Experience Phu Quoc Safari to explore the animal world

Phu Quoc Safari Zoo is the ideal destination to see firsthand the diverse and rich animal world. This famous zoo in Pearl Island is also a favorite destination for many tourists, especially children.

Where is Phu Quoc Safari Zoo?

Vinpearl Safari is the first semi-wild model in our country located in Ganh Dau, Phu Quoc Island, invested by Vingroup and officially put into operation on December 24, 2015. Visiting this animal park, visitors will be able to see firsthand rare animals, reptiles, animals, birds … So how to move to Phu Quoc Safari Park ? Normally, tourists will go from Duong Dong town center or Phu Quoc airport to Safari zoo. As follows: 

– From Phu Quoc airport: If you book a hotel at Vinpearl, you will get a free shuttle ride. Travel time from airport to Safari zoo is about 40 minutes. If you do not stay at Vinpearl, you can take a taxi for about 350,000 VND / way or take a bus or motorbike taxi. However, if you are traveling in a large group with children, you should take a taxi. 
Phu Quoc Safari Zoo - where the address isVinpearl Safari is an attractive destination for tourists in Phu Quoc

– From the center of Duong Dong town: Starting from the center of Duong Dong town, you can take a Vinpearl bus (Win Wonder), rent a motorbike, take a taxi or rent a self-drive car depending on the number of people and the department. personal preferences. Travel time is about 30 minutes, with a distance of 16km. Specifically, when going from the center of Duong Dong town, you will go to the south of the island -> Cach Mang Thang Tam street to Duong Dong – Cua Can / DT45. Continue to turn left into Duong Dong – Cua Can / DT45 direction and go straight to Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc Park . 
Phu Quoc Safari Zoo - learn about the rich animal worldSafari Phu Quoc with all kinds of rare animals

Ticket price and opening hours to visit Phu Quoc Safari Zoo 

Ticket price to visit Phu Quoc Safari Zoo listed is 600,000 VND for adults and children from 1m – 1m4 is 500,000 VND. The price above includes bus transfer for sightseeing and the location at Safari Zoo. Experience is that you should buy tickets at travel agents for good fares with attractive discounts. 

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc has an opening time to welcome visitors from 9:00 – 16:00 daily. To travel by the resort’s free bus, you should note the last trip to depart from Phu Quoc Safari at 16:30. Therefore, after finishing the tour you should wait about 30 minutes to catch the free bus to save some money for Phu Quoc travel . 
Phu Quoc Safari Zoo - sightseeing mapMap to visit Phu Quoc Safari Zoo

Guide to Phu Quoc Safari Zoo

Experience Phu Quoc Safari , to go to many places during the day you should go in the early morning. Avoid going at noon, as traveling sunshine can be very tiring especially with children. Moreover, at noon, the animals will hide from the sun in the barn and the park closes early. Therefore, you should arrange time to go early and visit more.     

Safari Zoo with a total area of ​​up to 380ha, including 140 species of animals and about 2000 species of individuals, more than 1200 species of plants are divided into 2 main areas for visitors to visit as follows:
Phu Quoc Safari Zoo - take pictures with the animals at the zooTake pictures with lovely animals at Phu Quoc Safari Zoo

Animal zoo

The zoo is home to rare wildlife from Australia, South America, Africa and the Amazon rainforest . At the zoo animals are divided into 2 main zones: wild and semi-wild.

The semi-wild zoo: is home to about 90 animals, with spacious and fresh space. Visiting semi-wild zoo you do not need to ride a guard vehicle, but will walk to learn about the animals here. Each herd of animals is grazing, visitors can experience feeding the animals in this area and taking pictures with the lovely animals here as a souvenir.
Phu Quoc Safari Zoo - visit the semi-wild areaFlamingo garden at Safari Phu Quoc

Wild Zoo: This place has about 50 rare animals from many countries around the world such as: Bengal white tiger, African lion, South American bull, African elephant and horse, giraffe. , rhino … When visiting this area, visitors will take a protective bus with glass, because this area is a place to raise wild animals. Promises you will have a very interesting experience when visiting this wild zoo.
Phu Quoc Safari Zoo - visit the wild zoo by protective carTake a protective car to visit the wild zoo

Attractive shows at the park

Animal show

– Show time: 30 minutes

– Morning: From 10am – 10:30 (from Monday to Sunday)

– Afternoon: From 14h – 14h30 (from Friday to Sunday)

Zulu South African dance show

– Morning: From 9.15am – 9.45am

– Afternoon: 15h30 – 16h
Phu Quoc Safari Zoo - special showsDolphin show performances 

Shopping and food court

What to play in Phu Quoc Safari ? In addition to the wildlife sanctuary, visitors can also explore the culinary delights of the world. Dining area at this zoo with style from European and Asian countries serves tourists. The restaurant is open from 9am to 16pm, and there is also a fast food bar that serves drinks. 

In addition, Phu Quoc Safari Zoo also has a shopping street with beautifully displayed handicrafts and souvenirs. Along with the pearl island specialties, visitors can buy as gifts for their Phu Quoc trip such as Phu Quoc fish sauce, dried squid, sim wine … 
Phu Quoc Safari Zoo - explore the food courtEnjoy attractive cuisine

Notes when going to Phu Quoc Safari Zoo 

Visiting Phu Quoc Safari Park, please “pocket” the following notes for a more perfect trip:

Bring a snack with a drink and save money, which you can use right away.

– Bring a hat and sports shoes for convenient travel. Avoid wearing high heels, as the walking distance is quite a bit. 

– Should buy combo tickets to save costs. 

– You should also bring fruit to give your baby an experience of feeding animals here. 

Phu Quoc Safari Zoo promises to be an ideal stopover for your trip with those interesting experiences. If you have not been able to find a destination for yourself to learn about the diverse animal world on the pearl island, Safari is the number one stop there.