Travel experience Hon Dam Phu Quoc swimming, watching coral

Hon Dam Phu Quoc is the ideal destination in Pearl Island to enjoy the fresh air, away from the noisy life. This beautiful island owns bungalows made of wood and bamboo with a romantic sea view. 

Where is Hon Dam in Phu Quoc and how to move? 

Hon Dam Phu Quoc is about 20km south of An Thoi port. To move to this island you can go by boat or canoe. If you want to move fast you can go canoe, but if you go in a large group, you should take the train. A canoe ride for about 10 people, on the way you will admire the clear emerald blue seawater and the clear sea water visible to the bottom. Travel time to Phu Quoc airport to An Thoi port is about 20 minutes and canoe to the island is 10 minutes. 

Traveling to Phu Quoc to explore the first Hon Dam you need to move to Phu Quoc by many different means of transportation. For those of you in Hanoi area, the fastest way is to go by plane to Phu Quoc airport, then from the airport to An Thoi port by motorbike taxi or taxi and buy a train to Hon Dam island. For those in the Saigon area, you can also go by plane to Phu Quoc airport or ride a motorbike or bus to An Thoi port and then take a canoe or boat to the island. 
Phu Quoc Hon Dam - where is the addressHon Dam is about 20km from An Thoi port

Where to stay when traveling to Dam Phu Quoc island?  

Where to stay when traveling to Phu Quoc island ? Hon Dam Island is still very unspoiled and uninhabited. Resting on this island, visitors can choose for themselves the bamboo or wood bungalows, the most famous is the Hon Dam Island Hideaway homestay. This homestay has a view of the sea, ideal for watching the blue sea, white sand and golden sunshine. The homestay has a restaurant serving tourists to cook with attractive fish dishes such as: Cobia cooked in sour soup, braised fish, herring salad, steamed squid, …

If you want to eat at the homestay restaurant you can contact the owner in advance to book a table. Because the island is still very untouched, so when you rest here, there will be no refrigerator, TV or wifi … If you do not want to stay in a homestay, you should bring equipment to organize camping here and have a barbecue in the evening. 
Hon Dam Phu Quoc - where to stayHomestay in Hon Dam

See the blue sea, golden sunshine and snorkel to watch the coral at Hon Dam island 

Discovering Dam Island, visitors will be impressed with the pristine natural scenery here, there are no luxury resorts, high-class restaurants, cafes or bars like other islands in Phu Quoc. Traveling to Phu Quoc Island , visitors will admire the rocks with all shapes due to the strong waves of the sea over time. 
Hon Dam Phu Quoc - beautiful sceneryAdmire the beautiful sea view in Hon Dam

It owns fine white sand and beautiful colorful coral reefs. In particular, Hon Dam has a rich and diverse marine ecosystem of colorful squid, shrimp and fish species. Visiting this island, visitors will experience scuba diving to see corals explore the world under the ocean with each flock of fish swimming wildly. In particular, when coming to Hon Dam, visitors will admire the blue rocks intertwined with artistic boldness.
Hon Dam Phu Quoc - relaxing beach bathingCheck-in very beautiful virtual life

The green of the island’s forests combined with the emerald green of the ocean and the black of the rocky mountains and the colorful coral reefs on the seabed create a beautiful view. Hon Dam Phu Quoc  owns fresh and peaceful air, ideal for relaxation away from the noise and bustle of life. Because there are no people on the island, you will feel like you are the owner of a beautiful island. 
Hon Dam Phu Quoc - beautiful sunsetAdmire the sunset at Hon Dam

An interesting experience when coming to Hon Dam is, immersed in cool blue water and relax. Then, scuba diving to explore the diverse ecosystems and colorful coral reefs. If you do not bring diving equipment, you can rent a homestay and be instructed by the owner on how to see beautiful corals on the island. Or you can also prepare yourself a magnifying glass to watch the corals and fish swarm because the sea water here is very clear. 
Hon Dam Phu Quoc - snorkeling and watching beautiful coralScuba diving to watch the corals at Hon Dam island

After swimming and snorkeling, you can go for a walk to see the romantic sea here, especially the sunset or sunrise. You should also prepare for yourself beautiful dresses and a genuine camera to unleash virtual life with beautiful pictures shimmering at Hon Dam. 
Hon Dam Phu Quoc - enjoy seafoodEnjoy all kinds of seafood

Notes when going to Dam Phu Quoc island

Experience in Phu Quoc Island, you need to understand the following notes to have a more complete trip:

– Hon Dam Island has beautiful scenery every season, but you should avoid going in June, July, August and September because this is the rainy season in Phu Quoc, boats will not be able to move to the island and very dangerous . 

– Because Hon Dam Island has not developed many services, you should bring all necessary tools such as: personal toiletries, medical equipment, swimwear, camping equipment, battery charger, backup charger , camera… 

– Food service on the island is underdeveloped, you should also bring ready-made food, barbecue, water … 

– After leaving, remember to clean the trash on Hon Dam to protect the clean and beautiful marine environment here. 

Hon Dam Phu Quoc is truly a blue, clean, and tranquil sea paradise in the beautiful pearl island to relax with cool seawater, watch the brilliantly beautiful corals and freely check-in sparkling virtual life here.