Vung Tau Loc An Beach – a peaceful place to get rid of all troubles

Not hustle, noisy, nor lavish, flashy, just with the wild, rustic but peaceful scenery, Loc An Vung Tau still makes visitors conquered at first sight.

Located on the road from Vung Tau to Binh Thuan, Loc An commune, Dat Do district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, about 50km from the center of Vung Tau city , Loc An beach though was originally built for the purpose As a fishing port, but due to its unspoiled beauty, lyrical, peaceful space, it has become an ideal resort for many domestic and foreign tourists.

Wild beauty of Vung Tau Loc An beach

Vung Tau Loc An beach enchants visitors by a smooth, crescent-shaped sandy beach embracing the fresh and cool water, the bank of blue casuarina swaying with the wind and far away are the ranges. The majestic undulating mountains are full of nature.water waves at Loc An beach in Vung TauThe waves chasing each other beautifully hit the shore (Photo @_kieuuu_)

Moreover, because it is completely separated from the noise, crowded residential area, there is no impact of human hands, so the air in the sea is always quiet and peaceful and clear. like a fairy, sleeping on earth, but not awakened.sunset - beautiful moment at Loc An Vung Tau beachAlways be peaceful (Photo @christianbuddenbrook)

In addition, right behind the casuarina rows by the sea, there is a lush, green mangrove forest like the immense river in the western part of the country, making anyone coming here amazed and overwhelmed.Mangrove forest - interesting scene at Loc An Vung Tau beachMangroves near the sea (Photo @thanhllamm)

It can be said that, even without the luxurious and seductive beauty, there is no need of publicity, but with the available nature of the nature, Loc An beach is enough for anyone. Visiting, you must not want to come back, at the same time always stand firmly in the top of the most beautiful beaches in Vung Tau that visitors cannot ignore.

Interesting experiences at Loc An beach

Going to the sea without swimming, the trip will lose all meaning, so do not miss immersing yourself in the cool water or playing with naughty waves racing to the shore.bathing - interesting activities at Loc An Vung Tau beachBathing is a must-see activity (Photo @ rachel.pham2412)

In addition, Vung Tau Loc An beach also has many “genuine” areas for young people to unleash virtual life such as: Loc An fishing port full of turquoise green basket boats peacefully “resting”. or a rocky beach against landslides on the bank with a unique architecture, will definitely make you fall in love with it.virtual life - exciting activities at Loc An Vung Tau beachThe divine check-in corner (Photo Alan PI)

Moreover, instead of just walking on the sand, visitors can sit on boats, basket boats or spearhead fishermen’s boats to explore every corner of the mangrove forest. The feeling of being swinging on the water and enjoying each cool breeze carrying the salty breath of the sea is sure to be unforgettable memories in your Vung Tau trip . boat trip - interesting activities at Loc An Vung Tau beachGoing to visit the sea on the boat will be great too (Photo @hongngocpham_)

If you are a foodie, you must not ignore the attractive seafood dishes that are considered specialties of Vung Tau such as: crab, shrimp, snails, oysters, clams and fish with the name “strange “Like: mackerel, red snapper, Cobia, bream or apricot … here and there.

Revealing, if you want to enjoy the freshest seafood, it’s best to go to Loc An market located right on the way to the sea to buy, the price is extremely affordable, very expensive, only up to 50,000 VND / kg. stop it.seafood - the dish should try at Loc An Vung Tau beachEnjoy delicious seafood dishes (Photo by Tran Kieu Nuong)

After buying, ask the fishermen who live near the sea to prepare them and then make a seafood barbecue party with your friends right on the sand, the feeling of having fun while eating and singing is only “high” with the word “e”. Just long.

If you do not have a kitchen for processing, you can eat the “cupboards” of fishermen in Loc An beach such as: mudfish cooked with tamarind, Loc An fish hotpot or Phuoc Hai fish ball … they are so delicious that you can eat them once you want. I just eat it all the time. And it would be more wonderful if you enjoy them with a few warm glasses of wine distilled by the Loc An people themselves, guaranteed to be excellent.

Attractive destinations near Loc An Vung Tau beach

Loc An fishing village    

Not far from Loc An Beach, Vung Tau is a small fishing village – where there were people who once used to shelter uninhabited ships that received ammunition from the North to the South along the Ho Chi Minh road on the sea to protect the country. Therefore, if you come here, not only will you be welcomed by the friendly and enthusiastic people, you can also hear them talk about their proud and difficult times, or join them on a boat out. Fishing, it will definitely be village - interesting destination near Loc An Vung Tau beachVisit a romantic fishing village (Photo by Rosie Lily)

Dong Dien sand dunes

Traveling to Loc An without visiting Dong Dien or Trang Vua, Bun Bich sand dunes to see a beautiful miniature sand desert like Mui Ne sand hill will be very lacking. The sand here is golden, when the sun shines on it will become sparkling silver, extremely attractive. Moreover, from here, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful view of sunset and sunrise on the sea, a very worthwhile experience.sand dunes - interesting destination in Loc An Vung Tau beachWild sand dunes near the sea (Photo collection)

Ho Tram

Once in the top of the most beautiful pristine beaches in the world voted by the American magazine, Ho Tram Vung Tau with a pure, dreamy and shy beauty like a young girl will be an equally attractive destination for you. should visit during his trip.Tram lake - interesting destination near Loc An Vung Tau beachHo Tram is poetic (Photo @hem_pic)

Staying at Loc An Beach, Vung Tau

Because there is not much investment in tourism, the infrastructure and accompanying services at Loc An beach in Vung Tau are quite limited, so you will not be able to find luxury resorts here. . Instead, you can stay at small family-style motels with no more than 6 people / group and the price is quite cheap, only from 150k to 300k / night.

For those who love to experience, you can bring a tent or rent a camp for from 30k to 50k / unit to camp overnight on the sand, feel the sound of waves put into a deep sleep, wake up in the morning. early catch the first warm rays of dawn falling into the sea, certainly not bad.camping - interesting activities at Loc An Vung Tau beachCamping overnight will also be very fun (Photo FB Huynh Dong)

How to move to Vung Tau Loc An beach

About 150km from Ho Chi Minh City, the road is spacious and flat, so you can completely drive a motorbike here by following the following road:

Route 1: go in the direction of National Highway 1A and turn to National Highway 51 to Vung Tau. When passing Ba Ria town, continue to Dat Do intersection, where you turn right then go straight for about 10km to Loc An beach .

Road 2: From National Highway 1A to Highway 51B, then turn to Long Hai town, pass Minh Dam mountain to the sea.

Supply Road 3: follow Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, cross Phu My Bridge, then run in the direction of Cat Lai to Nhon Trach (Dong Nai) to reach Ba Ria – Vung Tau. However, this route is quite small, so it is only suitable for motorbikes, in exchange for a rather cool road because of immense rubber forests on both sides and few cars, so it is safe to go.

As for cars, there will be more roads that pass through the Saigon – Long Thanh Expressway to reach Highway 51, the way will be faster and easier to go there.

The ideal time to travel to Loc An beach

Summer (from April to June) is when Loc An beach is the most crowded because everyone comes here to avoid the heat. Moreover, at this time, not only the yellow scorpion flowers are dropping in bunches on the road like golden waterfall sparkling in the sun, but the phoenix flower is also in full bloom, crimson, lighting up the sky, making The scenery where the sea becomes extremely charming.

In November and December, although the air had started to be a bit chilly, bathing was no longer popular, but Loc An area was replaced with a new, pure pink and white shirt of cherry blossoms. so a poetic scene that attracts people. So this will also be a great time for you to visit the sea.Cherry blossoms - a beautiful moment at Loc An Vung Tau beachClear cherry blossoms in winter (Photo collection)

During the rainy season (from July to October) is the time when you should not come here the most, because heavy rain, strong winds, rough seas, cloudy weather will interfere with all activities in your trip. Please.

Instead of going to crowded tourist areas, let’s visit  Loc An Vung Tau beach to feel a different beauty of the coastal city!