Come to Nam Du, do not forget to enjoy these delicious specialties forget melancholy!

Each Nam Du specialty dish has its own unique characteristics and flavor. However, they all contribute to the strange attraction of Nam Du Island tourism, making anyone who set foot in Nam Du must be attached.

Nam Du – the southwestern island of the country not only possesses a peaceful, poetic and lyrical scene, but is also captivated by delicious and attractive specialties. If one day you have the opportunity to set foot on this island, do not miss the chance to enjoy the famous Nam Du specialties introduced below.

The delicious Nam Du specialties cannot be missed

Grilled oyster with onion oil

Known as a luxury dish, the rock oysters in Nam Du will surprise you by its affordable price and the same way fishermen catch. If you have a lucky chance to follow and observe, you will see people waiting at low tide, dry the feet of the rocks on the shore and then light the fire until the oyster shells pop out. Oysters can be eaten raw or grilled with onion fat, which is indispensable. Grilled oyster with onion oil deserves one of the  famous Nam Du specialties that you cannot miss.The famous Nam Du specialties you should not missNam Du’s specialty grilled oyster with grease and onion

Bony green fish

One of the famous Nam Du specialties you should not ignore is the bone green fish. It is called bone green because when cooked, the fish bones are emerald green, extremely special. The fish body is long and round, the beak is pointed like a pliers.The famous Nam Du specialties you should not missBony green fish have a long and round body

With this type of fish, the people here can process many dishes such as re-lemon, cooked with banana corn, steamed fish, … but the most delicious is probably still grilled fish. To grill delicious fish, people will wrap the fish in a banana tree, wrap it well and then grill it on charcoal. When the aroma is strong, the kelp changes color and the fish is ripe. The flesh of the fish is sweet and firm, served with some raw vegetables such as leaf, clove. When traveling to Kien Giang  to Nam Du, don’t forget to buy green bone fish as a gift too!The famous Nam Du specialties you should not missGrilled green fish with bones is extremely attractive

Cobia hotpot

Talking about the list of famous dishes of Nam Du , it is impossible not to mention the fish pot hotpot. Cobia meat has a natural sweet taste, not friable. Hot pot broth leaves the sweet and sour taste and is slightly sweet with cobia, creating an attractive characteristic. Bop fish hotpot is usually eaten with vermicelli accompanied by raw vegetables and pure fish sauce.The famous Nam Du specialties you should not missCobia hotpot

Pearl eye snail

Moon snail or jade snail is always considered one of the most famous Nam Du specialties that if you have the opportunity to come here you should taste. Crispy, sweet, lumpy snail meat is extremely attractive. Pearl eye snail is also processed into many different dishes such as steamed snail, boiled snail or fried snail. Each process brings different flavors, but they are very delicious, making it unforgettable when anyone has enjoyed it.The famous Nam Du specialties you should not missNam Du’s specialty snail eyes


Porridge is also a famous specialty of Nam Du, which is loved by many people. This dish is sold in many restaurants on the island or on a boat serving diving tour to see coral.The famous Nam Du specialties you should not missNhum is a type of seafood with a thorny, ugly appearance

Num, also known as the bridge. They have an ugly and intimidating appearance and are therefore often thought of as inedible seafood. However, few people know that this is a typical product of the Nam Du archipelago. The porridge is not very picky, but has a sweet sweet taste, a subtle smell of nhum meat, warm enough for a snack at any time of the day but very nutritious, good for health. your health.The famous Nam Du specialties you should not missNam Du specialty porridge porridge

Squid eggs

Egg squid is a fairly popular seafood and found in many waters of Vietnam and of course in Nam Du Island is not an exception. However, the squid and egg here have a very special and delicious taste that you have already eaten and will remember forever.The famous Nam Du specialties you should not missGrilled squid with eggs

From squid can be processed into many different dishes such as boiled squid, steamed squid, grilled squid, fried squid, … But perhaps the most delicious and favorite dish is still squid. steamed ginger. The people of Nam Du have a special way of processing squid and eggs, making it not fishy, ​​and when eaten, it is crunchy and fragrant. If you have the opportunity to come to Nam Du, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this famous Nam Du specialty .

The cochlea statue

Speaking of the food specialties Nam Du which lacks the object cochlea is regrettable results. Despite its rough and ugly appearance, the cochlea is a rare species of snail and only lives in deep and clean waters.The famous Nam Du specialties you should not missSpecialty cochlear statue Nam Du

Each cochlea weighs about 1 kg. One of the most popular cooking methods is the grilled snail with onion fat. When enjoying this dish, you will feel the extremely rich and sweet taste of snail meat.

Traveling to Nam Du,  you will enjoy peaceful space, beautiful beaches and specialties of the sea, not everywhere. Hopefully, with the information aboutthe delicious Nam Du disheswe introduced above, you will have a memorable meal.