Experience fun and relaxation in Binh Chau Vung Tau hot spring

Binh Chau Vung Tau hot spring is endowed with a source of hot mineral springs and sedimentary mud that is extremely good and rare for health. This is also an attractive weekend relaxing destination for many tourists and is quite close to Saigon.

Hot springs are always super attractive resorts for visitors because anyone who comes here can also enjoy a quiet moment, soak in the warm hot mineral water. Not far from Saigon and located right in Vung Tau, the hot spring named Binh Chau is always on the list of prominent mineral springs of the South and is chosen by many tourists for short trips.The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - An attractive tourist destinationAttractive tourist destination in Vung Tau. Photo: motogo

Let LuhanhVietNam learn about Binh Chau hot spring with how to go, how much ticket price and convenient services, games here or nearby tourist attractions.

Where is Binh Chau hot spring located?

Binh Chau Stream is located in Xyen Moc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. This is the only natural hot mineral source located in the South and quickly becomes asuper attractive tourist destination in Vung Tau . When it comes to Vung Tau, many people think that the only main activity is swimming and climbing, but in fact, located right near the center of this windy coastal city, you can also take a hot spring bath and participate. many other interesting games too.The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - Vung Tau sea supplyThe sea supply of Vung Tau – Binh Chau. Photo: dulichkhampha24

Binh Chau hot spring is located on Highway 55, Binh Chau commune, Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. This is essentially a tourist area spread over an area of ​​nearly 33 hectares, inside the Binh Chau – Phuoc Buu conservation area and located right next to Ho Coc beach. This famous mineral spring is just 150km from Ho Chi Minh City.

Guide to Binh Chau hot spring

If departing from Saigon, visitors can move in the following way to reach Binh Chau: Follow the route Saigon – Highway 51 – Ba Ria – Highway 55 – Binh Chau.

You can move to Binh Chau by motorbike or take a bus or bus. Depending on the schedule and time budget of each person, you will choose the most suitable way of travel.

As for the hill for you going from Vung Tau, just go to the direction of Highway 51 to Vung Tau City and continue to follow Highway 55, until you see the signboard to turn left, then continue 3km. place. This stretch of road is about 55km long and takes about 1 hour.The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - route Saigon - Highway 51 - Ba Ria - Highway 55 Go to the hot springs according to the route Saigon – Highway 51 – Ba Ria – Highway 55 – Binh Chau. Photo: hoanggiasaigon

Car to Binh Chau hot spring

To go to the hot spring you can choose from passenger cars, self-driving motorbikes.


Currently, the route to Xuyen Moc bus station sells tickets at the East bus station, you can order in advance and go to Binh Chau station. Here, you just need to ride a motorbike taxi for about 5km more to reach Binh Chau hot spring. Ticket price is 70,000 VND / person

Pick up / drop off location: Mien Dong bus station (Saigon) – Xuyen Moc bus station (Ba Ria Vung Tau).

On a side note, Xuyen Moc bus station is located about 18km from Binh Chau hot spring. So when you get to the bus station, you can either catch a bus or book a taxi to get there! If you choose to take the bus, you take line 4 and sit to the station. But then remember to call for a motorbike taxi to get in place, do not walk because it is quite far.

Also, remember to note this content too: There will be 4-5 bus trips each day on the Saigon – Xuyen Moc route, so please contact in advance to book a round-trip ticket, be active in your schedule!The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - many healthy minerals.In Binh Chau hot spring, there are many healthy minerals. Photo: Vietfuntravel


If you go to Binh Chau by motorbike, there are 2 routes for you to choose: One is Cat Lai ferry and the other is National Highway 51 to Vung Tau City. After arriving in Vung Tau, keep going straight to NH55 to cross Binh Chau until you see a sea turn left into Binh Chau mineral spring tourist area.

Although only 150km apart, the trip from Saigon to Binh Chau by motorbike is not easy. So, you need to have a solid steering wheel as well as experience traveling to Vung Tau , long distance journey. Do not forget to bring essential items for a road trip such as: 3/4 helmet (with glasses or not) with gloves, wearing long clothes and especially bringing full identification, driving license offline.The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - Vung Tau tourist destinationVung Tau tourist destination for all ages. Photo: motogo

Besides, there is another way to go to Binh Chau to be less tired. That is going from Saigon to Vung Tau directly by bus from Saigon – Vung Tau. After that, relax and have fun here for 1-2 days before renting a motorbike to travel to Binh Chau. Because the road from Vung Tau City to Binh Chau is only about 70km long.

The road from Saigon or the center of Vung Tau to Binh Chau is quite beautiful, attracting many tour groups and tourists by motorbike to enjoy and experience the scenery. However, in the process of moving, remember to run at the correct speed, be careful and avoid collisions or problems that may occur.

Super attractive activities at Binh Chau hot spring

T ắm hot water

Binh Chau hot spring is located in the middle of green nature, and possesses warm hot mineral pools, so many tourists have long been chosen as their favorite resort and relaxation area when traveling. Vung Tau.The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - a vast hot spring lakeLarge hot mineral pool helps relieve stress and fatigue. Photo: instag style

Interestingly, each lake or spring has its own uses and functions. Moreover, tourism services in Binh Chau are also very developed, providing tourists with a variety of amenities depending on their preferences. Each mineral bath here has a hot mineral source that directly flows into and circulates, has the effect of soothing the pain in the knee joint, good for health, especially the elderly. In addition, the essences in the hot mineral water also gradually penetrate into the skin, giving you a full of vitality and youthful skin.The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - the scene is very fresh and freshBinh Chau has a very fresh and fresh scene. Photo: instag kickadventures

At present, Binh Chau mineral spring has many facilities for tourists to choose such as:

– The hot mineral pool has a large area to help relieve stress and fatigue completely. This is also the area that people go to the most in Binh Chau stream.

– Relaxing swimming pool area in the middle of fresh natural scenery.

– Cluster of hydraulic lakes for full body massage.

– Cluster of hot mineral pools with private space.

– Swimming pool area reserved for children.

– Foot bath in hot mineral springs.

It can be said that Binh Chau hot spring is the ideal place for everyone, but especially for the elderly because it helps to effectively restore the muscles and joints, helping to reduce limb fatigue. Foot bath activities in hot mineral springs also bring deeper and more delicious sleep than usual.

Boil eggs with natural minerals

After taking a hot bath in Binh Chau hot spring, the activity that many tourists love is boiling eggs with natural and nutritious mineral water here. In fact, the warmth coming from the pool is hot enough to cook the egg that you can drop yourself. And because the eggs are boiled mainly in temperatures up to 82 degrees C, they will be absorbed most of the nutritious essence from nature. What is more attractive than being able to boil food from pure mineral springs by yourself and immediately enjoy this “longevity” dish.The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - Experience boiling eggs with natural hot waterExperience boiling eggs in natural hot water and enjoy on the spot. Photo: thodiavungtau

Mud bath – works well for female skin

One thing that promises to be the difference of Binh Chau hot spring resort compared to other Vung Tau tourist destinations is the mud bath activity here.

Mineral mud in mineral springs is sediment crystallized from plants. These essences are extremely rare and lie deep in the natural sediments. So right after a hot mineral bath, you should spend more time soaking in mineral mud will be great. At this time, almost all toxins in the body will be emptied out. This bath helps to purify the body and skin. This is a favorite activity of many women because it helps the skin become firmer and smoother.The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - Mud bathing is an interesting activityMud bathing is an enjoyable activity that everyone loves. Photo: instag vgarcia91

Visit the Mini Zoo

If the statue of God stretching hands is a symbol of the coastal city, Dinh mountain Vung Tau is a trekking point and beautiful sightseeing and sightseeing, Binh Chau mineral spring is a place that owns a fresh, fresh scene with dense trees. Theaters surround and especially there is a mini zoo. Just buy tickets, you will be able to see the bears, monkeys, eagles, pythons, porcupines, … here. If you like to visit a round of the zoo with your children, rent a carriage with the price of about 200,000 VND / 01 ticket for a trip of 6 people.The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - Star deer raised at Mini ZooDeer are raised at the Mini Zoo of Binh Chau Hot Spring Resort. Photo: motogo

Fishing crocodile in Binh Chau stream

In addition to mineral bathing, mud bath, egg boiling and visiting the zoo, crocodile fishing is also a pretty interesting experience that everyone loves when traveling to Binh Chau – Vung Tau. Once you buy the ticket, you will stand in a safe position and start feeding the crocodiles with a fishing rod. Crocodile fishing ticket price is 30,000 VND / person.

In addition, in this mineral spring tourist area, there is also a swimming pool, volleyball court, venues for cultural events and a lot of restaurants serving tourists.The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - quality serviceExperience other quality services such as spa, gym, karaoke room, warm restaurant. Photo: thodiavungtau

Price list of tickets to Binh Chau mineral springs in detail

Binh Chau hot spring is a tourist area focused on investment in terms of size and quality. This entire area is divided into many categories, large and small. Vung Tau tourists who come here, after buying entrance tickets, can choose for themselves and those traveling with basic to high-end service packages with the ticket prices listed as follows:

– Admission fee to Binh Chau mineral spring:

+ For adults: 100k / ticket.

+ For children: VND 50k / ticket.

– Mineral bath fare in Binh Chau:

+ Adult swimming pool ticket (for swimming pool with many people): 200k / person and 100k for children. Bath time within 120 minutes.

+ The ticket price of hydraulic mineral bath is 1,200k / 4 people. Bath time is 120 minutes. Particularly with this service, you will receive 2 additional body massage sessions.

Spa spa ticket at Mo stream area is 1,200k for 2 people.The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - Bathing and therapy at the hot springHot spring baths and treatments make the body soothing, relaxing.

– Fares for mud baths and hot spring herbs:

Black mud bath: 450k / person

White mud bath: 450k / person

VIP mud bath: 700k / person

Herbal bath: 400k / person

Herbal foot bath and foot pressure: 180k / person

– Ticket price for luxury Spa services in Binh Chau:

In addition to hot mineral bath services and mineral mud, Binh Chau hot spring resort also has a premium VIP Spa service package dedicated to you like to relax, specifically as follows:

Traditional massage: 270k / person

Herbal massage: 310k / person

Hot stone massage: 350k / person

Body massage: 180k / person

Facial massage: 170k / person

Foot massage: 130k / person

Herbal salt skin scrub: 200k / person

Sauna, dry sauna: 200k / personThe secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - Enjoy maximum relaxationEnjoy maximum relaxation in the natural hot spring. Photo: bazantravel

– Package service fares

+ Admission and foot bath in hot mineral water is 160k for adults and 80k for children.

+ Hot mineral water bath: 260k for adults and 130k for children

Full admission ticket + mud bath + mineral bath: 500k for adults and 250k for children.The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - service packages from basic to high-endGuests can choose from basic to premium service packages. Photo: instag dangtran090

There are also a number of additional services as follows:

+ Tickets to visit the whole Binh Chau hot spring tourist area by horse cart: 200k for up to 6 guests.

+ Hot mineral boiled chicken eggs: 9k / fruit.

+ Crocodile fishing ticket: 30k / person.

+ Firewood for campfire: 900k including firewood, fuel oil, torch and electricity for lighting.

Hotels – resorts in Binh Chau hot spring

Many people choose to travel to Binh Chau with a day trip – return, but many tourists like to stay here overnight. And the most reasonable is to choose to stay right in the hotel, villa area of Binh Chau tourist area . If you plan to stay overnight, you can choose one of the most attractive hotels, villas and resorts here such as Hoa Sua, Hoa Sim, Hoa Anh Dao, Binh An, Cau Garden, Hoa Mua, …The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - Guesthouses and hotels sprout up a lotMotels and hotels also sprung up more and more. Photo: motogo.vn

The system of rooms here is quite diverse from double, single to dormitory rooms, very suitable for families with young children or couples wishing to relax.

In addition, motel services, hotels in Binh Chau mineral spring area are also growing more and more, creating more choices with enough prices for visitors. From motels, affordable homestays with prices from only 300,000 VND / night to luxury resorts in villa type are available.The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - Hodota is close to natureHodota is close to nature, with blue sea, white sand and casuarina. Photo: thodiavungtau

Tourist destination near Binh Chau hot spring

Ho Coc Beach

Binh Chau Hot Mineral Resort not only specializes in hot bath service but also owns a cool and pleasant natural ecological landscape. Because it is planned to be a tourist area connecting with other attractive destinations, this place is very close to beautiful beaches like Ho Coc Vung Tau  that visitors can arrange to go out right before or after the time to Binh Chau. .The secret to visiting Binh Chau hot spring - Bai Ho CocHo Coc Beach is located quite close to Binh Chau stream. Photo: vntrip

Ho Tram Beach

Ho Tram is also a beautiful beach located right near Binh Chau hot spring with a distance of less than 21km. The peaceful scenery and gently sloping sandy beach with green pine trees running along the waves of blue sea will together with Binh Chau stream create an attractive Vung Tau tour for you.

Visitors can go from Ba Ria to Binh Chau and then to Ho Tram beach or you can also visit Ho Tram first and then through the hot spring later.