6 locations with delicious egg coffees for cold days

HA NOI – When winter knocks on the door, diners will probably want to enjoy the famous egg coffee in the heart of the capital.

Enjoying Lam cafe, visitors will find a rich flavor, an unforgettable aroma.  Photo: Minh Tri
Referring to egg coffee, Hanoi diners are familiar with two brands of Dinh (Dinh Tien Hoang street) and Giang (Nguyen Huu Huan). This specialty drink appears more and more in the cafes in Hanoi. A standard cup of egg coffee will have a thick yellow-brown egg layer on top, underneath is pure coffee to neutralize the greasy flavor. Same drink, each store will have its own concoction.
Cafe Lamknown as one of the three oldest coffee shops in Hanoi, located in Nguyen Huu Huan. Cafe Lam is famous for the pleasant, complimenting taste of roasted coffee. This is a unique flavor that only the restaurant has. The eggs are machine-whisked at high speed, and the coffee filter is added. An egg coffee cup in Lam ranges from 20,000-25,000 VND. The shop has a nostalgic space with many precious paintings collected by the owner. Opening time from 7am to 11pm. Photo: Minh Tri
The part of coffee eaten with rice on the sidewalk is popular with customers when coming to the restaurant.  Photo: Ngoc Ha
Yen Cafe is located on a small alley on Quan Thanh street (Ba Dinh). The owner uses Arabica coffee beans in Dalat and roasted them on the spot. The egg cream is whipped and smooth. Egg cream is sweet, moderate, not fishy. Diners can eat with rice, pancakes, … The shop sells from 7:30 to 17:00. The price for each piece ranges from 35,000 to 45,000 VND. Photo: Ngoc Ha
Egg coffee is placed under the candle tray to keep the temperature.  In addition, the shop also has traditional teas.  Photo: Ngoc Ha
Located on Hoang Ngoc Phach street, Lutulata is also a place with egg coffee worth a try in Hanoi. Compared to the taste, the egg coffee here is not really outstanding, but scored because underneath the cup there are candles that keep it hot longer, not fishy. Diners can visit the restaurant from 7am to 11pm daily. The price per cup fluctuates around 40,000 VND. In addition, the restaurant also has traditional teas that are popular with customers. Photo: Ngoc Ha
The egg cafe here has variations to add a strong flavor of rum.  Photo: Ngoc Ha
Lermalermer again brews egg coffees with rum, giving off a strange aftertaste feeling. Diners still find the bitterness of coffee, along with the creamy fat, soft egg and a hint of wine. The price of an egg coffee is about 45,000 – 50,000 VND. The shop is located in Yen The street (Ba Dinh, Hanoi). Photo: Ngoc Ha
The egg cafe here is called Eggpresso.  Photo: Ngoc Ha
From the old town center, visitors easily move to Blackbird on Chan Cam Street. The egg coffee here is placed in a double layer transparent cup. The name “Eggpresso” makes diners excited, combining the word “egg” – an egg and “espresso” – a typical coffee of the restaurant. The shop uses strong Vietnamese coffee, which is very suitable for chilly early winter. The average price of coffee at the shop is 60,000 – 65,000 VND / cup. Photo: Ngoc Ha
Egg cafe at the restaurant is decorated quite specially.  The view from the rooftop has a Western style that attracts young people to check-in.  Photo: Ngoc Ha
Another address is All Day Coffee located on Quang Trung Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. The egg coffee here is an improvement over the traditional recipe, with the addition of coconut egg coffee, cold egg coffee. Coffee flavor is moderately fatty, not sweet. In particular, drinks are placed in a round cup gourd in the shape of an egg designed by the owner. The average price of an egg coffee is from 65,000 to 75,000 VND, quite high compared to the general average. Modern space, Western style and suitable for young people to check-in. The shop is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Photo: Ngoc Ha