7 beautiful Christmas decor cafes in Saigon

Celebrate early Christmas at the sparkling beautiful Christmas cafes in Saigon, a thousand virtual living corners for the brothers and sisters’ association!

Coming to these decorated Christmas cafes in Saigon , you can also enjoy the warm atmosphere and full of joy for a big holiday. Don’t forget to dress up according to the Christmas concept for the correct pictures!ph.mtam_Christmas decorative cafe in SaigonLive virtual and forget melancholy at the Christmas decor cafes in Saigon (Photo: ph.mtam_)

Top 7 Christmas cafes in Saigon are shimmering and beautiful!

1. L’Usine Cafe

Coming to L’Usine at this time, you will immediately feel the overwhelming Christmas atmosphere. The plus point is that the bar space is very spacious, decorated with many sparkling gold lights to create a warm and familiar feeling. It feels like in a firefly garden.Christmas decoration cafe in Saigon - UsineFirefly garden at L’Usine Cafe (Photo: FB L’Usine Cafe)

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If you take a walk around the restaurant, you will surely see a myriad of beautiful angles. Occasionally sipping a cup of coffee, sitting and watching the streets below must be a warm Christmas image that no one is not enamored with.Christmas decoration cafe in Saigon-usine-1She is so beautiful with dessert cakes (Photo: FB L’Usine Cafe)

You can also organize a Christmas party with French delicacies here, of course also decorated with beautiful Christmas, like a capuchino cup with a picture of a pine leaf. In addition, the attractive Santa-shaped ice cream desserts and the full drink menu are also worth a try.Christmas cafe in Saigon-usine-2Come to L’Usine Cafe and check-in! (Photo: FB L’Usine Cafe)

  • Address: 151 Dong Khoi, District 1
  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 21:00

2. Oromia Coffee

Come to Oromia Coffee – a cafe with bold wood, make sure you will have a mountain of super “quality” photos to show off on Christmas. Beautiful space right from the entrance with countless “virtual living” corners for the photographers. From the entrance gate, you will see a small aquarium with a bunch of koi.Christmas cafe decoration in Saigon-oromiacoffee12The virtual corner of life in Oromia

Both the aisle and the inside of the restaurant are decorated with a lot of accessories and sparkling yellow lights. Does the warm Christmas atmosphere filling every corner of Oromia make you want to come play now?Christmas cafe decoration in Saigon-oromiacoffee12-ankhangphamle.Every corner is beautiful and warm (Photo: ankhangphamle)

At this decor Noel cafe in Saigon , the drink menu is not too diverse, but there are a few cupboards like capuchino, ice cream coffee and smoothies. However, for the fullness of the Christmas party, try ordering these special almond biscuits served on this holiday at the shop to see how you are!Christmas cafe in Saigon - OrinomDrinks are also adorned

  • Address: 193A / D3 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 3
  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 22:30

3. Tam coffee

This is a very difficult cafe to update the decor style according to the festive season. Before that, it was a super beautiful moon decoration cafe , when Christmas came, quickly change into a new shirt with many lovely check-in corners. Noel decoration cafe in Saigon-tam-coffee-1Coffe’s mind was very hard to change the concept of the restaurant (Photo: John Trinh)

As soon as we arrived in front of the restaurant, we could see the sparkling Christmas atmosphere overflowing. The space inside the restaurant is also quite spacious, has floors and divides super cute areas. On the second floor there is a small studio corner decorated according to the Christmas concept. A huge plus point is that there are super many beautiful photo angles here to spoil them for “shooting”.Noel decoration cafe in Saigon-tam-coffee-1Christmas cafe in Saigon is super beautiful! (Photo: FB Tam Coffe)

  • Address: 248/33/21 Nguyen Thai Binh, Ward 12, Tan Binh District
  • Opening hours: 6:00 – 22:00

4. I have a Teahouse & Restaurant

Located on Dien Bien Phu Street and quite easy to find, the shop has both indoor and outdoor spaces. In particular, the outdoor area of the cafe is decorated with a super beautiful Noel and has many sparkling corners. Swallows on the door of Christmas gently with a cozy and luxurious space.Christmas decoration cafe in Saigon - En CafeEnemies on Christmas Eve (Photo: FB En Teahouse)

From the ceiling to every corner around, it is decorated with yellow led lights to create a sparkle, warm for the cold Christmas season. On the table, it is no less lively with pine trees, pine tree-shaped tablecloths that look luxurious but no less warm in the coming Christmas atmosphere.Christmas decoration cafe in Saigon - En CafeShimmering and full of typical red-green colors (Photo: FB En Teahouse)

If you want to organize a small party or surprise your friends, do not forget the Christmas cakes at En and the tea tables in Christmas color. Make sure the Christmas party adds that extra fun.

  • Address: 308 – 308C Dien Bien Phu, Ward 4, District 3 (Corner of Nguyen Thuong Hien intersection)
  • Opening hours: 7:30 – 23:30

5. Khanh Casa 

Speaking of Khanh Casa, it is the place to enjoy the luxury coffee with a high-class location in Saigon. This is also considered a Christmas cafe in Saigon that attracts many young people.Christmas decoration cafe in Saigon-khanh-casaLuxurious space at Khanh Casa

There are many places for you to comfortably check-in and explore interesting cafe space for Christmas season with giant Christmas tree with hundreds of lovely bears.Christmas decoration cafe in Saigon-khanh-casaThe tea party is equally luxurious

In this year’s Christmas season, Khanh Casa also brings a warmer, more attractive ‘new breath’ with meticulous decoration and little care. As expected, it is one of the places you should go when traveling to Saigon !Christmas decoration cafe in Saigon-khanh-casaYou will definitely have to check-in the fire

  • Address: 48 Dong Khoi, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh
  • Opening hours: 7:30 – 23:30

6. Morico

Morico can say that the cafe has a  different Christmas decoration from other cafes. If other shops are luxury and polite, the shop will have a very cute décor for this Christmas color. Just from simple decorative items such as paper pine, firefly lights, snowman pillows, … but bring a lovely and cozy color of Christmas.Christmas cafe decoration in Saigon-MoricoSuper beautiful cakes Christmas concept (Photo: FB Morico)

The most special feature at Morico is the cute dessert style décor in Chrismast Yokoso program, you will definitely not be able to control your check-in activities.Christmas cafe decoration in Saigon-Morico-2Lightly decorated but extremely warm (Image: FB Morico)

Set up a date with a bear or a friend to take a photo of Christmas, and enjoy the lovely desserts only available at this Christmas cafe in Saigon .Christmas cafe decoration in Saigon-Morico-2Definitely have to enjoy the Christmas cake party in Morico! (Photo: FB Morico)

  • Location: 30 Le Loi & Vincom Dong Khoi & 39 Le Duan, HCMC
  • Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00

7. Huong Dong Noi

Inspired by the steppes in the beautiful country of France, Huong Dong Noi is designed with European-style domed wooden houses. With the style of romance, Huong Dong Noi is listed in the list of ideal Christmas dating places in Saigon .Christmas decoration cafe in Saigon-huong-dong-noi-1What about the local style Christmas? (Photo: FB Huong Dong Noi)

Coming to Huong Dong Noi on the days of Christmas, you will feel like you are lost in a peaceful French countryside with suspension bridges, bicycles, swings, colorful flowers or the sound of running water. torn from the high waterfall.Christmas decoration cafe in Saigon-huong-dong-noi-1Feeling lost in the peaceful countryside of France on Christmas Day (Photo: FB Huong Dong Noi)

Of course, the menu is also very ‘French’, besides the typical coffee dishes, there are still vitamins, fruit juices and Vietnamese standard fruit for anyone who wants to enjoy! 

  • Address: 550 Au Co, Ward 10, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Opening hours: 7am – 10pm

Glancing through the big and small streets, perhaps the Christmas atmosphere appeared somewhere, with the familiar red-green color. If you do not have any schedule for this holiday, then surely these beautiful Christmas cafes in Saigon will be a great suggestion. Let’s get together with friends and choose a cozy place to chat!