Check in the beautiful pine forests in Dalat, romantic and peaceful

Dalat is a dreamland with soothing images. In addition to the flower season, the dreamy or misty streets are closed, the soaring green pine is also a feature that is hard to replace. Let’s explore the beautiful pine forests in Dalat to feel more about it.

The irresistible beauty of Da Lat pine forest

Across the dear S-shaped strip of land, surely every land can have pines. But to grow a lot, beautiful and especially for a long time like in this misty country is very rare. If we go back to the previous years, we can see that it grew up with Da Lat from the time of reclaiming the land. Over many generations, it has remained unchanged. Wherever you go, you can see the figure of pine from the city center to the remote valleys and hills.Beautiful pine forest in Da Lat evokes so much nostalgiaPhoto: @ tranvuong2406

The image of pine forests, like Xuan Huong Lake, is always deeply engraved in the mind not only of the mountain street people but also with each person when leaving this place. The pine species here has 3 leaves, sharp canopy grows in many hills and forests, but not thorny but very attractive. Visiting pine hills you can not only relax, breathe fresh air but also check in beautiful photos with the delicate beauty it brings to this land.Beautiful pine forest in Dalat has a green colorPhoto: @_huytr

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The beautiful pine forests in Dalat are famous

1. Pine forest on both sides of Prenn pass

This 11km long pass is one of the most spectacular and beautiful roads of Dalat. Although the road is not too difficult, there are enough curves to conquer. Going along this pass, especially at the foot of the pass, you will be able to see the green pine forests on both sides of the beautiful gentle hillside. They grow in no way but create a natural, poetic and seductive side. Walking while watching them also makes your journey more relaxed.Beautiful pine forest in Da Lat - cool green Prenn PassPhoto: @phancanh_hoangBeautiful pine forest in Da Lat - romantic by Prenn PassPhoto: @meomeo_cutie

2. Pine forest in Bao Dai Palace I

Bao Dai I Palace is one of the famous places in Dalat , its beauty is ancient and has great significance in terms of both history and culture. In addition to visiting and checking in important places here such as the birdcage garden, admiring ancient artifacts, seeing French-style houses, … The pine forest area of ​​tens of hectares is also an irresistible beautiful destination with beauty in immensely green and healthy.Beautiful pine forest in Da Lat - visit the Palace of Bao Dai IPhoto: @ vietnam.tourmiso

This pine forest in this area has a special feature of its wide canopy, the rough stumps of trees that mark the traces of time through many years. Create mysterious, romantic lyrical features that are hard to compare. The pristine forest is located near the city center, so many young people, especially couples, come to take souvenir photos. Come here to settle with space and time in a place filled with historical marks.Beautiful pine forest in Da Lat - visit the peaceful Bao Dai I PalacePhoto: @ 24thang09

3. Pine forest in Than Tho lake

This beautiful pine forest in Dalat is about 7km from the city center, small but possesses a very romantic atmosphere, and is also associated with famous love stories here. You can come in early morning dew when each ray of sunlight shines down in the fanciful spirit. Or in the afternoon you will find horses leisurely grazing, you can also take pictures with them. Beautiful pine forest in Dalat - photo stop by Than Tho LakePhoto: @ quinndec04Beautiful pine forest in Da Lat - romantic check in by Than Tho LakePhoto: @zuntt__

4. Pine forest on Khoi Nghia Bac Son street

Walking along Khoi Nghia Bac Son Street, you will see a tall pine forest growing close together. Each layer of pine canopy, layers overlapped whispering between the mountains and forests to cool the passages. Walking in the middle of the trail, the fresh air is very comfortable, the two sides are green grass, if your legs are tired, you can stop to watch the scenery or take pictures. Because it is located near the center, the scene is still untouched, so young people, especially the passionate association, come to check in crowded. Beautiful pine forest in Da Lat - Khoi Nghia Bac Son streetPhoto: @ngth_nhi

5. Pine forest in Tuyen Lam lake

Tuyen Lam Lake is one ofthe attractive attractions when traveling to Da Lat, whichis loved by many people. In addition to taking pictures and watching the scenery here, there is also a peaceful pine forest next to the lake that creates a fresh and relaxing atmosphere. Probably because it is located next to the abundant water source, the pine trees here are always lush, thriving, and dreaming swaying in the wind.Beautiful pine forest in Da Lat - a bewildering view in Tuyen Lam lakePhoto: @ huong.le1009Beautiful pine forest in Dalat - spectacular scenery of Tuyen Lam lakePhoto: @hangneezz

Shining green pine trees naturally grow, below the base are ferns forming a green carpet surrounding the lake. At the edge of the forest, many small landscape areas and bungalows were built to come to take pictures. Every corner is so beautiful it feels like the world has only trees and leaves. You can go around to enjoy the beauty of the old old forest, but avoid going deep inside and easily get lost. Beautiful pine forest in Da Lat - romantic by Tuyen Lam lakePhoto: @ quynhnga1107Beautiful pine forest in Da Lat - relax by Tuyen Lam lakePhoto: @ volemylinh94

6. Red grass hill pine forest

Rose grass hill located in the golden valley of Da Lat  with lonely trees at its feet is a very hot “virtual living” check-in place. Although located about 15 km from the city center, the road is quite difficult to find, but this place always attracts many people to visit. The green pine forest, the broad spreading canopy stands out on the pink grass background, adding to the attraction for this place. When witnessed and felt, you will feel lost in the dreamy fairy world.Beautiful pine forest in Dalat - see the rose grass hillPhoto: @ ph_phuong1905

In the midst of the Highlands mountain town, green pine makes your mood calm down, relax, and the chaos of everyday life seem to disappear with the wind and clouds. You should come in the early morning or late afternoon to feel the most beautiful and pristine beauty and take impressive photos. A dreamy natural scene that not everywhere can be seen.Beautiful pine forest in Dalat - check in with rose grass hillPhoto: @trangggnhunggg

7. Cau Dat tea hill pine forest

Take a short drive to Trai Mat through Linh Phuoc Dalat Pagoda , you will see a small trail leading into the green pine forest these four seasons. The pine trees here are old, big coal, the canopy spread out like a large dome forming wide arms embracing the forest. Standing under the trees in this beautiful pine forest in Da Lat, you can feel the wind hissing through the leaves like melodious music, the impressive and full of lull scenery will make you unforgettable.Beautiful pine forest in Da Lat - explore near Cau Dat tea hillPhoto: @trngthnh_aiBeautiful pine forest in Dalat - romantic hillsidePhoto: @zuntt__

The rows of green pine trees whispering through the ages have always been a beautiful image, a soul mate that is both pride to beautify the landscape and bring high economic value. Their beauty is like the friendly, likable and harmonious mountain town people themselves. Da Lat tourism can go also remember stopping at the lush pine forest to feel the joys and sorrows of the past time imprints on the trunk and above all relax in a peaceful atmosphere.