European village of Da Lat: ‘luxurious-fine-smooth’ enough to be crazy

Besides the green pine hill, colorful flower gardens or lovely cafes, the European village of Dalat is also an extremely magical check-in point in the land of flowers that visitors must love. rash.

About the European village of Da Lat

Dalat is not simply a dream city, but it is full of mysteries, always giving people surprise to surprise. If you think you have become a “local” here when every corner has become very familiar, then surely a new place will appear right after that makes you “crazy”. and want to carry the suitcase to travel immediately. The European village on Tuyen Lam Lakewas such a place.location of the European village of Da LatThe romantic beauty of the resort (Photo @fattiemi)

This is essentially a luxury resort in Dalat called Dalat Wonder Resort , located at 19 Hoa Hong Street facing Dat Set Village, in Tuyen Lam Lake tourist area , next to Lavender hill, ward 4 , Da Lat city. However, with a luxurious and modern design like Europe, it has become a virtual living place “divine” fascinated visitors.

The irresistible charm of the European village of Dalat

Inspired by the houses in the European countryside, when you come here, you will be “drunk” in the quiet, peaceful but romantic scenery of green hills, clear lake surface tranquil greenery and a majestic pine forest ringing in the wind.vegetable garden - a bold rural landscape in the European village of DalatPerfectly recreated rural scenery (Photo @ minhenn.xd)

The highlight of the European village of Dalat is the small houses designed with triangular diagonal tiled roofs in modern ash-gray tones, the walls are painted in pure white and glass windows of all shapes. eye.House architecture in the European village of Da LatImpressive house architecture (Photo @ minhh.phuongg__)

Standing alone is beautiful, yet they are combined together makes you feel like you are lost in a peaceful and poetic Switzerland in animated TV movies. So now, there is no need to go to the expensive and distant West, just going to the European village in Dalat , you can satisfy the luxury dream for so long.The Swiss-like scene of the European village of DalatBeautiful as Switzerland (Photo @thientrangpham)

The day is beautiful, when dawn comes, the rays of the morning sun start to shine behind the mountains or when the weak rays of sunlight at the end of the day disappear, light and darkness harmonize, making the space. European village of Da Lat has a fanciful, dreamlike color nowhere. 

Especially when there are white mist that has not been cleared in time, floating on the rooftops, wriggling through the branches of the trees, we will feel like witnessing a fairy-tale realm of beauty. people.evening - a fantasy scene in the European village of Da LatA magical view of the evening (Photo @

If you bring some snacks and spread a cloth on the green grass and hold a light picnic, eat while watching the scenery and take a deep breath of the fresh and pure air here, surely you will be depressed. then also disappear immediately.

Moreover, under the poetic landscape and careful and meticulous design of the European village in the heart of Dalat , whether it is early morning or evening, whether standing on high or in the evening. Under low, long-angle or close-angle, you can “hunt” the super magical and luxurious photos.virtual life in the European village of Da LatEvery corner has a shimmering image (Photo @thuling__)

Revealing some “so deep” shapes for you to have pictures of thousands of likes: walking leisurely on the Rose Street, lounging sitting on the grass and watching the sky, thinking next to the “lonely tree” horn Stunned or simply lying under the tree “heat” is also very beautiful there.virtual life - interesting activities in the European village of Da LatThere are also good pictures for a walk around (Photo @ cherrymi1911)virtual life - activity not to be missed in the European village of DalatPsychedelic living corner of a lonely tree (Photo @ thamtran3108)

Staying in the European village of Da Lat

Not only for taking pictures, if you want to reward yourself with a real luxury vacation in Da Lat after many hard working days, then this European village of Dalat  is not a bad choice.

Built about 151 rooms with luxurious bungalows and villas, fully equipped with modern facilities and equipment, this resort promises to give you the best experience in Da Dreamy Lama.the houses of the European village of Da LatMany luxury houses (Photo @ imelva03)

With just spending from 956,000 VND / night / 2 people, visitors will be transported by tram to take place in the city center, enjoy quality buffet breakfast, participate in many exciting entertainment activities. and just immersed in the cool, clear outdoor swimming pool while admiring the charming surrounding scenery, oh, just thinking about it makes me feel excited.amusement park - interesting spot in European village of Da LatEquipped with many interesting places to play (Photo @ pool - the attraction of the European village of Da LatCheck in luxury swimming pool (Photo FB Landmark)

In addition, the European village of Wonder Resort  also has a team of well-trained, professional, very friendly and dedicated staff, plus classy services, sure to make tourists, especially Couples enjoying their honeymoon have a memorable memory.

Life is very short, youth is only in the blink of an eye has passed, so do not wait, go right to the European village of Dalat to save beautiful memories of your youth.