Enjoy Ha Tien food, Kien Giang, try all the sky specialties

The culinary scene of Ha Tien Kien Giang brings famous specialties from near and far that can captivate many tourists such as: vermicelli, coffee beans, crab soup, melaleuca mushroom, sticky rice …

The specialties of Ha Tien’s most famous cuisine

1. Bun the trumpet

Bun Bo is considered one of the delicacies of Ha Tien cuisine because there is a sophisticated way of processing with many stages. If the Rach Gia people are proud of the eye-catching bowl of golden fish vermicelli, the Ha Tien people will show off their rich bowl of vermicelli. Although originating from Cambodia, the bowl of vermicelli coming to the land of To Chau mountain has a dreamy beautiful Thach Dong cave that has been blown into the salty home flavor. The main ingredient of this specialty Ha Tien Kien Giang is sea fish such as barracuda and barramundi but the best dish is cooked with yellow fish.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang1Bun Bun is a dish that reflects the culinary interference of the Khmer and Kinh people.

Fish is cooked and then the meat is removed from the bones, a part of the meat is used to scrub. The specialty vermicelli dish of Kien Giang cuisine has broth cooked from fish broth, curry powder, coconut milk, and adds a bright red color with the following specific cooking method: First, cook and fry. Lemongrass, chili, turmeric give it a bright yellow, then add the fish, then season with spices (pay attention not to add fish sauce). When the fish water is really boiling, then put the pan down and add the coconut milk. If you want a nice red color, stir in the cashew powder. This spice just helps the pot of vermicelli to smell and create a very attractive color.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang2Bun Chi Lang Ha Tien is delicious and delicious.

Bun bup is often served with vegetables such as cucumber, papaya, … both has a rich sweet taste, mixed with a bit of saltiness of the sea and has a cool taste of green vegetables. This specialty not only attracts tourists who are passionate about Ha Tien cuisine because of its taste but also because of its eye-catching decoration. The complete bowl of vermicelli, in addition to the vermicelli and fish with braised red water, is also covered with a layer of dried shrimp, crushed fish on top of herbs.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang3Bun Ong is not only a typical delicious dish of Ha Tien cuisine but also quite popular in the West of the river.

Just add a little lemon, chili, and a little fish sauce and mix in, visitors will feel the aroma of vegetables, the crispness from the cucumber and the bean sprouts, the fatty taste of coconut milk, and the spicy and sour taste of lemon chili. All create a harmonious whole in both taste and color, ready to occupy the love of any diners. Bun trumpet is relatively cheap, only from 20-25 thousand per bowl and is popularly sold in Ha Tien.

Suggested address: Chi Lang street, Tran Hau street, Ha Tien city, Kien Giang.

2. Steamed rice noodles

Traveling to Kien Giang, you will certainly be introduced to the rather typical steamed noodle soup of this land. Although not a local dish, steamed rice noodles is a delicious dish in Ha Tien cuisine . Different from other noodle dishes, steamed noodles have the main ingredient of fresh noodles that are steamed. When served with coconut milk, mixed pork skin and sliced ​​lean pork, add a little spring roll with herbs, golden roasted peanuts. In some other shops also add a little pickled carrots to make the dish more flavorful.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang4Steamed noodle soup is a familiar dish that many people love when having the opportunity to travel to Ha Tien.

Ha Tien steamed noodles are popular with tourists because of the diversity in the choice of ingredients that still have the characteristics of the Westerners. Anyone who has once enjoyed a steamed noodle dish can hardly forget the chewy taste of each string of hot steamed noodles, the fatty taste of coconut milk, hand the hand, the pulp of taro in the spring roll, the taste The irresistible aroma of hearing mixed in each thinly sliced ​​scoop, …

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3. Fainting

If you have the opportunity to travel to Kien Giang and visit Ha Tien, you definitely cannot miss this very unique dish of this country, coffee. The name is quite strange, but in fact, the appearance of the fern is familiar to the people of the sea because it is very similar to the two-piece seafood species. However, the faints also carry some insect traits with a long, large beard.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang5Cauliflower is known as the exclusive delicacy of Ha Tien.

Caucasian lives in the river, estuary, and brackish water environment, especially in Dong Ho lagoon in Ha Tien town. Like the three-sided fish sauce that is very popular in the West of the river, the fish sauce is very popular in Ha Tien, Kien Giang. When caught, people here will bring back salt. Faints have a salt similar to three notch salt, sprinkle with a layer of salt for every layer of coffee. This is quite an important step because the quality of the fish sauce is delicious or not thanks to the moderate thickness of the salt layer as well as the craftsmanship of the workers.

It only takes a few days to have an attractive tomato fish sauce served with delicious hot rice. In addition to eating as a separate fish sauce dish, today’s salted ketchup is processed into many other delicacies such as mango salad, toad salad. The processing is relatively simple: salted coffee beans are blanched in hot water to reduce the salty taste, chopped mangoes or toads into fine fibers, mixed with coriander and then sprinkled with sugar vinegar, mixed with a little Phu Quoc fish sauce to create Strong flavor and then sprinkled on roasted peanuts, a little onions to create aroma for the dish.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang7Coffee shop always satisfies all diners who want to learn about Ha Tien cuisine.

Fish sauce when mixed with sour fruits will create a unique dish that extremely stimulates the taste buds. It is a table of sour, spicy, salty, sweet flavors giving tourists Ha Tien Kien Giang a sense of excitement.

4. Xoi Ha Tien

In addition to spoiled for exploring the famous tourist destinations of Kien Giang , visitors here are also introduced to the famous sticky rice dish of Ha Tien and Rach Gia cuisine, which is sticky rice. This rustic but long-standing dish has a fairly simple way to make it, but it captures the hearts of many people. Because both the salty sticky rice and the sweet sticky rice are cooked very well by hand.

There is no special secret in the process of cooking sticky rice from soaking rice to adding coconut milk evenly. The secret here is the careful and careful way of the Ha Tien people. Using skillful and caring hands, they have made simple sticky sticky rice become a delicious dish. Unlike sweet sticky rice, which has many eye-catching types and colors because of the diverse natural ingredients, the salty sticky rice of Ha Tien ‘s cuisine uses less seasoning, only a little dried shrimp above but has a strong taste. It has a surprisingly delicious taste and is less palatable than sweet sticky rice.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang8Sweet sticky rice in Ha Tien is simple but delicious.

However, sweet sticky rice is popular with many diners because it is easy to eat and looks fun, especially mango sticky rice or chicken seed sticky rice. To make mango sticky rice, people just need to sprinkle on the surface of white sticky rice that has cooked a layer of crushed green beans after roasting. The final step is to coat the soft ripe mango cut into thin slices to fit your mouth.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang9Ha Tien mango sticky rice captivates tourists because of its fatness, deliciousness, and a little natural sour taste of the newly ripe mango.

The deliciously eaten sticky mango sticky rice has a sweet and fatty taste with a hint of sourness and aroma from the newly ripe mango. And the chicken seed sticky rice is really attractive in a different way. Along with egg yolks, durian rice is also used to make the sticky rice blend with fragrant sticky rice, the characteristic fatty taste of the egg and the fragrant, sweet durian piece.

5. Herring salad

Herring salad is a familiar seafood specialty in many places such as Phu Quoc, Vung Tau, Ly Son, … But in terms of deliciousness, Ha Tien herring salad is still at the top of the list because unique. Herring is exploited all year round because Ha Tien has an abundance of fish gifted by nature.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang10Visitors can enjoy herring salad at many restaurants in Ha Tien town, Kien Giang.

As one of the specialty delicacies of Ha Tien cuisine , herring salad is also meticulously processed through many stages. They took the meat of herring fillets and marinated lemon juice or vinegar for a few minutes and then removed the water. Add fish sauce with a little sugar, ginger, chili, and chopped onions to add to the fishy taste.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang11The taste of Ha Tien herring salad will make you remember forever.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang12A delicious herring salad with roasted peanuts and grated coconut with onion and herbs sprinkled on top.

The complete herring salad will have more desiccated coconut fibers. Finally, mix well for the fish to taste. When eating, diners eat with rice paper, herbs take young stalks and dipping sauce with peanuts. Herring salad has a combination of many flavors to create a unique flavor of Ha Tien cuisine and will definitely make diners remember forever.

6. Phu Quoc fish sauce

Ha Tien has both mountains and sea, so when you come here you have to try all the specialties from the two above terrain to have enough experience in  Kien Giang . There is a specialty that is not a separate dish but extremely famous here is Phu Quoc fish sauce. Fish sauce is a famous traditional dish in any waters of Vietnam and is known in many countries around the world.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang13The famous Phu Quoc fish sauce has a beautiful cockroach color with the rich flavor of fresh anchovy.

Depending on the region, people use the fish there to make fish sauce. What makes the reputation of Phu Quoc fish sauce is that only anchovy is used as an ingredient. The waters around Phu Quoc Kien Gang Island are endowed by nature because there are many seaweeds and phytoplankton as food for anchovies. So there are great anchovies here.

Phu Quoc fish sauce is quite different from other places because it has a characteristic and completely natural color of cockroach, not adding food colors or chemicals. To have this beautiful cockroach color, anchovies must be freshly marinated with blood remaining in the fish body and kept in wooden barrels for up to 12 months.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang6The coffee sauce with Phu Quoc fish sauce is enough to make people feel sad and happy.

The Kien Giang people mix 2 or 3 parts of fish with 1 part of salt and store until the full day ends. It is interesting that the longer the higher the protein content, the less aromatic fish sauce and the darker the color. In many other areas, people even buried fish sauce in the ground longer, up to a few years, at that time, the color of the fish sauce changed completely to black, called fish sauce. Traveling to Kien Giang and having the opportunity to visit Phu Quoc, Ha Tien, Rach Gia, do not forget to buy a few bottles of fish sauce to use gradually or as gifts for relatives and friends.

7. Palm cake

Jaggery is not only a popular plant in the Bay Nui region, Chau Doc An Giang, but also many other western tourist provinces such as Kien Giang, Soc Trang, Tra Vinh.

Going to the Mekong Delta in general and Ha Tien in particular, if visitors do not eat jaggery, it is a pity. Palm cake is favored by locals and other tourists from far away because of its strong aroma, the characteristic sweetness of ripe jaggery, blending with the aroma of rice seeds and the fatty taste of coconut milk.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang15Ha Tien jaggery once eaten, but I remember it forever.

When you eat this simple but delicious cake you will guess the ingredients. It is rice flour, ripe jaggery powder, palm sugar, a little coconut milk with a few slices of coconut to decorate the cake. The way of making jaggery is not fussy but simple and sincere like people in the river. Ripe jaggery is picked down, peeled, then grinded to get the flour. Next bring together with rice flour mixed palm sugar. Leave this mixture for half an hour to bring up the dough to bring the cake package.normal-am-wuc-ha-tien-giang-giang16_1Jaggery beef banh cuon wins the hearts of diners because it cleverly combines familiar and simple ingredients to create a sweet and fragrant golden cake with jaggery smell.

The ripe jaggery roll has a golden color, faintly aroma of jaggery powder, plus the fragrant aroma of coconut milk and the sweet sweetness of palm sugar. When eating, there is also the crunchy, lumpy taste of the sweet scraped coconut fibers. The best jaggery is when it has just been removed from steamed rice. At this time, looking at the ripe golden cakes with the fragrant aroma spread enough to make anyone fall in love because they just want to eat it.

8. Silkworm cake

According to the observation of tourists Ha Tien Kien Giang, silkworm cake is a special kind of steamed tofu in this region. This is a fairly popular dish in the West in general and is usually made from non-glutinous rice flour. However, there is a slightly different way of processing and combining the ingredients in each province. In Ha Tien, people stir the same or real powdered paste evenly to form silkworm cake with its own taste. The fibers are wheeled by hand, then put in the autoclave until it is fully cooked. These two steps are very important to create the essence of this famous specialty dish of Kien Giang near and far.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang17Silkworm cake – the best attractive cake when eaten in Ha Tien, Kien Giang.

After the cake is finished, it will add a fragrant flavor to the plate. In order for the rice ball to be perfect, it is imperative that the coconut milk be won with enough consistency. To do this, the mothers will add a little cornstarch or refined flour, taste a little salt and sugar to taste.

The next step is to fill the cake with pork skin, lean meat and hear some spices like garlic, chili, green onion, herbs, peanuts. The pork skin is cleaned then boiled, sliced ​​thin, marinated with golden fried spices and pork. Then chopped these two types and mixed with rice. Garlic must be crushed and seasoned to add spices to taste.thuong-thuc-am-thuc-ha-tien-kien-giang18Some shops also add a little trade to the silkworm cake.

This typical dish of Western cuisine not only has a complicated way of processing with many stages but also fussy about eating. To hold the silkworm cake, one must use a deep plate. Silkworm cake is placed first, then add the golden skin with a little chopped green onion, add a little herbs, crushed peanuts. The last step is to pour the coconut milk. Before enjoying, diners can taste them first to see if they are satisfied, then choose a little sweet and sour fish sauce or a little sour food or chili to add a full sour and spicy taste to eat more delicious.