Revealing new check-in points in Da Lat 2020 “virtual living” super beautiful

The name has never been ‘Hot’ for the association of travel enthusiasts, bringing new things every time, and passing through the new check-in points in Da Lat 2020, creating a lot of attention. recent time.

Do not miss the new hot check-in points in Da Lat 2020.

1. North Thang Up Asked God

Located about 13 km from the city center, between the vast green space of the valley and the pine trees, the air is very fresh. This tourist area just opened at the beginning of the year but has quickly become a destination that many people love to check in when coming to Da Lat. The corners of “virtual life” filled social networks with stairs to heaven reaching out to clouds, colorful doors, rectangular frames with full view of the mountains below, …  New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - Bac Thang Len Resort Ask Ong TroiPhoto: @bacthanglenhoiongtroiNew check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - Golden Bridge of Bac Thang Len Tourist Area Ask Ong GodPhoto: @ vivianpham._

The designs are focused on highlighting the beautiful nature to create a big plus. The most famous is the Dalat Golden Bridge with a smaller size in Da Nang, with the hands supporting the bridge lined with wooden planks, yellow painted balustrades, flowers on both sides. Although not as spectacular, the screenings are also extreme, leaving a strong impression, so many young people come to save their magical moments.New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - check in Bac Thang Len KDL Ask Ong TroiPhoto: @annaton_vnNew check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - Take photos of Bac Thang Len Resort. Ask Ong TroiPhoto: @ qn.xi.xxi

Along with the super art corners of thousands of people love, Bac Thang Len Ask Ong Troi tourist area is also a popular destination that attracts many visitors because it is located close to other famous attractions. This new check-in place in Da Lat 2020 is located on the same route, discovering many other places such as hydrangea flower hill, Linh Phuoc Dalat pagoda or green Cau Dat tea hill, … New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - the door at Bac Thang Len Resort Ask Ong TroiPhoto: @ dhtphun1812

2. Kingdom cactus Kombi Land

This is actually a cafe designed in a completely new style. Inspired by deserts with sun, wind and cactus potted plants of all different sizes, making a special that cannot be mixed with anywhere in this flower city. By entering here, you will feel a completely different world, thorny and stronger than the inherent soft, dreamy features of this place.New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - Kombi Land cafe Photo: @ thanhthien101216New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - check in Kombi Land cafe Photo: @ linhh109

Around at the foot of this impressive new check-in point in Da Lat 2020 , you walk on the sandy background, with palm trees shadow, scattered cactus pots, with taller trees, becoming a particularly interesting scene. Not only that, coming to this cafe, you can also check in, take wedding photos, … with old yellow buses and coaches but are very artistic. Also, do not forget to take pictures at the romantic corner at the beautiful little piano placed by the quiet and blue lake. It can be said that every corner here makes you fascinated, difficult to leave.New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - checkin Kombi Land cafe Photo: @ chou.hoangNew check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - car check-in at Kombi Land cafe Photo: @ katherine.ngxx

3. Yen Cafe – Vintage bakery tea shop

Located on Phan Dinh Phung Street, right near the city center, the restaurant is famous for its vintage decoration style from lamps, mouse wedding paintings, 12 zodiacs, … and tea and crepe delicious durian. . Large space, exquisite Vietnamese-style decoration, suitable for many subjects makes this place famous. People come to gather, talk and take pictures with many excellent angles, especially on holidays and Tet, it is even more appropriate.New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - Rustic Yen CafePhoto: @ maitran.le.2201New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - cakes in YencafePhoto: @ xuanquynh_304

4. The golden wall inside Dalat market

To this market, you must check in with the famous Hong Kong corner in Dalat , but that place often has many young people coming so it is often crowded. Tell you another photo spot that is equally good, that is the golden wall right inside the market. This is the stairway leading to the 2nd floor of the clothing market if going from the side of the old market. Or if you stand in the Hong Kong section, you just need to go deep inside to see this place.New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - Golden wall in Dalat marketPhoto: @Alongwalker

Although not specially decorated like the others, this golden-painted staircase has an impressive nostalgic color. There are 2 stairs up and down in the opposite direction, so when looking at the railing, they will cut each other to create shapes like there is an arrangement. Everything is very natural, no need to be edited, when you are on the screen, just choose the angle and you will have artistic images that not everyone can detect.New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - Golden wall in Dalat marketPhoto: @ linhthoi187

5. Shadow Hill

If you want to find a place to satisfy your passion for art and take pictures “virtual life” for you, this new check-in point in Da Lat 2020 is the top suggestion that should not be ignored. This is considered the first mirror hill in Vietnam with hundreds of mirrors of all sizes placed in different positions creating an impressive sparkling space. Surrounding it are pine hills, forests and green lawns creating a romantic, cool and pleasant feeling for visitors.New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - Vo Anh Hill is full of mirrorsPhoto: @

Besides, due to being placed outdoors, it also becomes an effect that makes a larger, more magical space for you to produce unique photos. Under the shimmering sunlight, the mirror reflects the plants, flowers and your silhouette no matter what position you take to create a unique character. In addition to the mirror hill, there is also a giant ball house with porous particles flying like snow. Or a heart-shaped miniature oasis in the middle of a heart-shaped lake, creating a romantic image for you to take pictures. Check in at the outstanding Heart Bridge or wander around to see the strawberry garden and pick them to enjoy.New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - Vo Anh Hill bubble house Photo: @ yy.chu__New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - Love Bridge, Vo Ngoc Hill Photo: @_chitien_

6. La Mappa Cafe & Bistro is romantic

Referring to the cafes in Da Lat , this new address cannot be missed. La Mappa is a beautiful dreamland where a couple of artists leave the busy Saigon to live with love in this dreamy city. The shop is carefully cared for by the owner from food and beverage to decorative details. Although the space is small, it makes you feel warm and full of charm and dearness. New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - La Mappa Cafe & BistroPhoto: @ phuong.ttq_

An impressive front with glass doors and outstanding green color, cherry apricot trees and blooming flower pots, sitting here very quiet reading. The upper floor or the garden area impresses with a romantic scene. The garden is full of colorful flowers, behind is a yellow wall, adding décor details such as wooden statues or tables and chairs on the picture like a romantic European scene. New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - garden in La Mappa Cafe & BistroPhoto: @ ng.anh46New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - Drinks of La Mappa Cafe & BistroPhoto: @ dinhtrung1810

7. Dreamers homestay & super deep virtual cafe

The space of the restaurant is located in the 2nd floor backyard area of ​​a spacious villa with airy space and gentle but super beautiful décor. This new check-in location in Da Lat 2020 is the place to meet all your needs without having to go anywhere too far from the city center. Possessing thousands of “virtual living” corners like an arched door with a view of the green pine forest, just sitting there is a super deep image. Food and drinks are set up nice but delicious and cheap. Especially there is a lovely homestay, facilities to stay overnight.New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - Dreamers homestay & cafePhoto: @ tien.phongNew check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - hammock at Dreamers homestay & cafePhoto: @ngmyyx_New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - food at Dreamers homestay & cafePhoto: @nglannhiii

8. Check in a dream at The Wider-Nest

The Wider-Nest is a lovely cafe surrounded by green space, a peaceful check-in destination for those who love lightness. Here, there are vast, green, green grasslands in harmony with mountains, forests, clouds. There is a wooden bridge in the shape of a winding arc, the wooden path around the lake, the chrysanthemum growing next season increases the romance. Whether it is a clear sunny day or a rainy day, coming here to enjoy a cup of coffee and save the moments with the cafe is always something everyone wishes to do once.New check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - The Wider-Nest is in the chrysanthemum seasonPhoto: @dalatlifeNew check-in point in Da Lat 2020 - The Wider-Nest is greenPhoto: @iammtruc

Traveling to Dalat every time you come to this city, you can find new and beautiful corners to save your own impressive moments. Withthe new check-in points in Da Lat 2020suggested above, hopefully your next journey will have new interesting things to explore and check in.