List of Hanoi specialties to try, love, eat and crush

Hanoi, the thousand-year-old land of Kinh Ky culture, not only attracts tourists by its historical landmarks, cultural beauty, but also attracts many delicious dishes and specialties. attractive again. And to better understand the quintessence of Ha Thanh cuisine, with the following names of the most famous Hanoi specialties.

Traveling to Hanoi in addition to the familiar and ancient destinations is also very modern, the weather captivates the hearts of people, the warm warmth radiating from the people of Trang An, Hanoi cuisine always makes tourists. Visitors from near and far have to ask, remember if you have had the opportunity to enjoy even once. Are you an expatriate who recently returned to the capital or is a guest arriving for the first time? You do not know what to eat to fully enjoy the special flavors of North Vietnamese dishes, then the list of delicious Hanoi dishes below is for you, do not forget to note it so that when you have the opportunity, With acquaintances walking around the street, enjoying the full taste of nostalgia that cannot be mixed in any place.

Hanoi specialties are memorable

1. Ho Tay shrimp cake dish

If someone asks  what Hanoi tourism should eat  , it is definitely the Ho Tay shrimp cake. Nobody remembers exactly when the dish appeared, but since the 40s there were many restaurants selling this dish and until now, Ho Tay shrimp cake is still mentioned. Although it is not a luxury, but this Hanoi folk dish  has conquered many tastes of diners, especially young people in Ha Thanh, this is too familiar.Ho Tay Shrimp Cake - Hanoi specialties should not be missedEnjoy Ho Tay shrimp cake

Ho Tay shrimp cakes are processed quite simply, the fat shrimp are caught at West Lake and clean preliminary processing. After that, they are marinated according to a separate recipe, together with the mixture of rice flour and eggs, creating a delicious, crispy taste, making anyone who eats a good compliment. In particular, this dish will be more complete when used with raw vegetables, sweet and sour sauce, what else? So, if you have a chance to come here, do not miss  this fascinating Hanoi specialty  . 

*** Diners can easily enjoy shrimp cakes everywhere in Hanoi, but the best one is probably the area around West Lake – which owns the secret recipe to create the famous delicious shrimp cake.

2. Noodle Roll

Among the countless Hanoi specialties  , pho roll is always at the top of the list. Diners who come here are not only attracted by the familiar but strange taste of pho roll, but also are impressed by the story of creating pho roll. However, each traditional noodle shop has new and different stories, so please come to the place to enjoy and listen to the story.Pho roll - Delicious dishes, specialties in Hanoi are the most popularDiscovering Hanoi cuisine must definitely eat pho roll at least 1 time

On the outside, the form of pho rolls is quite eye-catching, thick, white, soft, is wrapped inside ingredients such as vegetables, beef, … and when eaten with thick broth. It is thick, with a hint of spicy, a little sweet and sour, creating a delicious taste. And perhaps that is also the reason that pho roll has become a  famous delicious dish in Hanoi, which  is loved by many people.

*** The best place to eat Hanoi noodle soup, you can set foot to 25 and 33 Ngu Xa, Ba Dinh, Hanoi. Or 7 Mac Dinh Chi, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

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3. Noodles with shrimp paste and fish sauce

The famous noodle dish, shrimp paste, shrimp sauce in the North and also  a specialty dish in Hanoi  should not be missed. If anyone has ever enjoyed this dish in Ha Thanh, perhaps it is impossible to forget the taste of shrimp paste with its characteristic taste, when served with hot crispy fried beans, soft leaf noodles. , the same kinds of ham, fish ball, deep-fried, raw vegetables, …. All blended together, bringing an unforgettable taste of food. But the most important factor to decide whether the vermicelli dish is delicious or not, also depends a lot on the sauce, which is shrimp paste. Therefore, if anyone cannot eat shrimp paste, it will be a pity.

*** With bean vermicelli, diners can visit famous restaurants such as Hang Khay Noodle Soup, Trung Huong Restaurant, Cay Bang Bean Noodle Shop, …Bun tofu with shrimp paste - Hanoi's most famous specialty dishThe famous noodle dish with shrimp paste and shrimp sauce in the North

4. Bun thang

What are Hanoi specialties? Bun thang is also an indispensable dish in Ha Thanh cuisine. Compared to other vermicelli dishes, bun thang is probably the most sophisticated dish. Because there are more than 20 ingredients in the dish to create delicious vermicelli in the right tone. Chicken eggs, chicken, silk rolls, shrimp, squid, mushrooms, coriander, herbs, … all blend in the broth, creating a unique flavor of bun thang. 

*** Bun thang is present everywhere around Hanoi, but the most concentrated is probably the ancient popular area, Hoan Kiem, namely: No. 32 Cau Go, Hoan Kiem, and No.2 Hang Chi, Hang Hom, Hoan Kiem is the 2 places selling delicious vermicelli with the most customers.Bun thang - Hanoi specialties you should knowDelicious and attractive vermicelli dishes

5. La Vong fish cake dish

Referring to Hanoi cuisine, no one is unaware of La Vong fish cake dish – a famous dish and considered the best dish in Kinh Ky country. The biggest difference of La Vong fish ball with other fish cakes is its delicious taste, not fishy, ​​soft smooth, not too much flour. And to create such a fish ball dish is not a simple matter, but it takes esoteric recipes and long-term processing experience to create a delicious and famous La Vong fish ball. until now.La Vong Fish Ball - Hanoi specialties are delicious and attractiveThe delicious taste of La Vong fish cake dish

To enjoy the right food, people often use crispy fish cakes, served with raw vegetables, roasted peanuts, vermicelli and a little bit of shrimp paste. The special taste of shrimp paste, mingled with the delicious, chewy taste of fish meat, the rich taste of peanuts, makes everyone who eats once will always remember this Hanoi specialty  .

6. Nuggets

Not only delicious food, attractive specialties in Hanoi , but rice cake is a meaningful gift for those who come to Hanoi to buy specialties for their family members. Although nuggets are not so special, and you can find them anywhere, I am sure there will be no other place that has a delicious flavor like Hanoi. Only when you enjoy the rice cakes here will you understand why this dish has become a famous specialty in Ha Thanh land.Rice cakes - Hanoi specialties are famousRice cake – A famous specialty in Ha Thanh land

*** In Hanoi there are many places selling rice cakes, but the best rating is probably the Hang Than area. You can refer to buy at: No. 11, Hang Than, Hanoi.

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7. Hanoi grilled pork roll

Coming to Ha Thanh land and ignoring the fried spring rolls is a shortcoming. Because this is the most delicious, nutritious and popular dish. To make this dish quite complicated, people will first wash the vinegar and pour it through hot water. Then mixed with a mixture of ground pork, chicken eggs, tangerine peel, dill and spring onion, to create a nutty fragrance. The slices of fried spring rolls are round, thin and golden fried on a pan, when eating a soft, sweet, and pulpy piece, make sure you eat it once and you will remember it forever. Although it is  a delicious dish in Hanoi,  not everyone has the courage to enjoy this dish.Cha lua - delicious Hanoi specialties, should not be missedFamous delicious Hanoi fried spring rolls

8. Noodles

Also on the list  of Hanoi’s most popular specialties . The dish is not too fussy, simply a plate of vermicelli, served with barbecue, but it made President Obama come to enjoy it personally when visiting Vietnam and wholeheartedly praised. A plump plate of vermicelli, hot grilled meat, herbs, and especially the sweet and sour sauce with carrots, papaya has made many diners flutter.

*** If you want to enjoy ‘bun cha Obama’, you can go to Huong Lien vermicelli shop located at 24, Le Van Huu, Phan Chu Trinh, Hai Ba Trung. Or you can also visit the noodle shop located at No. 34, Hang Than, Hoan Kiem, which is also very delicious.Bun cha - Hanoi specialties are the most popularExplore Hanoi’s cuisine, don’t forget ‘bun cha Obama’

9. Hanoi pho dish

It is not pho roll, but the next one that I want to introduce is pho chan – The dish is considered the quintessence of Ha Thanh cuisine. Although pho is not a strange dish, you can enjoy it everywhere, but when it comes to pho Hanoi, it is still in the ranking of  the most typical Hanoi specialties . Pho appeared in the 1930s, until now it is still passed down the formula for generations and retains its characteristic taste.

*** When it comes to pho, you can certainly not ignore famous brands such as Pho Bat Dan, Pho Thin, … The names seem to be associated with the quintessence of Hanoi cuisine.Pho - Hanoi's famous specialtiesPictures of Pho Thin Hanoi

10. Vong village rice dish

A typical dish, the image of Hanoi, nothing else, is Vong village nuggets. The image of street vendors has entered the minds of many people in the capital. The delicious, greasy rice flavor when enjoyed makes us suggest recalling memories of childhood. To enjoy the best flavor of nuggets, you can go to Hanoi in the period from August to October, this is the season where they bloom, so the seeds are delicious, soft and attractive.Nuggets of Vong village - Hanoi specialtiesDelicious Vong village nuggets, remember to eat once

Discover Ha Thanh cuisine, is also a great experience for those who first come to Hanoi. Hopefully, with the above suggestions, you will be able to fully enjoy the taste of Hanoi specialties  . Have a good meal!

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