Everything you need to know when planning a trip to Phu Quoc Vietnam

Dubbed the Maldives of Vietnam, Phu Quoc has long been a tourist destination that makes people wobble because of the beautiful scenery like paradise. For the upcoming holiday season, let’s go with the chill and relax friends on your trip to Phu Quoc!

In order for Vietnam Travelers to synthesize their travel experiences in Phu Quoc , your job is to prepare a plan and call your friends on this holiday right away and always!Phu Quoc travel experienceEverything you need to know before planning a trip to Phu Quoc

The right time to travel to Phu Quoc

As an island district in Kien Giang province, so when traveling to Phu Quoc, the weather factor determines 50% of the success of the trip, so you need to check the weather carefully before your trip to Not being cloudy, the sea is rough.

However, the best time for you to travel to Phu Quoc is from December to April next year because from May to October is the rainy season in Phu Quoc, and from October to December is the season of quite rough seas. Strong in winter monsoons, so in the rainy season it is impossible to visit, swim while this is the main activity when you travel to Phu Quoc.tons of experiences in Phu Quoc tourismDecember to April is the appropriate time to travel to Phu Quoc


From Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho, you can easily buy air tickets from airlines, and operate direct flights to Phu Quoc such as Vietjet, Jetstar, Vietnam Airline at the price of 1.5 million – 2 round-trip summoning. Depending on when you buy a ticket or on the occasion of a discount ticket, you can buy a cheap ticket, the ticket is even cheaper, ranging from 1 to 1.5 million.

In addition, if you fly into Kien Giang you can take the train from Ha Tien and Brick Gia, but this way of travel is not suitable for you or motion sickness.all kinds of experiences in Phu Quoc tourismCurrently, there are many airlines operating direct flights to Phu Quoc

Moving on the island if you go with 2 people you can rent a motorbike very easily from the moment you get off the airport. In Phu Quoc is not afraid of losing the car, so the owner has to leave the car in the parking lot, take the key and when you return the car, you put the rental in the trunk. If you go more, you can find car rental or taxi at very affordable prices, not afraid to cut anything.

Where to stay when traveling to Phu Quoc

In Phu Quoc, there are many hotels from budget to expensive. Low price range from 500k to very high are available. High-end Phu Quoc hotel you can find JW Marriott, Vinpearl’s, … also a budget hotel or a homestay you can go to the residential area to find and rent. 

Another place to stay is Hostel 9 Station, which is very affordable and very close to places such as Phu Quoc night market, Sunset Sanato, Suoi Tranh, Dog Xo …all kinds of experiences in Phu Quoc tourismThe homestay design is quite lovely in Phu Quoc

However, if you love the tranquility, or want to experience learning the lifestyle of the people, you should find a homestay to stay in, Phu Quoc has quite a lot of lovely decor and also has full facilities to virtual buddies

The sights you definitely cannot miss in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc travel experienceSea paradise called the Maldives of Vietnam

1. JW Marriott Phu Quoc

Unlike other resorts, this place is decorated as a “film studio” for you to take photos of tired from morning to night. If you are not a guest, you can also come here to take pictures with the included service package. Please contact the reception for more details.

2. Sunset Sanato

This is where the famous Epizode music festival around the world takes place with surreal themed decorations each year. You should come here in the afternoon, the sunset is very beautiful. Close-up days should be avoided as it will close for a long time to prepare.all kinds of experiences in Phu Quoc tourismChase the sun in Phu Quoc

3. Small islands of An Thoi

Have to tour these islands to see the beauty of Phu Quoc. In addition to the apparent modernization and urbanization in the big island of Phu Quoc, in these small islands, life and scenery are still very wild, with no electricity, no fresh water, some islands without phone waves. Note this point.

You can easily hire boats from people to transport to the islands at An Thoi wharf. Should go straight to the jetty to directly hire people’s boats for about 1 million for a 2-person trip. And remember to go to the afternoon to watch the sunset on the island.all kinds of experiences in Phu Quoc tourismImmersed in the clear blue waters of Phu Quoc

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If you go with many people, you can buy tours at An Thoi harbor or at hotels, there are recommendations.

4. Rach Vem fishing village

In the north of the island. To get here, you follow Maps to come. There are many fish farming rafts and offshore playgrounds. A suitable place for those who want to eat seafood and have fun.

5. Bai Sao

As the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc, this place has very white sand, there are legendary swings that everyone wants to take pictures once when coming to Phu Quoc. You should go in the morning because many ships of the tours come here to fill the beach. all kinds of experiences in Phu Quoc tourismVisit Sao Beach, beautiful like paradise

6. Dragonfly Bistro

An interesting place in Phu Quoc because it is located on a hill, this cafe feels like being in Dalat. With water dishes and breakfast is quite delicious.

There is a sweeping view of the city here, which is also an attractive sunset viewing spot.

7. Phu Quoc Night Market

Selling lots of snacks, fresh seafood and souvenirs. This is the only market that Ty can buy a lot of things. The dishes, souvenirs and drinks here have a very attractive new update.all kinds of experiences in Phu Quoc tourismGo to Night market to explore Phu Quoc cuisine

What to eat when traveling to Phu Quoc?

– Vermicelli stirring: The restaurant is very crowded, most of them have to serve by themselves. I myself do not find this dish very suitable.

– Old House Tea: At Bach Dang Park, I eat lightly, so I don’t like it very much because it’s a bit sweet

Seafood: When you go to the islands, there will be a lot of fresh and delicious seafood. Prices are seasonal, so you should ask for the price first. In addition, the night market also has many fresh seafood. Reasonable price on the menu.

Snacks: If you like snacking, you should save your stomach for snacking at the night market. Many dishes are processed attractively with prices from 10k only. Should order a little to eat more dishes.
 all kinds of experiences in Phu Quoc tourismEnjoy delicious food while going to Phu Quoc

Note: the distance from the North of the island to the South of the island is quite far, so you should see the map to book a suitable hotel, save travel costs.