Vietnam continues to be Asia’s leading culinary destination

Recently, the World Travel Awards organization announced the results of voting for the 27th World Travel Awards (WTA) in Asia 2020 by online form.

Established in 1993, WTA has been recognized worldwide and has become one of the top awards in the travel industry. 

At this year’s WTA, Vietnam was honored to be named the winner in the poll of the following categories: Asia’s Top Heritage Destination, Asia’s Top Cultural Destination and Asia’s Top Culinary Destination. .

This is the second consecutive year that Vietnam ranks first in Asia in all three categories. 

Vietnam continues to be Asia’s leading culinary destination. 

Also within the framework of the WTA Asia region in 2020, the award category is for countries with only 04 winners, including: Vietnam (03 prizes), Philippines (2 prizes), Singapore (1 prize), Laos. (01 prize).

In addition, according to the results of the World Golf Awards, the most prestigious award in the golf field in the world, belonging to the WTA award system, Vietnam is recognized as the Best Golf Destination in Asia by 2020.

Overcoming other very strong countries such as China, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, Golf destination in Vietnam with luxurious, classy service infrastructure and international standards has attracted and received the High appreciation of tourists when coming to golf with resort combination. This year is the 4th consecutive time that Vietnam has received this prestigious international award. 

Vietnam also won many international awards in the tourist destination category. Quang Ninh newspaper’s photo.

Along with that, Vietnam also won many other international awards for airlines, travelers, tourism businesses, hotels, resorts and projects and tourist destinations in Phu Quoc, Da Nang, Ha Long, Sapa …

2020 is a difficult year for the tourism industry because of the epidemic situation around the world. However, overcoming many heavyweights to win at WTA in Asia in 2020 is a testament to the attraction of Vietnamese tourism to a large number of international tourists.