Beautiful photography places in Phu Quoc live virtual ‘million likes’

Beautiful photography places in Phu Quoc live virtual 'million likes'

The beautiful places to take pictures in Phu Quoc include Mong Tay island, pepper garden, Sunset Sanato Beach Club, Ham Ninh fishing village, An Thoi station, Dinh Cau … For details, please refer to the following article.

Beautiful photo spots in Phu Quoc 

1. Hon Nail

The coastline of Mong Tay is not too long, but possesses beautiful curves to possess extreme virtual life angles. Mong Tay Island possesses a wild beauty located in the middle of an oasis, along with fine white sand, blue sea, golden sunshine and soaring coconut trees. Therefore, if you are looking for a beautiful place to take pictures in Phu Quoc, then Mong Tay Island is the ideal destination. Besides, when coming to Mong Tay island, visitors can also snorkel to watch coral, fish and squid fishing.
Beautiful place to take pictures in Phu Quoc - Mong Tay islandNail Island with beautiful scenery

2. Phu Quoc pepper garden

Phu Quoc pepper garden is a beautiful virtual living place that many tourists love when traveling to Phu Quoc is loved by young people. If you come to Phu Quoc pepper garden in the right season, you will admire the ripe red pepper cluster alternating layers of green leaves creating a beautiful scenery for taking pictures. Therefore, when taking pictures at Phu Quoc pepper garden, you should bring many beautiful clothes and dresses to live virtual. In addition, coming to this famous pepper garden, visitors can also experience harvesting pepper and buying pepper specialties as gifts.
Nice place to take pictures in Phu Quoc - Phu Quoc pepper gardenPhu Quoc Pepper Garden is a super beautiful virtual living place

3. Sunset Sanato Beach Club

The top place to take pictures in Phu Quoc is on the beautiful pearl island with extreme shooting angles. It has a clean, green beach and smooth white sand. Most impressed with the miniatures “herd of elephants” walking on the sea or the entrance “head”, the jellyfish flying in the sky … very creative, unique promises to help you have super beautiful angles. . In addition, when coming to Sunset Sanato Beach Club you can also organize team building activities, outdoor swimming pools, amusement parks, shopping …
Sunset Sanato Beach Club - Sunset Sanato Beach ClubSunset Sanato Beach Club is beautiful shimmering

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4. Ham Ninh fishing village 

If you want to have beautiful and ancient virtual corners in Phu Quoc, you must include Ham Ninh fishing village. This place is famous for its pristine scenery, the image of the fishing boats docked is a beautiful scene to take pictures. Especially, the moment of welcoming a beautiful sunset or a sunrise scene promises to help you have romantic pictures at this famous fishing village. In addition, when coming to Ham Ninh fishing village, you can also enjoy the specialties of fresh and delicious crab meat with salt and lemon pepper. 
Beautiful place to take pictures in Phu Quoc - Ham Ninh fishing villageAncient Ham Ninh fishing village

5. Dinh Cau Cape

This beautiful check-in place in Phu Quoc stands out with the rocky rapids forming a unique mountain in the middle of the sea. Along with that is an old temple with a mossy roof and a lighthouse standing next to it. Taking photos at Mui Dinh Cau is the most beautiful, not to mention the extremely romantic sunset and brings great emotions to visitors. Therefore, if you do not know where to take beautiful pictures on the pearl island, Dinh Cau cape is the ideal place that you should not miss. 
Beautiful place to take pictures in Phu Quoc - Dinh Cau capeBeautiful Dinh Cau Cape

6. Phu Quoc cable car waiting house 

Phu Quoc cable car waiting house impresses with ancient beauty, with super quality shooting angle. This place is also known as An Thoi station, which is a familiar shooting place for young people when traveling to Phu Quoc. Visiting here you will be impressed with the unique architecture, which is the Roman arena, you will have beautiful pictures like the West when coming here. Moreover, when you come here you can also experience the famous Hon Thom cable car ride .
Beautiful place to take pictures in Phu Quoc - Hon Thom cable carPhu Quoc cable car waiting house 

7. Suoi Tranh

This beautiful place to take pictures in Phu Quoc is about 9km from the center of Duong Dong town, possessing a landscape like a natural picture of a fairyland. Choosing Phu Quoc Tranh Stream to take pictures will bring you the freedom to pose with pictures of wild nature, primeval forests and fresh air. You can also soak in the cool, relaxing water. The most ideal time to travel to Tranh stream is in the summer, at this time the streams flow gently. 
Beautiful place to take pictures in Phu Quoc - Tranh streamSuoi Tranh is as beautiful as a dream

8. Bai Sao 

This beautiful beach is like “Maldives of Phu Quoc” with clear blue sea, stretching white sand and soaring coconut trees. In particular, the sand in Sao beach is not as yellow as other places but possesses the pure white color ideal for taking pictures. In addition, Sao beach is also a resort paradise in Phu Quoc pearl island with moderate shallow beaches, beautiful scenery and high-end resorts. Surely this will be a beautiful virtual living place in Phu Quoc that you should not miss. 
Beautiful place to take pictures in Phu Quoc - Bai SaoBai Sao blue water

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9. Phu Quoc Safari

Vinpearl Land & Safari is the leading entertainment area in Phu Quoc pearl island and also a super beautiful check-in place. Coming to this amusement park, you can not only learn about the world of animals, but also experience feeding animals and taking pictures with favorite animals. At Phu Quoc Safari, you can check-in with giraffes, beautiful flamingos like in Singapore or far away Thailand.
Beautiful place to take pictures in Phu Quoc - Safari Phu QuocSafari Phu Quoc

The above beautiful photography locations in Phu Quoc promise to help you own a super beautiful and super quality photo album on the beautiful pearl island. Moreover, you can enjoy fun and explore these famous places in Phu Quoc.