4 salted egg sandwich shops

HO CHI MINH CITY – A sandwich with salted eggs costs 25,000 – 30,000 VND, sold in District 1, District 3, Binh Thanh District.

Salted egg mall is a type of bread that appears more and more points of sale in Ho Chi Minh City. Both made from minced pork and salted duck eggs, but the shops have their own recipes.

Bread of Ms. Lanh

Located at the beginning of Ho Xuan Huong Street (Binh Thanh District), this place attracts both Vietnamese and foreign diners because it is filled with salted eggs, grilled beef and pork skin in a loaf.

Chowu is made from lean pork and fat, so that after cooking, the softball will be soft, not dry. The salted egg yolk is molded into a pork ball, so that it both shows the outside and does not fall off when cooked. The owner of the shop buys the ingredients by himself and processes it, and then sells it all the way to it.

The meals at the restaurant are served in a separate tray. Diners use a spoon and fork to eat the flesh, tear the bread dipping with a cup of tiny commercial soup, eat with sour food and season with sweet spicy fish sauce. If eating right away, the shopkeeper will sandwich the filling and pour sauce. If purchased, the small trade will be stored separately in a box with soup.

Diners can buy bread from Ms. Lanh shop at 6am – 10am and 12pm – 19pm. The price for each piece ranges from 25,000 to 35,000 VND.

[Caption] Photo: Spiritual
Ms. Lanh bread stand presents two large pots filled with eye-catching golden salted eggs. In addition, the shop also has a little sausage trade. Photo: Spirit

Subichala bread

Bread cart located at the gate of Nguyen Van Troi market (District 3) sells the same broken rice dishes, including ribs, skin rolls, fried eggs, and a little salted egg trade if requested. Standing next to the counter, you will easily see a pot of earth boiled with small salted eggs. In addition to pork and salted egg yolks, the grilled pork belly is also squeezed with char siu. The ingredients that stick together when cooked do not separate.

The bread is not seasoned with salt, pepper, pate, butter, soy sauce or soy sauce like other bread products, but seasoned with fish sauce, onion fat and its own sauce. The shop’s omelets are not eggs, but small quail eggs that are easy to pack in a loaf.

Subichala only sells from 15:30 to 21:30, except the 1st and 15th of the lunar month. The price of a large drive is from 23,000 VND, in addition there is a small drive for 12,000 VND.

Subichala’s salted egg and char siu meat, in addition to the shop’s signature ribs, skin rolls, and pork rolls.

Mami’s Bami Bread

Located in Chu Van An residential area (Binh Thanh district), Mami’s Bami sells salted eggs with grilled spring rolls, grilled pork or shredded chicken.

The small commercial ball here is small in size, so it is easier to eat the whole ball in the cake. Diners can buy separate salted eggs with sauce, if you do not want to sandwiches. The price of a loaf of two commercial tiny balls is 26,000 VND, 3 commercial tiny balls cost 33,000 VND with bread. Opening hours are 6am – 12am and 16am – 9pm.

Mika Bread

Salted eggs and grilled beef are the two main types of bread shop on Tran Quang Khai street (District 1), turning onto Hoang Hoa Tham bridge.

Unlike many shops, the salted egg shop at this address is simmered in a ketchup sauce made by the restaurant according to its own recipe, so the meat and salted egg outside is covered in red. Although it doesn’t look eye-catching, the tiny commercial has a sweet taste, different from the traditional cooking method.

The dish comes with sour food, chili and is topped with ketchup. Before delivery to customers, the owner will bake the cake in the electric oven to keep the dish hot. The price of a loaf is 30,000 VND. The shop is open from 12am to 11pm.

The salted egg-salted egg bread at Mika shop is sliced ​​into the core of the loaf, or left with large balls, depending on the requirements of customers.  Photo: Cao Ly
The salted egg-salted egg bread at Mika shop is sliced ​​into the core of the loaf, or left with large balls, depending on the requirements of customers. Photo: Cao Ly