Great experiences in Hon Tam Nha Trang should try it once

Possessing impressive natural scenery, many beautiful beaches and colorful coral reefs, Hon Tam is one of the most ideal destinations in Nha Trang that many tourists choose to explore. 

Hon Tam is also known as Thuy Kim Son, which is located about 7km southeast of Nha Trang city center. This place has long been an attractive and ideal tourist destination, for those who like the wild beauty of the sea with windswept green space and enchanting beaches. Traveling to Khanh Hoa, you not only can admire the wonderful natural scenery but also have the opportunity to participate in experiences at Hon Tam Nha Trang which are extremely interesting. 

Hon Tam Nha Trang is enchanting beautiful The scenery of Hon Tam fascinates tourists from near and far. Photo: @caohamii

Revealing experiences in Nha Trang Hon Tam you must try 

1. Bathing in the sea, watching the white sandy beaches 

At Hon Tam, there is a large and beautiful beach 1km long, this place is like a pristine white silk strip right next to the beach, making anyone be swept away. There are rows of leaf huts to serve tourists swimming.

Hon Tam Nha Trang stretches sandy beachThe stretch of sand is white. Photo: @merperle resorts hotels

Bathing is an experience in Hon Tam that you definitely can hardly ignore. With this experience, you can comfortably soak in the pearl water, enjoy the beauty of the sea. You can have fun in the water or relax, put yourself under the hammock beat and watch the scenery around. 

Sunbathing in the sandy beaches of Hon Tam Nha Trang

Sunbathing on the white sand beach and watching the clear water is a wonderful experience. Photo: @ eric.qinghuang

2. Play sea sports (Kayaking, Flyboard, Parachute)

In Nha Trang, water sports are very popular and enjoyed by tourists. Participating in these water sports activities is also an experience in Hon Tam that is worth a try. Some outstanding games that you can participate in such as kayaking, flyboard, parachute, water moto …

In the game Water Motorbike, you will show you how to operate, wear a life jacket, and how to do it if one flips. If you try it for the first time, you may flip, but the feeling of surfing like the wind on your eyes will make you feel excited. 

Boating Hon Tam Nha Trang Kayaking to admire the scenery. Photo: hontamresort

Kayaking to explore Hon Tam in Nha Trang or simply for sightseeing and drifting along the water, is also a very wonderful experience. This experience is loved by many tourists, just being gentle and flexible when you paddle, skillfully, you can go anywhere you want. 

Thrilling game play at Hon Tam Nha TrangFlyboard is a fun thrills game. Photo: @capadrenaline

If you want to enjoy the feeling of vertical flight like Iron Man, then you should experience the Flyboard game right at Hon Tam Nha Trang . With this game, you can enjoy the feeling of flying straight from the water or perform very interesting acrobatics. 

Parachuting to see the scenery right on the sea is also an experience in Hon Tam that promises to make you be mesmerized, you will have the feeling of mastering the sky when coming to this game. 

playing parachute at Hon Tam Nha TrangThe drag game makes you feel like you own the sky. Photo: @ hongsam.agribank

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3. Seawalk – snorkeling and diving

Hon Tam Island  is one of the places that owns the most beautiful coral beaches, so diving to see the lake is worth a try when you come to this place.

scuba diving to see the lake in Nha Trang Hon TamSnorkeling and watching the lake in Hon Tam island. Photo: @peter_vu

There will be two forms that you can choose from when participating in this experience, which is scuba diving to watch the lake or seawalk. You will be immersed in the world of the ocean with colorful fish, beautiful reefs to check-in or wild fish feeding. 

scuba diving to see the lake in Nha Trang Hon TamWalk under the sea to see the ocean world. Photo: @Seawalk Viator

4. Enjoy the fascinating seafood 

Traveling to the sea without enjoying seafood is definitely a major shortcoming. At Hon Tam Nha Trang, you can enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood, caught directly and processed into countless attractive dishes. Enjoying seafood buffet at MerPerle is a wonderful experience in Hon Tam , you will enjoy fresh and nutritious meals. 

Eat seafood in Nha Trang Hon TamSeafood in Hon Tam is fresh and attractive. Photo:

5. Visit Hoang Hoa Thôn 

Check-in at Hoang Hoa Thôn is an experience at Hon Tam that is very attractive to visitors. This is a village with a lot of interesting things to explore. The most prominent is an ancient house that has been around for hundreds of years with 1 room with 36 columns, still retaining the intact architecture and ancient objects such as rice mill, incandescent lamp, turret, casket, desks, cabinets …

Old house in Hon Tam Nha TrangBeautiful old house in Hoang Hoa Thon. Photo: divui

You will feel like entering an ancient living space with peaceful and impressive scenery. In addition, at Hoang Hoa Thôn, you will also enjoy the sound of the stone guitars, the zither from longtime artists, or watch brocade weaving, experience making pottery and making wine.

If traveling to Hon Tam in Nha Trang on the right occasion, you can explore the unique culture of the annual festivals here such as the Fisherman Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, King Hung Incense Ceremony. 

Check-in Hon Tam Nha TrangHon Tam will bring you wonderful experiences. Photo: @ kh.linh.96

Traveling to Nha Trang and enjoying the above experiences in Hon Tam will definitely bring you relaxing moments. The immense sea world with countless new things here, is the paradise for you to start your dream vacation.