All experiences in Tinh Bien An Giang 2020 tourism

Many young people choose to travel to Tinh Bien An Giang because it is known as a virtual living paradise with famous landmarks such as Tra Su Melaleuca forest, Cam mountain, Kec mountain, beautiful and sacred temples, …

Things to know before traveling to Tinh Bien An Giang

Tinh Bien is located in the Northwest of An Giang and is one of two mountainous districts of this province. The land with Thien Cam Son and the largest statue of Maitreya Buddha in Vietnam is located 70km from Long Xuyen city, 8km from Chau Doc center. If you go from Ho Chi Minh City, you have to move through a radio station to 255km, while from Can Tho city is 130km.Travel Experience Tinh Bien An Giang - Tra Su Melaleuca ForestTra Su An Giang cajuput forest – the most attractive tourist destination in Tinh Bien. Photo: sayhi

Tinh Bien has many famous An Giang tourist sites such as the highest Cam mountain in the majestic That Son range with many famous historical, cultural and religious relics, the vast green Tra Su Melaleuca forest, the forest. Inundated typical of the geology of the southwestern region, Mount Kec has a giant rock shaped like a Kec bird, … and many beautiful temples on the mountain such as Van Linh Pagoda, Phat Lon Pagoda, Lau pagoda … All make Tinh Bien become an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Let’s join LuhanhVietNam to learn about Tinh Bien’s  most detailed travel experiences to have a perfect trip.

Travel time Tinh Bien An Giang is the most beautiful

According to the Tinh Bien tourism experience of many visitors, the best time to visit this place is in November and December. Because this is the most appropriate time for visitors to feel the beauty of the full golden season. of this mountainous district. This is also the time when Tra Su Melaleuca forest is dressed in the most beautiful and fresh green shirt of the year. On the other hand, traveling to An Giang in general and Tinh Bien in particular at this time will also feel very comfortable because the weather is quite nice and pleasant, the sun is not too strong but also less rain.Travel Experience Tinh Bien An Giang - The most beautiful time to visit is in November and DecemberThe best time to visit Tinh Bien is in November and December. Photo: @ hoangphuong.nt

In addition, the April and August lunar month is also a reasonable time for you if you want to plan Tinh Bien An Giang tourism . Because in April, there is the Ba Nui Sam Chau Doc Pagoda Festival nearby and the Bull Race Festival on the 8th lunar month. At this time, the number of tourists will flock to Chau Doc – An Giang, generally very crowded, but not too crowded in Tinh Bien, so do not worry about excessive noise.Travel Experience Tinh Bien An Giang - A small rocky lake located at the foot of Cam mountainThe small rocky lake is located at the foot of Cam Mountain. Photo: Kien Nguyen

Guide to Tinh Bien An Giang travel

Tinh Bien district has Highway 91 extending from the international border gate to Can Tho city, then through Highway 1 and Highway 55A on the road to Ha Tien lasting about 80 km. One can also go from Tinh Bien to Phnom Penh – Cambodia following National Highway 2 (CPC) with a length of about 125 km. That is why this place has become a popular destination for foreign tourists traveling on the Cambodia – Vietnam route or in the opposite direction.Travel Experience Tinh Bien An Giang - a beautiful stone check in Tourists sit on a beautiful rock and check in Tinh Bien at Latina Lake. Photo: FB Nguyen Thuy Giang

Besides, because of such a convenient location, when traveling to Tinh Bien you can follow many different routes. But the easiest way to go is still the following moving route:

First, you start from Long Xuyen city, then follow Highway 91. After running about 60km, you will come to Chau Doc city center. From here, you drive another 30 minutes to Nha Bang town. At this time, keep going straight until you reach the turn to Xuan To street about 10km, you will reach Tinh Bien market. Come here, be prepared to start the journey to visit the most famous Tinh Bien An Giang tourist sites and do not forget to save many “virtual life” photos in the midst of mountains and poetic fields. Enjoy the beauty of this peaceful and rustic land.Travel experience Tinh Bien An Giang - majestic wild Cam MountainThe majestic wild Forbidden Mountain. Photo: viettravel

The famous tourist attractions Tinh Bien An Giang near and far

1. Tra Su Melaleuca Forest A

Address: Van Giao commune, Tinh Bien, An Giang, Vietnam.

Opening hours: 5:00 a.m. to 21:00

An Giang Tra Su Melaleuca forest is definitely a tourist destination not to be missed when traveling to Tinh Bien. It is no coincidence that this place is considered one of the most beautiful wetland forests in the southwestern region. Visiting the Melaleuca forest, visitors not only can take a boat to weave into the Melaleuca forest, spoiled for gliding on the green duckweed that covers the whole forest but also see the habitat of many rare species of flora and fauna here like storks, storks rustling feathers, gongs plunged into the water to hunt fish. The small canoes turn water to the sides of the tall and straight melaleuca trees that will make your trip more unforgettable. Because there is rarely any place that owns a green and peaceful space, creating such a romantic and unique picture of nature.Travel Experience Tinh Bien An Giang - Virtual life at Tra Su Melaleuca ForestVirtual life in Tra Su Melaleuca Forest. Photo: Kien Nguyen

2. Forbidden Mountain

If you love traveling to An Giang , you have certainly heard the name Bay Nui – That Son. This is the word to refer to 7 beautiful and famous mountains here, including: Cam Mountain, Co To Mountain, Long Mountain, Statue Mountain, Ket Mountain, Nuoc Mountain and Nam Well Long Mountain. In which Cam mountain, also known as Thien Cam Son, is a famous tourist destination An Giang , attracting many tourists from inside and outside the province to visit.

Cam Mountain is located in An Hao commune, Tinh Bien district. The mountain has a circumference of 28,600m and has an impressive altitude: 705m above sea level. The most special feature of Bo Hong peak of Thien Cam Son is the highest peak in the That Son range in particular and the Mekong Delta in general.Travel Experience Tinh Bien An Giang - View of Big Buddha PagodaView of Big Buddha Temple. Photo: WikiTravel

Not only has a majestic appearance, Cam mountain also has a quite cool climate and a romantic scenery with green trees all year round. Coming to Cam Mountain, you will be able to visit the unique religious buildings such as Van Linh Pagoda, Bo Hong Palace, Maitreya Buddha Statue, Big Buddha Temple, … In addition, the cable car of Cam mountain or activities Mountain climbing caves, cave discovery tours or bathing streams are also enthusiastically participated by many visitors.

Forbidden Mountain Cable Car

The cable car system to Cam Mountain was officially started at the end of 2013. By 2015, it will be put into operation and use and serve tourists. This is the first cable car area in the Mekong Delta, is invested in a methodical and modern construction, including 16 cable posts, 89 cabins and 2 main terminals. On average, each hour carries 2,000 passengers. Travel time is only about 15 minutes to the top of the mountain.Travel Experience Tinh Bien An Giang - Cable car to Cam mountainCable car to the Forbidden Mountain. Photo: @yuu_tutu

Buddha statue Maitreya Big Buddha

When traveling to An Giang Tinh Bien, do not miss to visit the Forbidden Mountain and check in at the Big Buddha Temple, to pray for peace and admire the Buddha statue which has been recognized by the Asian Record Organization as “the great statue of Maitreya Buddha. most on top of a mountain in Asia ”.

The statue has a height of 33.6m, with a total weight of nearly 1,700 tons made of concrete and reinforced concrete. Not only has the height and weight, but the Buddha statue also reaches a high aesthetic of architecture, color, harmoniously located in the space of Cam Son mountain forest. Everyone who has been here is very impressed with the peaceful, compassionate smile and especially the big belly of the Maitreya Buddha statue in Vietnam.Travel experience Tinh Bien An Giang - Buddhist Temple MonasteryTemple of the Big Buddha An Giang. Photo: thamhiemmekong

Van Linh An Giang Pagoda

Address: Belongs to Cam Mountain, An Hao Commune, Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province

Besides Buddhist Temple, Van Linh An Giang pagoda is also a famous tourist destination on Cam Mountain. This beautiful pagoda designed in the traditional architecture of the Eastern temple is located on a gentle mountain slope, in a garden planted with many lush flowers all year round, creating a landscape that is both poetic and meditation. . Another point that makes a mark for the project is that right in front of the road, there are three majestic towers.Travel experience Tinh Bien An Giang - Van Linh PagodaVan Linh An Giang Pagoda. Photo: @ quynhthao2411

3. Lam Vien

Located in An Hao commune, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province and only 36km from Chau Doc, Lam Vien has a charming, charming, and cool climate, so many tourists Tinh Bien An Giang likens as a version. The miniature “Dalat” is located in the middle of the West. This place is being invested to soon become a new spiritual and ecological tourist area to meet the needs of visiting pilgrims nationwide.

4. Temple of Tinh Tinh Bien An Giang

An Giang Floor Pagoda is located in Xuan Phu hamlet, Tinh Bien town, An Giang. This place not only has a pure space but also possesses a unique architecture and beautiful scenery with harmonious flowers and plants. This temple has quickly become an attractive tourist destination for many visitors because it both helps meditate, cultivate the mind and relieve stress after busy working days.Travel Experience Tinh Bien An Giang - lyrical features of An Giang Lau PagodaDiscover the lyrical features of Lau An Giang Pagoda.

5. Lake Latina

Located in the border area between Tinh Bien and Tri Ton, Latina Lake is a familiar destination for travelers who love moving. With the harmonious beauty of the mountain water and the forest, located right next to a high mountain, the lake surface is even more quiet, clear reflecting the silhouette of trees and cliffs.Travel Experience Tinh Bien An Giang - Latina Lake has large vertical cliffs The highlight of Lake Latina is the huge cliffs that stand right on the shores of the lake. Photo: @thanh_hole

Although the landscape is so poetic and quiet, when you come here, you should go in groups and go during the day to ensure safety because this area is few houses, quite deserted.Travel Experience Tinh Bien An Giang - An indispensable destination for backpackersAn indispensable destination for the adventurers. Photo: vntrip

6. An Giang Kec Mountain

Address: in Thai Binh, Tinh Bien, An Giang

Mount Kéc is also known as Anh Vu Son, while local people are familiar with it as Ong Kec mountain. The mountain is about 250m high and right above the top of the mountain there is a huge rock protruding from a distance, like the head of a cuckoo. This unique mountain is considered as a symbol that when traveling to Tinh Bien An Giang everyone wants to visit and explore.Travel Experience Tinh Bien An Giang - Mount Kec has a giant rockMount Kec has a huge rock that resembles a hecker. Photo: An Giang newspaper

There are other famous places on the mountain such as: Fairy yard, Buddha Mau palace, Ngoc Hoang palace, Tien well, Chu Than temple or Huynh Long palace … each place is associated with many thrilling folk legends.

7. The palm trees

On the way from Cam Mountain Resort to Latina Lake, you will admire the typical natural scenery of the West. It is a picture of golden rice fields on both sides of the road, alternating with towering palm trees. If you want to check in between this beautiful scene, remember to stop the car neatly on the side of the road and take some real photos, commemorate the trip.Travel Experience Tinh Bien An Giang - Check in between palm fieldsCheck in between the field of golden palm leaves. Photo: Kien Nguyen

8. Tinh Bien Market An Giang

If Chau Doc market is the paradise of fish sauce and fruits, some size of An Giang, Tinh Bien market is also a busy shopping mall with all kinds of delicious An Giang and daily necessities. This market located adjacent to Vietnam and Cambodia is also a stop for tourists to eat and shop after visiting nearby tourist destinations.

More specifically, Tinh Bien An Giang market is also the only market in the West that specializes in selling insects, even extremely poisonous ones. Some of the most common insects sold here are: snakehead, termite snake, termite, moth, moth, centipede, scorpion, gecko, lobster spider, …Travel Experience Tinh Bien An Giang - Tinh Bien MarketTinh Bien Market An Giang. Photo: sayhi

What to eat when traveling to Tinh Bien An Giang?

After visiting Tra Su Melaleuca forest, climbing Cam mountain to visit the pagoda, watching the scenery, you can stop at the snacks, water goods, any tea shops in Tinh Bien to enjoy An Giang specialties, from dishes with rich flavors such as bun Mam, vermicelli, fish vermicelli to cool like crazy fish hotpot , or sipping some jaggery beef cakes, pig skin cake, dumplings, … tea and especially do not forget to drink a glass of fresh and cool jaggery water “ten thousand people love” in one of these “Western culinary paradise”.Travel Experience Tinh Bien An Giang - Chau Doc fish noodle soupChau Doc fish noodle soup with crazy cotton, snakehead fish. Photo: Kien Nguyen

After that, do not forget to buy An Giang specialties such as fish sauce, palm sugar, hemp fruit, Thai tamarind … to return as gifts for your loved ones and friends.

Travel expenses Tinh Bien

Total reference cost per person: about 2 million, including:

Round trip ticket to Tinh Bien

Rent motorbike + gas

Tent rental + tent rental (if overnight camping)

Full meals and snacks for 2 days 1 night

Tickets to visit Tra Su Melaleuca forest

Cable car up to Cam Mountain, tickets to some resorts and some other small expenses.

Some notes when traveling to Tinh Bien

Because the western provinces, especially An Giang, have a lot of mosquitoes, you should prepare a spray bottle or gel to repel mosquitoes when visiting tourist sites, especially in Tra Su Melaleuca forest and Cam mountain. .

If you are still a student, bring your student card as it can be useful in some cases such as discounted tickets or rental fees for campsite at Cam Resort Mountain.Travel Experience Tinh Bien An Giang - Fatty jaggery beef cakeGolden jaggery beef cake fragrant. Photo: Vic Tor Ten

To travel Tinh Bien Giang , besides sightseeing, sightseeing, visiting the temples, trekking, visitors also have the opportunity to learn more about life and people living near the border area. This place seems to have become a familiar destination for many tourists, especially those who have fallen in love with this land. Just try to come here and explore, you will certainly not be disappointed with the countless beautiful scenes to check in and many delicious delicious dishes here.