‘Lost in the wild’ landscape of Hon Nghe Island, Kien Giang

Hon Nghe is like the jewel of Kien Giang. Traveling to Hon Nghe Island, you will be immersed in the wild, peaceful and beautiful scenery.

Kien Giang has always been considered the island paradise of Vietnam. Besides Phu Quoc, Nam Du, Hai Tac, Hon Nghe is also a great destination for us to explore. Traveling to Hon Nghe Island , you will be immersed in the wild, peaceful and beautiful scenery.

Introduce some features of Hon Nghe island

Hon Nghe is a small peaceful and beautiful island located in Hon Nghe commune, Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province, about 8 km from Ba Lua archipelago and 24 km southwest of Ba Hon town. With an area of ​​nearly 4 km2, Hon Nghe is currently home to about 2,000 people.Tourism Hon Nghe island - the jewel of Kien GiangHon Nghe is a pristine island of Kien Giang province

Hon Nghe is like a pristine gem located on Ha Tien Bay. It has a unique oval shape and is also considered one of the most beautiful of the more than 140 islands in the western waters of the country.

Until 2017, people on Hon Nghe island will be connected to the grid and their life has also improved. Due to the lack of investment in tourism, Hon Nghe still retains its inherent pristine beauty. With beautiful natural scenery, cool fresh air and diverse marine ecosystems, your trip to Hon Nghe island will definitely bring you an extremely interesting and memorable experience.Tourism Hon Nghe island - the jewel of Kien GiangHon Nghe is one of 140 islands in Ha Tien Bay

What time of the year should you travel to Hon Nghe island?

You can come to Hon Nghe at any time of the year. Because in each season, each time is different this island brings different beauty and contains countless interesting things for us to explore. Moreover, Hon Nghe is also located in a location less affected by storms. However, according to the travel experience of Hon Nghe island , to be able to comfortably swim and explore the island, you should come here in the summer, from April to August every year.Tourism Hon Nghe island - the jewel of Kien GiangYou can travel to Hon Nghe island at any time of the year

How to move to Hon Nghe island

To be able to move to Hon Nghe island , you must first reach Ha Tien. From Saigon, you can buy bus tickets to Ha Tien for about 200,000 VND / way. Or if you want to be more active, you can completely travel Ha Tien by motorbike.

After arriving in Ha Tien, you must continue to Ba Hon to catch a boat to Hon Nghe Island. There are 2 ships for you to choose from:

Thanh Tung Ship (Telephone number: 0982172717): Depart from Ba Hon to Hon Nghe at 11 noon and from Hon Nghe to Ba Hon at 8:00 am daily.

Train Thanh Tam: Departure from Ba Hon to Hon Nghe at 10 am and from Hon Nghe to Ba Hon at 7:00 am.

Train tickets to Hon Nghe Island usually fall at about 35,000 VND / person / 1 way and travel time is about 2 hours.Tourism Hon Nghe island - the jewel of Kien GiangTo go to Hon Nghe island you have to go by boat

Where on Hon Nghe island?

Hon Nghe Island currently has no hotels, motels or homestay. Therefore, most visitors often go and return during the day. However, if you still want to find an overnight accommodation on Hon Nghe Island , you can contact the households here. In addition, you can also apply to stay at Lien Lon Co Tu Pagoda. This is also a pretty interesting experience that you should try.

Experiences should not be missed when traveling to Hon Nghe Island

Explore the beautiful poetic beaches

One of the best experiences when traveling to Hon Nghe island that anyone coming here cannot miss is swimming. A common feature of all the beaches here is that the sea water is very clear and clean, with almost no garbage. You can relax amidst the pristine sea scenery, enjoy the fresh air. Welcoming the sunrise and watching the sunset on the sea at Hon Nghe is also an interesting experience that you should try.Tourism Hon Nghe island - the jewel of Kien GiangHon Nghe has beautiful unspoiled beaches

Seafood fishing

The marine area in Hon Nghe has an extremely rich and diverse seafood resource. With just a simple fishing rod and a few bait, you can sit for hours on the beach fishing. The feeling of acquiring the spoils with their own efforts is so wonderful. You can also immediately process the fish you catch to enjoy.

The two best times of the day to fish are in the early morning or late afternoon. This is when the fish are still hungry, so it is easy to be attracted to the bait.Tourism Hon Nghe island - the jewel of Kien GiangFishing on the island is a fun activity to try

Explore Lau Chuong mountain

One of the places not to be missed when traveling to Hon Nghe island is Lau Chuong mountain. It is about 300 meters high above sea level and is covered with lush greenery. Climb to the top of the mountain, you will have the opportunity to admire the giant statue of Quan Am Buddha and visit Lien Lon Co Tu Pagoda. This is also a great location for you to see the wild and peaceful scenery of Hon Nghe Island from above.Tourism Hon Nghe island - the jewel of Kien GiangLien Lon Co Tu Pagoda on Lau Chuong Mountain

Explore mysterious caves

Hon Nghe Island not only has poetic and lyrical beaches but also possesses beautiful caves, making visitors astonished. Some of the most famous caves on Hon Nghe Island must be mentioned such as: Diamond Cave, Lonely Buddha Cave, King Gia Long Cave, … Entering the caves, you will feel the cool air enveloping. body and comfortably admire the unique system of limestone stalactites, with all different shapes.Tourism Hon Nghe island - the jewel of Kien GiangConquer caves on Hon Nghe island

Visiting cage fish farming village

To travel Kien Giang Hon Nghe without visiting the village of fish cages, the gift is extremely regrettable. You may not know that Hon Nghe is home to the most cages to raise fish in Kien Giang. It supplies the market from 60 to 80 tons of fish. Thanks to that, the lives of the people on the island are also better.Tourism Hon Nghe island - the jewel of Kien GiangVisiting cage fish farming village

Eating on Hon Nghe island?

Although it is a relatively unspoiled place, there is no service, but there is still a restaurant on Hon Nghe Island to serve the dining needs of visitors. You can enjoy a lot of Hon Nghe’s specialties at this shop with great prices. In particular, you can also go fishing by yourself or buy fish from the cages of fishermen’s cages and ask them to process them for them.Tourism Hon Nghe island - the jewel of Kien GiangThere are many delicious dishes waiting for you to enjoy on Hon Nghe Island

A few notes when traveling to Hon Nghe island you should know

  • To be able to go to Hon Nghe island you have to sit by boat for about 2 hours. So if you have seasickness you should have some anti-sickness medicine ready.
  • Although the caves in Hon Nghe are quite beautiful, they are located in dangerous mountainous areas. If you want to conquer them, you must prepare for good health and remember to bring a pair of climbing shoes.
  • If you want to eat at a restaurant on the island you need to book in advance for them to prepare.

Hon Nghe is indeed worthy of the nickname “jewel” of Kien Giang. Its beauty makes anyone instantly captivated when they arrive. Hopefully, the experiences we shared above will be somewhat helpful for your trip to Kien Giang and to explore Hon Nghe Island in the near future.