Festivals in Bac Ninh that you should not miss

Festivals in Bac Ninh that you should not miss

Between the increasingly modern and developed society, Kinh Bac land still retains its own characteristics. One of the factors that have contributed to preserving the very unique cultural values ​​of Vietnam is the festivals in Bac Ninh

Synthesis of festivals in Bac Ninh 

The Lim 

During the festivals in Bac Ninh , Hoi Lim is probably one of the most popular traditional cultural features in this locality. As usual, on January 12 to 14, people in Kinh Bac hold Lim festival in Tien Du district, Bac Ninh province to welcome spring. The origin of this festival is transmitted from each other from the singing of Truong Chi in the legend of Truong Chi – Mi Nuong, but the traces left behind is the present Tieu Tuong River.festivals in Bac NinhProcession in Lim festival13/1 lunar calendar is the main festival. The opening of the festival is the procession at 8:00 am with a large group of people participating in colorful, traditionally oriented costumes. Besides the ceremony, the festival part is also one of the most characteristic parts of Lim festival in particular and the festivals in Bac Ninh in general. The instant brothers and sisters will perform lyrical folk songs on the dragon boat. The special thing is that people who come to the festival are usually beautiful men and women with the desire to make friends and find love.festivals in Bac NinhThe image of the girls walking in the festivities

Temple Festival Ba Chua Kho

According to the legend, Mrs. Chua Kho is a woman who is both beautiful, skillful and talented. She has been instrumental in clearing land, building a community and sacrificing her life to protect the country. During years of fierce warfare, Ms. Chua Kho was in charge of storing food and tending over national treasure during and after our army’s victory over the Song army on Nhu Nguyet river led by Ly Thuong Kiet. 

festivals in Bac Ninh

Many tourists flock here to ask for Ba Chua Kho’s fortune

The festival is held on January 14 of the lunar calendar every year to commemorate her death anniversary and her great merit in the cause of territorial integrity and independence and freedom for the nation. Every New Year comes in the spring, tourists from all over the world gather eagerly in Co Me area, Vu Ninh ward, Bac Ninh city. From the past until now, people often have a saying “loan at the beginning of the year, at the end of the year to pay”. It is true that, besides the purpose of praying for peace, many pilgrims come here to “borrow money”, hoping for a new year with abundant capital and prosperous business.festivals in Bac NinhCrowds of people celebrate the first ceremony of the year

Temple Do Festival

Do Temple is located in Dinh Bang village, ancient French incense, now in Tu Son commune, Bac Ninh province. Dinh Do festival is one of the festivals in Bac Ninh that has gone into the history of the nation. This is the seat of the Ly Dynasty – the dynasty that gave birth to Dai Viet. In particular, during the years of fierce resistance, Dinh Bang was one of the places where the Party leaders such as Hoang Van Thu, Truong Chinh, Hoang Quoc Viet,… were active. festivals in Bac NinhTemple Do Festival in Tu Son, Bac Ninh

Today, Temple Do festival is organized neatly for three days, March 14, 15 and 16. In particular, the main day of the association is March 15. According to the people legend, that was also the old days when Ly Thai To was crowned, a good day, Ngo himself attained spirituality, he made a sacrifice to heaven and gave the reign as Thuan Thien, hoping for Thien Thien to be warm and prosperous. jar. Moreover, Ly Thai To is also the creator of the famous work “Chieu moving the capital” and circulated in the Compulsory Literature program. festivals in Bac NinhThe procession of Hoang Thai Hau

Part of the ceremony is the “Tuc Yet” rite or in other words, the procession of the procession of Ly Thanh Mau Minh Duc Empress Dowager Pham Thi, who was born to Ly Thai To. If the ceremony is full of belief and spirituality, the festival will be entertainment activities, close to daily culture such as wrestling, cooking competition, playing cockfighting, … and indispensable. Typical Quan Ho singing repertoire. 

Strawberry pagoda festival 

The Dau Pagoda Festival is considered to be the largest festival compared to other festivals in Bac Ninh , famous for its folklore that has entered people’s hearts: “Wherever anyone goes – Whenever you see the temple of Dau About – No matter who trades hundreds of jobs – April August, we will return to the Bridegroom ”. The festival is held on April 8 of the lunar calendar, which is the birthday of Buddha Shakyamuni. People from all over the country flocked to celebrate the Dau pagoda. This festival has become a typical cultural beauty to meet the needs of cultural and spiritual life, as well as to encourage and encourage the solidarity of people in building a cultural life in the community. population, while preserving, preserving and promoting the cultural heritage values ​​of the community.festivals in Bac NinhDragon dance in the festival of Dau pagoda 

Buddhist Temple Festival

Phat Tich Pagoda is located on Lan Kha mountain, in the area of ​​Phat Tich commune, Tien Du district, Bac Ninh province. This temple is famous for its giant stone Buddha statue, the largest in Vietnam, also known as the Great Buddha statue, recognized by the State as a national historic site in 2012. Over hundreds Yearly, the pagoda still retains the ancient architectural features from the Ly Dynasty as well as long-standing historical relics such as stone summoned beast, stone stele, tower garden.festivals in Bac NinhIncense offering ceremony at Dau pagoda

Visitors to the festival on the 3rd to the 5th of the new year will learn about the unique historical sites and have the opportunity to attend the unique Peony Spectacular. Like other festivals in Bac Ninh, the festival also includes exchange programs and art performances held in the Square space.