Bag right away the dining spots when traveling to Da Lat

Dalat – a tourist city famous for its cool climate, beautiful natural scenery, will attract all visitors. Join us to discover extremely interesting places to eat when traveling to Da Lat.

Da Lat – a city of flowers, is famous for its natural beauty, cool climate and colorful flower fields. Not only that, but this place also has a multitude of special tourist attractions and delicious food that go into people’s hearts. Da Lat tourism will be a destination not to be missed for tourists in the coming summer.Visit DalatLam Vien Square Dalat

Famous sights when traveling to Da Lat

Valleys love 

Referring to Dalat, we cannot ignore the poetic and romantic Valley of Love. Only 5km north of the city center, this is an attractive tourist destination when traveling to Da Lat , attracting many couples to visit and take pictures. The name “Valley of Love” originated in the 30s of the last century, when French couples often chose this place as a dating place. Visit DalatCheck-in at Dalat Love Valley

The valley of love is hidden among the green pine trees and the hillsides like a shy girl nestled among the vast highlands. This place is a harmonious combination of fresh, cool climate and beautiful natural scenery. At dawn, the misty haze weaving through the branches of the trees illuminating the bright morning rays, bringing the valley of love an extraordinary poetic beauty. In particular, here you will discover extremely interesting places such as love lock bridge, love maze or water tap. Not to mention the vast vast and beautiful flower fields that will be a very reasonable place for virtual live check-in. Besides, there are outdoor activities such as horseback riding around the valley, cycling boat to admire the view of Da Thien Lake, or exploring beautiful lands by ancient train. If you are adventurous and adventurous, then paintball club and game area will be a destination not to be missed. After getting tired of physical activities, Vallée d’Amour restaurant is ready to fill the stomach for diners with extremely wonderful dishes. Just listening to it, I feel excited, isn’t it? Visit DalatDalat love valley

Please note that the Valley of Love will open at 7:00 am to pick up visitors and close at 5:00 pm on the same day. The ticket price to visit this year has also changed slightly. Specifically:

– Ticket price for children: 50,000 VND

– Ticket price for adults: 100,000 VND

You should also refer to the detailed fare of each game or activity to make sure you are not out of pocket because the games are very attractive!

Palace of the Queen Nam Phuong

Queen Nam Phuong is a great beauty and also the queen of Emperor Bao Dai – the last king of the Nguyen dynasty. Queen Nam Phuong’s Palace is located on a high hill on Hung Vuong Street, only about 3km from the center of Dalat city. From above, you can see the whole romantic space of the city. This mansion was built by the queen’s father, Nguyen Huu Hao in 1932. It was originally a family resort, then the Queen Nam Phuong was donated by him as a dowry when married . visit DalatThe palace of the Queen Nam Phuong in Da Lat

This villa has an area of ​​up to 500m2, located in the campus of the Lam Dong Provincial Museum, surrounded by a large pine forest. This place is designed in the style of modern French architecture, harmoniously combining with the classical features of the East, bringing a very unique beauty that is rarely found anywhere. The gold-painted villa is often seen as a symbol of the royal family, which is also the common color in old French villas. The floors are built in the style of a pentagon, combined with the interior system of arched doors, windows, and handrails of precious wood stairs with stylized peach branches to create a sense of luxury. warm and warm. In particular, this place is equipped with a fireplace system made of marble tiles imported from Italy that adds luxury and splendor. In total, the villa has 10 rooms, including lounge, reception room, banquet room, Queen Nam Phuong’s private room and Thai Tu Bao Long’s private room, … All are designed with spacious and airy spaces, with pictures of royal members hanging on the wall. Through many ups and downs of time, this palace still stands tall as the embodiment of a glorious Nguyen period in history.Visit DalatThe palace of the Queen Nam Phuong in Da Lat

Currently, when visiting Lam Dong Provincial Museum, you can visit the Queen’s Nam Phuong mansion to explore and take photos with bold nostalgia. This is a tourist destination that you should visit when traveling to Dalat .

Da Lat travel do not miss the delicious food 

After walking around the entertainment venues here, you must also feel hungry, right? Let’s explore the delicious dishes and eating places with extremely affordable prices when traveling to Da Lat !

– Da Lat Market:

This is definitely the first destination when you feel the need to fill your hungry stomach. There are many delicious dishes that I am sure you have never enjoyed such as hot tofu, mixed rice paper, baked goods, … The price is also very affordable, with only VND100 in the bag. that you can blow away all the dishes here.Visit DalatAttractive dishes in Dalat market

– Cake can:

This is a popular dish that can be easily found everywhere, but the best is the restaurants on Tang Bat Ho Street. Can cake eaten with sauce mixed with onion fat, adding a little bit of commerce is really crazy. Visit DalatDalat cake can not be denied

– Mrs. Huong’s duck cake:

It is flawed if we do not mention the famous Mrs. Huong duck cake here. The banh beo is steamed softly, combined with the dried onion, minced meat for an attractive look that is hard to deny. You can also eat with cha ordered more. This is a very addictive dish.Visit DalatEnjoy Da Lat water fern cake

– Baked rolls:

Grilled spring rolls are too famous in the Central region. But Da Lat grilled spring rolls will definitely give you a new feeling with soy sauce made from sesame and soybeans. Ba Hung grilled spring rolls or Hung Van grilled spring rolls are reputable places that you should visit.Visit DalatGrilled spring rolls Mrs. Hung Da Lat

Dalat travel brings a wealth of interesting experiences

And there are many very attractive play points that I cannot cover all in this article. Above are a few small suggestions for you to refer to when traveling to  Da Lat . If you feel interested, please continue to read in my following articles. Wish you have a happy trip and have more interesting experiences.