Travel experience on Kien Giang Hai Tac Island is extremely detailed

Not too famous like Phu Quoc, Nam Du; The island has an extremely interesting name – Hai Tac Island attracts visitors by its wildness and mystery, promising to bring visitors an emotional trip.

Hai Tac Island (Tien Hai commune, Ha Tien district, Kien Giang province) is Ha Tien archipelago with more than 16 large and small islands, of which the largest is Hon Tre island. The island is 28km from Ha Tinh sea and 40km from Phu Quoc island. The special name Hai Tac is because in the past, there were always mysterious stories about piracy, there was also speculation that this was a hiding place for treasures and a large amount of ancient gold coins. 

Travel experience on Kien Giang Hai Tac Island is extremely detailed

Time to travel to Hai Tac island

Hai Tac Island’s weather is divided into two distinct seasons: rainy season from May to October, dry season from November to April next year. According to the tourism experience of Kien Giang Hai Tac Island , although visitors can come here in any season of the year, it is ideal from December to April. ; even those who are seasick do not need to worry too much.

If you come here in the rainy season, you also have the advantage of cool and fresh air; You just need to update the weather situation before the trip to avoid stormy days.Travel experience on Kien Giang Hai Tac Island is extremely detailedYou should travel to Hai Tac Island in the period from December to April next year

Travel experience Hai Tac island: Means of transportation

Move to the island

Stage 1: From Saigon – Hai Tac Island, Ha Tien

You can go by the following two routes:

Route 1: From Saigon, follow the direction of National Highway 1, to My Thuan Bridge, run to Highway 80. Continue across Vam Cong ferry to Long Xuyen, along Highway 91 to Chau Doc and continue along the canal. Vinh Te to go to Ha Tien.

Route 2: From Saigon, follow Highway 1, to Long An, turn to Highway 62. Here, visitors run along the Vietnam-Cambodia border road to reach Chau Doc, Ha Tien.

Stage 2: From Ha Tien – Hai Tac Island

From Ha Tien, tourists will take a train to Hai Tac Island, the fare is about 40,000 – 50,000 VND / person. Travel time is about 1 hour 30 minutes. Departure time of ship: Monday – Thursday: One trip a day, departing from Ha Tien at 9am and at Hai Tac island at 14:30. From Friday – Sunday, there will be two departures from Ha Tien and two departing from Hai Tac Island at the same time.Travel experience on Kien Giang Hai Tac Island is extremely detailedYou need to travel by boat to go from Ha Tien to the island

Moving on the island

The whole island has only one road, with one side is majestic mountains, the other is blue sea; you can rent a car to drive around without fear of getting lost. If not, you take a motorbike taxi for about 50,000 / pax (7km) to have more guides for this exploration.

In addition, if you can arrange the time you should also go to the port to hire a small boat (driven by the people) around the island and visit other small islands in the Hai Tac archipelago. The price for a boat of 10 people is about 300,000 – 400,000 VND / trip.

Accommodation on Hai Tac Island

On the island currently there are no motels or hotels, if tourists do not want to bring tents to camp on their own, they can also choose to stay in people’s accommodation rooms with relatively cheap prices, only about 50,000 VND / person. Each room can accommodate 2 to 4 people. If you go crowded, you can stay in a 10-person dorm for a cheaper price.

Visiting Hai Tac Island

Of the 16 pristine islands of the Hai Tac island cluster, Hon Tre Island is the largest, and is also the center of the island’s densely populated center. Possessing a clear blue beach, long smooth white sand and boats anchored near the shore, this sea scenery is as beautiful as a charming picture of feng shui. Hai Tac Island is the ideal destination for you to enjoy the fresh air that is hard to find in the city.Travel experience on Kien Giang Hai Tac Island is extremely detailedBeautiful scenery, clear blue sea water is the dominant point of Hai Tac Island

In this beautiful island area in Kien Giang, there are also many sea games for guests who love outdoor activities, or do you want to dive and see the coral reefs and explore the world under the ocean? Colorful coral reefs or unique marine life awaits you to explore here.

Travel experience on Kien Giang Hai Tac Island is extremely detailed
Travel experience on Kien Giang Hai Tac Island is extremely detailed

dao-hai-tac Kien Giang Hai Tac Island travel experience in great detailThere are many virtual living corners on this island

In the afternoon, visitors sit quietly on the sand bank, watching the sunset fading towards the horizon with a little sad color, a little sadness, not too brilliant and showy. 

If you have time, do not miss the opportunity to visit the national sovereignty beer, on this stele with the full names of 16 islands in the Kien Giang Hai Tac archipelago so that you can still understand this knowledge. Even if you can’t go sightseeing!

What to eat when traveling to Hai Tac Island?

Kien Giang tourism definitely do not miss the Western specialties , there are also many attractive seafood dishes you should try such as sea urchin, shrimp, crab, snails, grouper … you can buy For live food, ask local people to process and pay if you don’t want to cook by yourself.

Also, if you want to buy these as gifts you can head to the jetty early in the morning to get the freshest ingredients for your meal.Very detailed travel experience on Hai Tac IslandAttractive hemp dish on the island

Some notes when traveling to Hai Tac Island

– Hai Tac Island is very short of fresh water and electricity, when traveling here, you should prepare a flashlight and dry food with you.

– Keeping clean, not littering to protect the pristine beauty of this pristine island is something visitors should always remember.

– Wear weather-appropriate clothes, in addition, some things like motion sickness medicine, stomach ache medicine … should always be brought with you.Travel experience on Kien Giang Hai Tac Island is extremely detailedA wind-changing trip here with his friends in about 2-3 days is extremely ideal

Above is the entire travel experience of Kien Giang Hai Tac Island in great detail , please take note of this information to prepare for a fun and convenient trip!