ashes into a pot, mixed with lime water to settle in clear water. Then remove the residue to drain. This will make the ash water clear and fragrant. 

Next, sticky rice is washed and soaked for 3-4 hours, picked out and drained. Banana leaves or arrowroot leaves are brought back, cleaned, steamed, and then dried and used to wrap the cake. Thanks to all carefully and handcrafted steps, Dinh To tro cake has a characteristic cool, soft and sweet taste. Just once enjoying the rustic gifts of this Dinh To land will make you remember forever the aftertaste of the unique ash cake  of Bac Ninh cuisine.Bac Ninh cuisineThe ash cake that is eaten with molasses is irresistible

6. Lang Van Wine

For a long time, Lang Van wine has become a famous specialty and become a brand of Bac Ninh cuisine famous both at home and abroad. Original Van village wine is made from delicious rice, classified according to each type of rice: non-glutinous rice, sticky rice, and yellow flower sticky rice. With ordinary rice, it only needs to be brewed for 3 days, then bring it to the kitchen to cook to make wine. But with yellow flower sticky rice requires meticulous care from the selection of ingredients of the cook. It takes up to 6 months of brewing to produce a premium golden wine with a mild aroma. The original Van village wine with the brand name of the fairy with his finger pointing to heaven has been popular not only domestically but also exported to foreign countries. Thanks to that remarkable development, the wine products of Van village are increasingly expanded and diversified such as Cai hoa vang sticky rice wine, lowland sticky rice wine, dry rice wine, cassava wine, … Every time there is a chance to visit the Kinh region. In the North, please remember to buy Lang Van wine as gifts to friends and family members.Bac Ninh cuisineFrom the past to the present, Van village wine is famous for its deliciousness in Kinh Bac

7. Chicken Ho

Ga Ho is a specialty of Lac Tho village, Ho town, Thuan Thanh, Bac Ninh. This place is famous for the rare breed of Ho chicken selected to be dedicated to the King since ancient times. Ga Ho has a beautiful code, muscular, sleek feathers, large legs with smooth scales, round. Delicious pink chicken meat, solid without pulp. Each one weighs 5 – 6kg and costs 3-4 million VND per animal. But over time, this breed is gradually disappearing. But thanks to the efforts of the villagers of Lac Tho village and the local government, this breed is gradually restored and become a specialty of Bac Ninh province today.Bac Ninh cuisineGa Ho is a precious chicken breed used to advance to the King in the past