Peace of mind under the roof of Buddhist temple Quang Ba Ria – Vung Tau

Phat Quang is the name of a small temple located on Mount Dinh, Ba Ria – Vung Tau; This is not only a sightseeing place to worship, this is also a place to welcome tens of thousands of Buddhists on every Buddhist festival.

Introduction to Phat Quang pagoda

Phat Quang Pagoda (also known as Thien Ton Phat Quang ) is located in the valley of Mountain Dinh , Chu Hai village, Tan Hai commune, Phu My town, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. The abbot of the pagoda is Senior Venerable Thich Chan Quang, currently Deputy Head of the Economic and Financial Department of the Central Vietnam Buddhist Sangha. Gate of Quang Buddha Temple in Ba Ria - Vung TauZen Ton Phat Quang welcomes a large number of tourists to visit and worship all year round

Buddhist pagoda Quang Ba Ria – Vung Tau welcomes Buddhists and good men and women to visit and worship on all days of the year. In addition, there are also regular retreats and great festivals held at the temple such as Buddha’s Birthday, Vu Lan , and Buddha’s Day. In 2013, this temple was recognized by the Vietnam Record organization as the most popular Buddhist temple in the world, each summer retreat also attracts 300-500 participation. Young children come from all over the country, where they can practice, play, and cultivate their morality with close educational methods and beloved Dharma lessons.Phat Quang Pagoda holds a summer retreatA place for cultivating, practicing morality and health for children

Many people do not know that this is also the birthplace of many charitable funds, carrying out gratitude programs with great pervasive power, contributing to creating good values ​​for society.Peace of mind under the roof of Buddhist temple Quang Ba Ria - Vung TauA place of dedication, service and creating good values ​​for the community

The beauty of Quang Buddha pagoda in Ba Ria – Vung Tau

Possessing a beautiful location at Dinh Mountain, if viewed from above, you will see the pagoda roof looming in the middle of the forest. To get here is a meandering meandering paved road. Right from the entrance to the pagoda, you will pass through a stone path stretching through the bamboo forest, passing through a bridge where at the foot is a flowing stream, between two rows of shady trees, the pagoda yard blooming year round.The campus of the Buddhist temple in Ba Ria - Vung TauThe campus is shaded with green trees

Coming to Phat Quang pagoda on Dinh Mountain  , visitors will be amazed at the vast, yet simple and simple appearance. And in front of the majestic 14m high Buddha statue, serene in the beautiful meditation posture. The statue carved from white Granite stands out in the vast forest landscape. Buddha statue of Sakyamuni at the Buddhist temple of Quang Ba Ria - Vung TauStatue of Buddha Shakyamuni sitting in meditation in the full lotus position, his face calm, serene, and tolerant

In addition, the temple grounds are also renovated with the Chief of the Palace worshiping only Buddha Thich Ca Mau Ni, the kitchen or the common area to welcome Buddhists and visitors from all over the world. arranged very tidy, simple and close.Chief of the Temple of the Buddha Quang Ba Ria - Vung TauInside the Main Hall, only Buddha Shakyamuni was worshiped

Between the four sides is the calm trees and cliffs, in that open space you can easily receive the cool sea breeze, or the bustling sound of summer on Dinh Mountain. The feeling that it gives is incredible freedom, elation.

In addition, combined during the visit to Phat Quang pagoda , visitors can check-in and cool off at the crystal-green Suoi Tien stream on Dinh Mountain, enjoy the cool breeze, and take beautiful pictures.Fairy Stream is close to Quang Buddha Temple in Ba Ria - Vung TauSuoi Tien is just a few minutes walk from the pagoda

Guide to move to the Buddhist pagoda of Quang Ba Ria – Vung Tau

Located in the mountain about 500m high, the road to Thien Ton Phat Quang is not easy for a stranger, but recently after upgrading the road has been flat, convenient for visitors to find.

– If you use a private vehicle, from Vung Tau junction to Highway 51, then turn left onto the road to Mount Dinh, keep going straight to see Thien Ton Phat Quang beach. 

– If you take a bus from Ho Chi Minh City – Vung Tau City, tell the driver to get off at Phat Quang pagoda junction (4km from Ba Ria welcome gate), there are many motorbike taxi waiting available, you can rent a car To enter the pagoda at a price of 30,000 VND / person for a distance of 4km. Some cars run this route (from Tan Son Nhat airport & Mien Dong bus station):

1. Southern Vehicle. Ticket price 100k / time. From Saigon: 064-6558686 – 0944916779. From Vung Tau: 064-6558686 – 0944916779

2. Hoa Mai Car. Ticket price: 100k / person / time (regular car – 0838.218.928), 160k / person / time (Limousine – 0926.200.200 (VT) – 0962.200.200 (HCM)).

3. Toan Thang Car. Ticket price: 110k / person / time (regular car), 160k / person / time (Limousine). Telephone: 0993.500.500.

4. Jetstar and Vietjet Air buses. Ticket price: 120k / person / time. Telephone: 1900 1886.

5. Car Phu Hai Vung Vau. Ticket price: 110k / person / time. Reservations: 064 357 4838.

To arrive, you need to go about 200 more stone steps to get down to the temple courtyard. It seemed that this would be a challenge for the elderly and children, but in order to move, the temple built a winch system to transport groups of guests extremely convenient and safe.The way to the Buddhist temple of Quang Ba Ria - Vung Tau200 stone steps down to the pagoda and the winch to transport Buddhists and tourists

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Things to note when traveling to Phat Quang pagoda

– At the temple, there are free vegetarian meals and blankets, curtains for Buddhists when visiting the temple for a long time, you do not need to prepare food before coming.

– Like many other pilgrimage trips, remember to dress discreetly and properly when coming to Thien Ton Phat Quang to make the trip more rounded and meaningful. 

In difficult conditions of moving, lack of living in the middle of mountains and forests, Zen Ton Phat Quang has still welcomed a large number of tourists every day. First is the solemn atmosphere, peaceful landscape, then the affection that monks, nuns, Buddhists and visitors treat each other. This is really a peaceful stopover, like the bustle of the coastal city.

With the above experiences about the Buddha Quang pagoda in Ba Ria – Vung Tau ; Wish you have a successful discovery, sightseeing, worship trip!

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