Comfortably ‘travel’ Hon Tre Kien Giang with extremely useful experiences

Besides Phu Quoc, Hon Tre island tourism is also a trip that gives us great experiences when coming to Kien Giang.

It can be said that nature has been extremely fond of giving Kien Giang land many beautiful islands with captivating landscapes. Besides Phu Quoc, traveling to Hon Tre island will definitely be a trip that gives us great experiences. Before exploring this island, don’t forget to read the Hon Tre island travel experiences shared below.  

Brief introduction about Hon Tre island

Hon Tre is an extremely beautiful island located in Kien Hai district, Kien Giang province, about 30km from the center of Rach Gia city to the west. Although the area is not too large, only nearly 500 km2 and the population is less than 5000 people, Hon Tre possesses the beautiful natural scenery.Hon Tre island tourismHon Tre is a beautiful unspoiled island of Kien Giang

The main terrain of Hon Tre island is hilly and mountainous with an average elevation of more than 30 meters. In it, the highest peak is about 395 meters. Many locals say that the exact name of this place should be Hon Che because the island has a special location that helps shield Rach Gia city from thunderstorms.Hon Tre Island tourism - attractive destination in Kien GiangExplore Hon Tre Island

Compared with many other islands of Kien Giang, Hon Tre island tourism is not as developed. But also that is why this place still retains its pristine beauty, its inherent tranquility, has not been much harmed by human hands. If you want to find somewhere quiet to immerse yourself in the beautiful nature, forget all the worries of life, a trip to Kien Giang Hon Tre Island will definitely be a great choice. .

Should you travel to Hon Tre island at any time of the year?

Hon Tre Island is located in the area influenced by the tropical climate. The weather is divided into two seasons of the year. The rainy season is from May to November while the dry season usually lasts from December to April next year. In general, you can take a tour of Hon Tre island at any time of the year. However, in order to comfortably enjoy the beautiful beaches here, you should go in the summer, from May to August every year.Hon Tre Island tourism - attractive destination in Kien GiangYou can travel to Hon Tre island at many times of the year

How to move to Hon Tre island

To move to Hon Tre island , you must first go to Rach Gia city, Kien Giang province. There are many vehicles you can choose from:

– By plane: From Saigon or Hanoi, you can fly directly to the airport in Rach Gia city. However, because only a small airport, flight number in few days should follow travel experience Hon Tre Island , you should book in advance to ensure a ticket and enjoy the most preferential prices.

– By bus : If you want to save more money, you can choose to travel by bus. At the Mien Dong or the West bus station every day, there are many trips to Saigon – Kien Giang with ticket prices ranging from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND / person / 1 way.

– By motorbike : If you like to experience and explore, traveling to Hon Tre island by motorbike is always a great choice. From the center of Saigon, you follow NH1A, pass My Tho to Vam Cong, Long Xuyen, cross Lo Tre junction and then continue about 80 km to reach Rach Gia city.Hon Tre Island tourism - attractive destination in Kien GiangTo get to Hon Tre Island, you have to go by boat

Once you have reached Rach Gia city, you will have to take a high-speed train to Hon Tre Island. Every day, there are many trains taking tourists to the island, operating from 7am to 14pm. Normal travel time will take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Where on Hon Tre island?

When traveling to Hon Tre island , besides camping, you can also easily find accommodation like that. Here are some good guesthouses on Hon Tre Island you can refer to for your upcoming trip:

– Huynh Hua Guest House

Address: No. 56, Cu Tron Hamlet, An Son, Kien Hai.

Telephone: 0919 115 543 – 0773 830 709.

– Six Yes Guest House

Address: An Son Commune, Kien Hai District.

Telephone: 0907 172 656.

– Nhung Nam Guest House

Address: An Son Commune, Kien Hai District.

Telephone: 0773 830 800

– The Royal Hostel

Address: Bai Chat, Cu Tron Hamlet, An Son, Kien Hai.

Telephone: 0939 626 459

– Hong Hai Guest House

Address: Lai Son Commune, Kien Hai District.

Telephone: 0773 604 298.

Interesting experiences can not be ignored when traveling to Hon Tre Island

Explore Bai Chen

Bai Chen is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on Hon Tre Island . The scene here is extremely wild. In particular, located along the coast are hundreds of rocks with different sizes, shaped like a cup lying upside down. That is why people call this place Bai Chen.

Not only beautiful, Bai Chen also contains many fascinating and fascinating legends. The area around Bai Chen is dense forest with many kinds of living animals.Hon Tre Island tourism - attractive destination in Kien GiangBai Chen with hundreds of different stone slabs

Visiting Ba Chua Xu shrine

One of the most famous tourist destinations on Hon Tre island that you should not miss is the Ba Chua Xu Temple. This place was built to worship a woman who protected the life of the villagers. Every year, people living on the island hold a ceremony to worship the Xu Chua.Hon Tre Island tourism - attractive destination in Kien GiangVisiting Ba Chua Xu shrine

Check-in at Ha Ba tail

On Hon Tre Island, there is a rather special place that is Ha Ba tail, also known as Bai Dua. This is a small island jutting out into the sea, covered with overgrown trees. Tourists often come here to sit to rest, relax and fish. Every sunset afternoon, the scene here is extremely poetic and lyrical. Don’t forget to take some sparkling check-in pictures here.Hon Tre Island tourism - attractive destination in Kien GiangTail of Ha Ba

What to eat when traveling to Hon Tre island?


The conch is considered one of the very famous Hon Tre specialties that if you have the opportunity to come here, you should always enjoy. Despite its small size, rough and ugly appearance, this snail has a very delicious taste. There are many dishes that can be processed from snails, but perhaps the best one is still roasted conch.Hon Tre Island tourism - attractive destination in Kien GiangThe conch has an ugly shape but the taste is extremely delicious

oysters milk

Oysters are a very delicious and nutritious seafood. They live a lot on Hon Tre island. The dishes from oysters are very delicious you should enjoy here such as grilled oysters, oyster porridge, …Hon Tre Island tourism - attractive destination in Kien GiangDelicious grilled oyster dish

Nymphs ticks

Besides seafood, Hon Tre also has a special dish that you should enjoy is the pupa. However, you do not have to travel to Hon Tre Island to have this dish. Because ticks are only available around March of each year only. You will definitely fall in love with the crispy crispy nymphs or the salt-roasted nymphs.Hon Tre Island tourism - attractive destination in Kien GiangNymphs

Reading here, you probably know why Hon Tre has become an attractive destination in Kien Trang, right? Hopefully the experiences we shared above will help you get a complete and memorable trip to Kien Giang to explore Hon Tre Island.