Hon Son – Kien Giang, is there anything hot that makes people anxious to come?

Hon Son is an island in Lai Son Commune, Kien Hai District, Kien Giang Province, home to about 2,100 households. In recent years, along with Nam Du, Hai Tac Island, Hon Son has emerged as a hot place for young people who love to experience and explore. So where does Hon Son – Kien Giang attract young people?

The island with a wild and natural beauty

Although the area is only about 11.5 km2, but Hon Son – Kien Giang is like the Maldives of the West when blessed with many natural beautiful landscapes. Being a small and unexplored island, Hon Son still retains its rustic and rustic character waiting for visitors to explore, natural white sand beaches with clear blue waters visible to the bottom, enchanting coral reefs, majestic mountains, winding roads along the mountainside, … Hon Son appears like a raw pearl waiting to be honed, the more you discover, the more attractive .

Hon_Son _-_ Kien_Giang_co_gi_hot_2

Hon Son appeared like a raw pearl still waiting for people to sharpen, the more it was discovered, the more attractive


Hon Son still retains its rustic and wild features (Photo: @imdannnn)

Ravishing beaches

Although the area is quite modest compared to other tourist islands in Kien Giang territory, but Hon Son – Kien Giang owns many beautiful beaches such as Nha Beach, Bang Beach, Gieng beach, Thien Tax beach and beach. Wick. In which, the most prominent is Bai Bang – one of the top beaches in Vietnam. Bai Bang has an area of ​​about 1km and has a crescent-shaped curve slightly concave inward, creating a very special arc-shaped beach. In addition, the stretch of white sand, gentle waves all year round, the sea water is very clean, come to Bang beach and relax, immerse in the clear water, visitors will feel like they are fully immersed. integrity in nature.


Bai Bang – one of the top beaches in Vietnam (Photo: @joannazhenng)


Bai Bang with long stretch of white sand, gentle waves all year round (Photo: @tranthithuyhoa)

Fresh seafood at affordable prices

Having traveled, culinary discovery is indispensable. Originally the land of the sea, so seafood is the specialty of this island district. If you come to Hon Son – Kien Giang around May – December, this is the time that can be called “the perfect time for the best of people”, because now, the weather in Hon Son is not only beautiful, but this is also The fishing season, so seafood such as shrimp, crab, and squid are also quite cheap, you can enjoy fresh and delicious seafood without worrying about “sorry”. 

Fresh seafood, the standard way to feel all the deliciousness and sweetness is steamed in the water. The steam cooked food helps to keep the sweet and chewy taste of seafood, just add a bowl of salt to green pepper or a little salt, pepper and lemon, in the local words of “delicious”. In addition, Hon Son also has a few famous dishes that have come here you must definitely enjoy the lemongrass herring and mango-mixed milk oysters. 

Hon_Son _-_ Kien_Giang_co_gi_hot_3

Seafood is quite cheap, you can freely enjoy fresh seafood without worrying about “losing your wallet”.

Hon_Son _-_ Kien_Giang_co_gi_hot_5

Fresh seafood, the standard way to feel all the deliciousness and sweetness is steamed in the water

Vi vu Hon Son, if you like to explore and experience the life of the people of the fishing village, you can participate in squid fishing in the evening with the people. The fresh squid caught near the shore is still flickering, cooked into a hot pot of squid porridge right on the fishing boat, enjoying a bowl of hot porridge in the middle of the vast sea and listening to the sound of waves. .

Paranormal spiritual tourist spot challenges visitors

Hon Son is famous for its beautiful beaches, which also attracts tourists by a spiritual place called Ma Thien Lanh. This place is referred to as “Da Lat of the South West” because of the beautiful natural scenery, green valleys next to immense trees, the winding road. Located at an altitude of about 50m, in the middle of a wide plain, Ma Thien Lanh is a tourist complex created by natural rock caves such as Ong Ho, Suoi Vang Stone Tunnel, … the entrance to Ma Thien Lanh has a lake The crystal clear capital formed by quarrying, gives you the freedom to check in virtual living with the photo shoot “faint”.

Along the road to Ma Thien Lanh spiritual tourist site, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery along the two sides of the hill, looking down the valley from above is enough for those who love the beauty of nature. please.

Hon_Son _-_ Kien_Giang_co_gi_hot_4

The entrance to Ma Thien Lanh also has a clear lake formed by quarrying (Photo: @ natchan113)

If you are a lover of exploration, Ong Ho cave is the ideal destination for you. The way to reach Ong Ho cave is quite bumpy and dangerous, and in order to take full advantage of the town, you have to pass through dense forests, slippery streams and serpents can “pick up” you on the way. explore Ong Ho cave. The journey of conquering Ma Thien Lanh may make many of you discouraged, but it is the tranquility and tranquility of nature, the natural waterways created enough to make those who explore this place feel worthy. when we arrived here.

The people of the island are friendly and hospitable

Westerners are famous for their blunt personality, why do you think so, not flowery in words, but very honest, spontaneous. When you come to Hon Son – Kien Giang , you can not only explore the landscape here but also immerse yourself in the idyllic life of the people of this island. Whether traveling alone or forming a team, you do not need to worry about arriving here, just a few social stories, everything you wonder will be very enthusiastically guided by the people. love. What could be better than that ??

If you are bored of Phu Quoc tourism , Nam Du visit Hon Son – Kien Giang , you will not be disappointed !!