Bai Dau Vung Tau – a masterpiece gifted by nature to the coastal city

Vung Tau has never been a hot destination because there are so many attractive tourist spots that you may not go many times, one of these masterpieces is the pure and dreamy beauty of the beach. Strawberry Vung Tau.

About Vung Tau Beach

Located on Tran Phu street, on the west side of Big mountain slope and northwest of Vung Tau city center, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, Bai Dau , also known as Phuong Thao beach with a length of about 3km, brings beauty Wild, lyrical, is attracting a lot of people to visit.Immense water waves at Bai Dau Vung TauThe charming scenery of water waves (Photo @thukashi)

According to the recorded documents, in the past, this place was called Vung May because there were a lot of forest clouds around, but after that, people came here to reclaim and replace forest rattan with mulberry trees. the name ” Bai Dau ” is also like that and is popular to this day.

Interesting activities not to be missed at Bai Dau Vung Tau

Enjoy the beautiful scenery like a dream

If Front Beach is always crowded and bustling like a dynamic child, Back Beach is as beautiful as a princess, Bai Vong Nguyet is full of challenges with big, rolling waves, Vung Tau Beach is gentle, gentle and look like a teenage girlpeaceful scene at Bai Dau Vung TauSmooth and gentle like a shy girl (Photo @_nhdt)

Coming to this beach, you will be sure to be satisfied with the wild and romantic painting of a curving, crescent moon-shaped beach embracing the blue water, the two sides of the beach are rocky rapids. With many strange shapes reaching out to the sea and surrounded by majestic deep green forests.stone - beauty at Bai Dau Vung TauAttractive rugged cliffs (Photo @phung_vpp)

Every time, Phuong Thao beach has a different beauty: when the tide rises, it is full and charming, at the time the water recedes, exposing the beautiful shells under the sand, it looks like being dressed in a dress. sparkling, dancing, and when the sunset falls, the sea surface is like being gilded to become magical, mysterious and attractive.Sunset - beautiful moment at Bai Dau Vung TauA magical sunset (Photo @phanbichtran)

Besides, because it is separated from other beaches, it has not yet invested in tourism, so the atmosphere at Bai Dau Vung Tau is always peaceful, quiet, very suitable for tourists. leisurely walk on the sand or bike ride beside the green blue rows, feel every cool breeze blowing through and listen to the melodious sound of the waves, surely all the pressure or sorrow will dissipate Just get out of here.relax at Vung Tau BeachVery suitable for relaxation (Photo @__ yo.nguyen)

Go to the beach

Located behind the Big Mountains, the seawater on the beach is quite clear and quiet, so in the summer, tourists come here to swim in the sea. However, because the beach is quite deep, there are many reefs, there are almost no rescue forces, so it is not really ideal for swimming, especially bathing alone.water play - interesting activities at Bai Dau Vung TauCan play with waves but limit bathing (Photo @daonanh_)

Virtual life in Tran Phu alley “hot hit”

Going to Bai Dau in Vung Tau and bypassing the “divine” virtual alley at 107 – 109 on Tran Phu street is really flawed. With two walls on both sides built accidentally with the same gentle light yellow color, the front is seawater and turquoise sky, the additional point at the end of the road is green canopy, when autumn turns yellow, makes us feel like lost in a romantic and poetic Korea. Standing here and taking pictures, it’s sparkling off the table.Virtual living alley - interesting destination at Bai Dau Vung TauBeautiful virtual living corner (Photo @daochoihanoi)virtual life - interesting activities at Vung Tau BeachThe image is all beautiful (Photo @ truc.tinhh)

Visit the building of Our Lady of Bai Dau

Located on the big green slope opposite, Our Lady of Bai Dau with a temple complex and a 32m high white statue of Our Lady of Mary, prominent even from a distance is a symbol of religious beliefs. education at Bai Dau Vung Tau .Statue of Our Lady - an interesting destination at Bai Dau Vung TauTall Lady statue (Photo @ rosebush_21693)

The way to here can be a bit strenuous, but once you arrive, visitors can not only pray for good luck, health and peace for themselves and your family, but also be able to fully capture the scene. Simple, humble but full of mystery and fun of the beach below.

Pilgrimage at Shakyamuni Buddha

If Our Lady of Bai Dau is a favorite among Christians, Shakyamuni Buddha will be the ideal pilgrimage site for Buddhist Buddhists. This is a large Buddhist architectural complex located on the North side of the Big Mountain with many impressive structures, especially the eye-catching white giant Buddha statues in sitting meditation on the lotus or lying down. leaning … will make visitors have to admire, constantly admire to see.Thich Ca Phat Dai - interesting destination at Bai Dau Vung TauGiant Buddha (Photo @komolova_lu)

How to move to Vung Tau Beach

You can go to Vung Tau Bai Dau by many means such as motorbike, car, taxi, bus. However, because the road from Saigon to Vung Tau is very clear, easy to travel, it only takes a few hours to travel, so if possible, move by your own means to save costs.


Going from Saigon to Vung Tau: you can go in the direction of Long Thanh – Dau Giay or go towards Dong Nai, to Vung Tau 3-way, then turn right on Highway 51, then keep going straight for about 100km. is Vung Tau city center. 

Going from the city center to Bai Dau : You run to Binh Gia Street and then turn right to Nguyen An Ninh Street, go straight to Tran Phu Street, along this road go all the way around Big Mountain, pass the Bach Dinh monument about 3km another is coming. 

Or run on February 3, at the intersection, turn left on Nguyen An Ninh Street, at the end of the road, turn right onto Thuy Van Street, pass Bai Sau then go straight to Ha Long Street, through a series of floating tourist spots. The voices of Vung Tau such as Vong Nguyet, Bai Dua, Bai Tien … and Ganh Hao also arrived.

Note : the second street will be farther and take longer, but in return you can see most of the beautiful beaches of Vung Tau city, it is worth it.Car - popular means of transportation to Bai Dau Vung TauCar – popular means of transportation to the beach (Photo @ lamkhoa95)


For those who do not feel confident enough to drive a long distance, it is okay, because there are many car companies running to Vung Tau Bus Station like Mai Linh bus, the price only ranges from 80,000 to VND 100,000 / ticket, after getting off the station, you can take a taxi or motorbike taxi to the parking lot.
However, to avoid running out of tickets during the tourist seasons, it’s best to buy tickets a week in advance.

Not as famous as Front Beach or Back Beach, but Bai Dau Vung Tau is enough to make those who once set foot in, don’t want to leave.