Da Lat was frozen

Mountain town and surrounding areas in winter, dew, clouds blend with yellow sunshine and wild land, pink grass blooming.

The photo set “Da Lat formed a crowd” by young photographer Tran Ngoc Anh (also known as Py Tran), who lives and works in Dalat. The author said that from the end of October every year to March next year is the best time to “hunt” the cloud, when this land enters winter, dry and cold.

An early winter was engulfed in a mist when the light was not turned off in the residential area of ​​Xuan Truong commune.

Peaceful picture on Xuan Truong small village. Early in the morning or late in the night, mist shines across the pine forests, hillsides and winding roads.

Cau Dat tea hill, Xuan Truong commune, floating in the mist. This tea hill is no longer a strange destination for many tourists. From the city center, tourists can ride a motorbike less than 30 km. The green beauty of long-running tea fields in harmony with clouds and sky creates a peaceful space.

Xuan Truong commune street, when the sun rises, the new day light shines through the canopies below to create perfect “light rails”. The end of the year sunshine is also the ideal condition for flowering.

Wildflowers are “specialties” holding visitors to Dalat at the end of the year. The blooming season is from October to November. Trai Mat – Cau Dat is always located in the streets with the most beautiful blooming wildflowers in Dalat. In the photo is the road to Cau Dat tea hill, Tram Hanh commune is full of wild flowers.

The girl poses next to the flower bushes at the beginning of the season in the area near Cam Ly airport. The road to Cam Ly airport is also a tourist attraction for many young people to take pictures in the wild flower season.

Suoi Vang lake, a suburb of Da Lat, bordered by Lac Duong district, in the early sun. The lake next to the Golden Valley tourist area is a destination that attracts many photographers.

Catch the sun in the melting mist at a corner of Suoi Vang lake.

“Da Lat established winter with cold weather, with yellow flowers blooming in the early sun. Dalat is a season of love and nostalgia, a season of sudden emotions that captures the hearts of tourists and photography lovers, ”Ngoc Anh shared.

Lonely tree in the fanciful sea of ​​clouds in Lac Duong district, right at the foot of Langbiang mountain.

Da Lat, at the time of the season, is still filled with the pink weeds, making tourists fall in love. Rose grass often grows in the hills under the green pine forest or on the campus of tourist attractions. One of the most beautiful rose grass hills visitors cannot ignore is the Dan Kia – Suoi Vang area, next to the lonely tree in Lac Duong district.

The grass hill in Lac Duong is the first known rose grass area thanks to photos posted on social networks a few years ago. To get here, visitors go from the mountain town center to the Golden Valley tourist area about 14 km, then drive a motorbike straight into the hill or enjoy walking.

At the rose grass hill, if you are lucky, visitors will find even the horses are leisurely grazing in the early sunlight.

For those who want to explore Da Lat in a frozen setting, if they do not know the way, they should learn and contact local photographers and guides and refer to schedules and places to ensure the safety of the trip.