Live slowly on Binh Lap Island to admire the wonderful scenery of ‘Little Maldives’ Vietnam

As one of the few islands in Vietnam that still retains its original pristine beauty, Binh Lap is becoming more and more famous and becoming a “paradise” only for those who want to temporarily leave. the chaos of the city. 

Binh Lap Island is known as one of “Tu Binh” of Khanh Hoa, this is a beautiful destination that is extremely attracting tourists recently. Located in a secluded location, along with the combination of the mountain scenery and the vast sea, Binh Lap island has a very unique look. Because of its enchanting pure beauty, Binh Lap has been likened to a “little Maldives” of Vietnam, and is one of the destinations that should not be missed when traveling to Khanh Hoa . 

Binh Lap Island is a famous destination of Khanh Hoa provinceBinh Lap Tourism is the choice of many sea lovers. Photo: @ kt_19898

How to move to Binh Lap 

Binh Lap Island is located in Cam Ranh city of Khanh Hoa province. This place is about 80km from Nha Trang city center, 50km from Cam Ranh airport. To get to this beautiful island from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City you can travel by plane, then rent a motorbike or taxi to the direction of National Highway 1A, turn to DT702 and continue to My Thanh market. You continue to move across the My Thanh Bridge, over the 6km bridge, you will see a small road leading visitors to Binh Lap commune. 

Moving to Binh Lap island is quite easyThis island is located 80km from Nha Trang city center. Photo: @ quynhphuong.hoang

In addition, you can travel by canoe from Ba Ngoi port, moving in this way you can watch fishermen fishing along the way, the coastal floating houses and sweeping views of Cam Ranh Bay. Travel time if departing from Nha Trang will be 1.5 hours. 

The best time to travel to Binh Lap island 

The climate in Binh Lap is mild all year round, but there is still a clear division of seasons: dry and rainy seasons. You can come to Binh Lap Island at many times of the year, but the ideal is still around June to August, at this time the sky changes from summer to autumn, the weather is cool, the sky is clear, very suitable for you to visit, explore. In the remaining months, the weather in Binh Lap is still quite good, except October and November because this is the rainy season, so if you want to travel at this time, please follow the weather forecast carefully. 

the best time to travel to Binh Lap island June to August is the most ideal time to travel to Binh Lap. Photo: @bongflicka

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Place of stay at Binh Lap island of Khanh Hoa 

To admire and fully explore Binh Lap Island , you should stay overnight here. The tourism service in this place has not been developed too much, but you still have many choices about where to stay. 

The most famous in Binh Lap is Ngoc Suong resort, this is a familiar check-in point for tourists coming to this famous island. At Ngoc Suong resort, you can choose to stay in bungalows for about 2 million VND / night or rent a tent on the beach for 400,000 VND / night. 

The most ideal place to stay when traveling to Binh Lap Island High-end resorts and budget rooms are enough to serve tourists. Photo: @lana_roses

Another prominent place to stay in Binh Lap is Sao Bien eco-tourism area, a healthy room here costs about 2 million VND and a sleeping tent on the beach is 500,000 VND / night. Here, you can enjoy many more attractive services such as hammocks at sea, playing table tennis, kayaking, water slides …

Super Hot destinations on Binh Lap Island, do not miss 

Coming to the island  you will be amazed at the wild and beautiful beauty of nature. This place is located separate from the other islands in “Tu Binh”, so the wildness is still kept almost intact. Immersing in the beautiful space with the calm blue sea, the brilliant golden sunshine and the stretching white sand beaches will make your vacation truly complete. Here are a few destinations you should not miss in Binh Lap. 

destination in Binh Lap island Many ideal destinations for visitors to freely check-in. Photo: @ tram.lazuli

Bai Ngang 

This beach is located in the heart of Binh Chau beach, where there is a very fine white and white sand beach, the sea surface is soft and green like a mirror. This beach has an arc shape, at the end there is a beautiful beach. Because it is a place where people spread their nets to raise shrimp seed, the water here is very clean, you can freely roam and check-in fire. 

Bai Lao 

Bai Lao in Binh Lap Island is also a beautiful place to attract tourists. This beach stretches for ten kilometers with the last point being Tau Be village where you can immerse yourself in the peaceful, rustic life of the fishing village. The biggest advantage of Lao beach is that it is windtight and the sea is calm, so you can chill out to enjoy the most peaceful moments. 

The beaches of Binh Lap island fascinate touristsThe beaches in Binh Lap have wild and charming beauty. Photo: @ hahoakimngan91

Bai Ran 

The attraction of Bai Ran to visitors is the mesmerizing coral reefs, you can enjoy scuba diving to admire them. Near Ran beach is Ngoc Suong resort, famous for its romantic scenery and many attractive tourist services such as mineral mud baths, cuisine … 

Bai Con 

Although the coral of Bai Con is not as rich as in Bai Ran, visitors are still fascinated by the beautiful scenery with white sand on the clear blue coast. Coming to Rang beach, lying and listening to the wind blowing in the air, watching the spacious and peaceful space is enough for you to feel love. 

The sunset on Binh Lap Island is breathtakingly beautifulSunset at Binh Lap island is breathtakingly beautiful. Photo: @ quynhgiao91

Starfish resort 

Not only a beautiful accommodation, but Sao Bien tourist area is also a favorite destination for many people when traveling to Binh Lap , especially those who live virtual. There are many beautiful check-in spots for you to relax. The wild scenery is covered by the cool blue of the sea, the trees give this place an impressive space and help you temporarily forget the noisy and bustling of the city. 

The starfish tourist area on Binh Lap Island is very famous Sao Bien tourist site is a familiar check-in point of Binh Lap island. Photo: @tranlinhthuytien

Delicious culinary experience at Binh Lap Island 

As a sea paradise, the culinary world here will surely make you pamper. Visitors to Binh Lap will enjoy fresh seafood caught directly such as squid, crab, fish … Especially, you can also experience fishing fresh seafood with fishermen by yourself. local and processed to enjoy. 

Binh Lap island seafood is delicious and attractiveSeafood on Binh Lap Island attracts tourists. Photo: @ worldeats365

Some of the specialties of Binh Lap Island that you should not miss are sea fish sour soup, grilled lobster, grilled squid, fish salad, steamed squid with salt and lemon pepper, grilled oysters, oyster porridge, cane, Sea nuggets, grilled garlic snails … Although Binh Lap is a sea country, Binh Lap also has a special dish “chicken only”, with this dish, customers will see directly at the restaurant and point to which chicken the restaurant will make and process according to your love. bridge. 

There are many famous seafood addresses in Binh Lap island Binh Lap has many attractive seafood addresses for tourists to choose from. Photo: @ -tram.lazuli

There are many culinary addresses in Binh Lap for you to choose from. The restaurant of Ngoc Suong, Sao Bien resort, Hoa Vang Island is quite attractive destination. In addition, the seafood shops in the area of ​​Ngang beach, Binh Chau beach such as Mango tree shop, Bien Bien seafood restaurant, Thanh Tra restaurant, Hung Phuc restaurant … are also very famous. and tasting fresh seafood dishes must be a great experience for anyone. 

Binh Lap Khanh Hoa Island is a great destination for you to indulge in a dream vacation, this place still has many interesting things waiting for you to explore, come and feel.