“Virtual life” peaceful corners of European heaven at Dalat Teachers College

People often joke that Da Lat updates hundreds of new check-in points every day, even more than the game version. Although not too prominent but peaceful and romantic in the ancient land of Cao Nguyen, Dalat Teachers College is always a ‘virtual living’ destination that is hard to compare with young people. .

Some information about Dalat College of Education

This very famous school is located at 29 Yersin, ward 10, Da Lat city and less than 3km from the center. This famous tourist destination in Da Lat was established in 1927, was the formation of two schools: Petit Lycée inaugurated in 1927 and the Grand Lycée was built in 1929, completed in 1941. On June 28, 1935, the Grand Lycée School was renamed Lycée Yersin, later changed to Hung Vuong Education Center and finally the present name.Dalat College of Education - a famous tourist destination in the land of flowersPhoto: @banhbaodalat

Guide the way to the College of Education

Starting from Lam Vien Square in the city center, you go along Ho Tung Mau Street, then turn to Tran Quoc Toan. If you go about 500 meters, you will see Yersin Street, turn left into it and continue 800 meters to reach this school. The road is not too far but also quite convenient, so you can travel by motorbike or rent a taxi if you are not familiar with finding the way. Dalat College of Education - school gatePhoto: @dinhkietlo

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Unique impressive architecture

This work was designed by a famous French architect named Moncet with an ancient European style, to this day still retains many of its original beauty. Architecture of Da Lat Pedagogy College is made from the main raw materials of red pressed ceiling tiles, the slope roof is covered with dark blue and green granite tiles, the roof tail is angled with the roof window system. All brought from France as well as other European countries show meticulousness in every little detail. Dalat College of Education - European architecturePhoto: @_thai_huynh_Dalat College of Education - arched columnsPhoto: @ tucstucsunicorn16tuiruoi

Not only that, the rows of soft bow-shaped houses embracing the large yard were also considered as bold highlights at that time, in terms of structure or overall size. Looking at it like a miniature image of Europe in the heart of Da Lat mountain city makes anyone admiring. However, the orange red tone still brings the closeness and familiarity with the Vietnamese people. Creates a warm feeling amidst the cool weather of this city.Dalat College of Education - spacious campusPhoto: @ maithao.instaDalat College of Education - the yard is filled with treesPhoto: @tranbaoquyen_

The airy school space, a bit of calm, increases the magnitude of this project. It is the harmony of architecture with the mountain city landscape, the valley terrain and the winding hills that people mentioned top among the famous places in Dalat . Not only that, this architectural work is also surprised by world-class architects and researchers. Dalat College of Education - an ancient building blockPhoto: @enlightenjourney

The unique and rare neoclassical architecture makes this school one of the 1,000 typical architectural works of the 20th century by the International Architecture Council (UIA). take. And on December 28, 2001, Da Lat Pedagogical College was recognized as “National Architectural Monument”. This adds to the not only historical but also the architectural, landscape and tourism values ​​of this unique school. Dalat College of Education - beautiful check inPhoto: @dinhvietdung

Explore the super beautiful check-in corners at Dalat College of Education

In addition to other valuable architectural works in Da Lat such as the chicken church, Dalat station , Dalat Palace hotel, … , this place also owns super impressive background images. 

Bell tower

The prominent bell tower is located at the highest point of the school, looks like a giant pencil rising strongly with sharp peaks, prominent among the green pine trees and silhouetted against the poetic Xuan Huong lake. . This tower is 54 meters high, roofed with plaster tiles, which has a beauty that has tanned the color of time. Stand from a distance to see the tower and the next curved school building with red walls and large courtyards. Not only impressive, but also a famous symbol of Da Lat. Dalat College of Education - bell towerPhoto: @hieuonthegoDalat College of Education - check in with the bell towerPhoto: @ huenguyenc7Dalat College of Education - the ancient color of the bell towerPhoto: @ trinhviolet94

Ancient rows of houses

The rows of houses parallel to the classrooms and halls of Dalat Teachers College are designed uniformly with orange tones, green wood windows and red tiled roofs. The simplest decorative facade structure is on the ground floor, the columns connecting to the arch are built of baked brick. The side hallway creates an indoor playground while the upper floors are columns that are assembled into pairs of white paint to create a light and elegant for the whole block.Dalat College of Education - the blocks of houses are tinged with old colorsPhoto: @hnamleDalat College of Education - a block of houses with a romantic campusPhoto: @ loanmai991

Architectural populations are followed together, but the difference is that the main buildings for study and administration follow Swiss architecture. The auxiliary houses such as: the hall, the principal’s house, the rest room … are similar to schools in France. The rows of houses nestled beside pine trees that are loved by young people to check in “virtual life”, film recording, music music video and even taking wedding photos. Dalat College of Education - check in virtual livePhoto: @ zinnie.nguyenDalat College of Education - popular in the schoolPhoto: @ travel_buddy206

Wide yard

Next to the bell tower or the rows of houses bearing bold nostalgia. The wide courtyard at Dalat Teachers College is also an impressive background for you to do billions of activities here. This is a place where students practice sports and have fun with both grass and soccer fields, so if viewed from above, it is like a school in a foreign country. Standing from there, you can cover every scene around, shoot dance scenes, or outdoor activities are very interesting.  Dalat College of Education - spacious school yardPhoto: @ hoangminh.dgDalat College of Education - a romantic courtyardPhoto: @nguyenn_thanhtra

Experience to visit Dalat College of Education need to know

– Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday: 11:30 am to 13:00 and after 16:30. On Sundays, students are absent from school all day, so they can do whatever they want. 

– It is best to bring your identification before visiting, in case the security guard asks you to show it.

– When you arrive after school, the space is wide and quiet, so you can check in as much as you like.

– Should visit all nooks and crannies and take advantage of beautiful angles to take souvenir photos for yourself.

– After taking pictures and visiting the school, when you leave, don’t forget to enjoy the delicious and cheap snacks on sale outside the gate.Dalat College of Education - deserted time sightseeingPhoto: @__enhhh__

[New update] Dalat Pedagogical College temporarily stopped visiting As a “guts” check-in place for many years of followers who love to travel to Da Lat, but also for that reason, the number of tourists coming to take pictures is too crowded. Therefore, from April 2019, the school announced to suspend visitors. Both to protect the campus environment as well as not affect the teaching and learning of lecturers and students here. Not too famous or give an impressive story though. But the beauty and existence of this school have also won the hearts of tourists and can hardly be replaced. This creates great regrets for visitors, especially those who have not had the opportunity to come here. Currently, the school has not decided on the reopening date, so you should pay attention, avoid coming and then disappointed.

Over the years of building, preserving and developing, Da Lat Pedagogical College is not only a place to train many generations of teachers for this lovely plateau land. It is also an unforgettable memory and memory for generations of children and tourists who have come to the city of flowers. Although it has temporarily closed the door, it still keeps the love in everyone’s heart.