Beautiful places in Nam Du make visitors fall in love

If you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Kien Giang sea and islands, do not miss the opportunity to check-in beautiful places in Nam Du introduced in this article.

Nam Du is a pristine and beautiful archipelago of Kien Giang province. In recent years, Nam Du is becoming an ideal destination for those who love to explore, want to enjoy the peace. If one day you have the opportunity to come to this island, do not miss the opportunity to check-in the beautiful places in South Du that we introduced in the article below.

Revealing beautiful places in Nam Du you must definitely explore

Bai Chet

Bai Chat, located on Cu Tron Island, is always a destination that cannot be missed by anyone traveling to Nam Du. That is because this is the only berth of the archipelago, built between 1996 and 1998. Since the wharf, travel between the mainland and the island has also been much more convenient.

Bai Chat is also the busiest and busiest place of Nam Du . There are many restaurants, hotels, cafes, karaoke, … to serve the entertainment and entertainment needs of visitors.Bai Chat - a beautiful place on Nam Du IslandBai Chet

Bai Ngu

Located next to Bai Chat and also the second busiest place of the Nam Du archipelago, it is Bai Ngu island. This place is always busy with boats every day of fishermen. Although it is not the ideal place to swim, Bai Ngu has many interesting things for us to explore. Especially, here you will have the opportunity to visit the famous King’s Well. According to legend, once King Gia Long came to this island for refuge, he dug a well and it was always full of water, even in the dry season. Also thanks to the king’s visit, this beach was called Bai Ngu.Bai Ngu - a beautiful place on Nam Du IslandBai Ngu on Nam Du Island

Bai Cay Men

One of the beautiful places in Nam Du that cannot be ignored is Cay Men beach. This place is located about 7km from Bai Chet and is still considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the archipelago. Bai Cay Men attracts visitors by a wild and peaceful scene that makes anyone immediately enamored. Watching sunrise and sunset at Cay Men beach is also a very interesting experience that you should not miss.Bai Cay Men - a beautiful place on Nam Du IslandBai Cay Men

Nam Du Lighthouse

Talking about beautiful and famous places in Nam Du without mentioning Nam Du lighthouse is a shortcoming. Located at the highest point of the archipelago so this is a great place for you to see all the beauty of Nam Du. Not only that, the path leading to this lighthouse is also extremely romantic and poetic will definitely bring you interesting and wonderful experiences.Nam Du Lighthouse- a beautiful place on Nam Du IslandCheck-in Nam Du lighthouse

Black Stone Beach

To travel Nam Du without check-in at Black Rock beach, the result is extremely regrettable. The stones here have been eroded by seawater over millions of years, so they are very smooth and the color is pure black.Den Da Den - a beautiful place on Nam Du IslandBlack Stone Beach

Bai Soi Beach

Bai Soi Beach is a tourist hidden in many interesting things located in Cu Tron islet. This place attracts tourists by a wild, natural beauty, close and different from many other tourist areas. Bai Soi Beach is built mainly from familiar materials such as wood, bamboo, leaves, so it will give visitors the feeling of being immersed in nature. Check-in on the swings located close to the beach, snorkeling, watching the sunrise or watching the sunset are experiences you should not miss when coming to Bai Soi Beach resort.Bai Soi Beach - a beautiful place on Nam Du IslandBai Soi Beach

Humiso tourist area

In Nam Du, next to Bai Soi Beach, there is another famous tourist area that is Humiso. It owns a long, pristine coastline and a dense primitive forest with hundreds of years old trees. The impressive point of Humiso is in a unique wooden house with a direct view to the sea. You can sleep overnight at these bungalows for only about 400,000 VND / night. In addition, the Humiso tourist area also has many super “quality” virtual living spots for you to take the most sparkling pictures.Humiso Tourist Area- a beautiful place in Nam Du IslandHumiso tourist area

Hon Mau

It is often said that going to Nam Du without visiting Hon Mau is not considered yet. This is an island possessing beauty that makes visitors surprised. Set foot on the island, you will immediately be impressed by the towering green coconut trees. Next, you will be free to explore the beautiful unspoiled beaches and learn about the unique culture of the delicious lady living on the island.

Above are some beautiful tourist destinations on Nam Du Island we would like to introduce. Hope that you will have a complete and memorable trip to Kien Giang and visit Nam Du.