Immediately save a series of places to see the cherry blossoms of Da Lat beautiful and beautiful

Cherry blossoms usually bloom in early spring (from January to February every year), when the weather in Dalat is also warm, neither rain nor too strong sun. Before that, around October every year, the trees began to drop their leaves, bare each branch and hibernate so that the changing season is to put on a new shirt as the signal of spring.Cherry blossoms in Dalat Flowers signaled spring in Dalat mountain town. Photo: @ anhthuy1202

The cherry apricot tree when flowering is simultaneously from the base to the top of the tree. The pink petals look thin and weak, but when they bloom, they are in clusters, creating impressive beauty and brilliant. Not only is the pride of the people of the land of thousands of flowers, but the places to see the cherry blossoms of Da Lat are also interested in visitors to admire and record memorable moments in the best season of the to see cherry blossoms in Dalat - the time of flowering The time to take lovely pictures

The most ‘standard’ places to see cherry blossoms in Dalat

1. Tran Hung Dao cherry blossom road

Where to take pictures of cherry blossoms in Dalat? Not surprisingly, Tran Hung Dao Street appeared first in the list of cherry blossom viewing spots when it was also known as the cherry blossom road of Dalat. The road, although only about 800m, is shady cherry blossoms on both sides. Along with that is the mixture of old pine trees, ancient villas … All have created a dreamlike poetic look in this place.Save now a series of places to see the cherry blossoms of Da Lat - Tran Hung Dao streetCherry blossoms mixed with pine on Tran Hung Dao street

Young people whisper when visiting this street, do not miss the cherry apricot tree next to Sunshine Coffee shop at No. 9 Tran Hung Dao, nothing is better than having a view of flowers and enjoying coffee in the space. windy.the place to see the cherry blossoms of Da Lat - Tran Hung Dao streetThe road more than 800m is covered with cherry blossoms

2. Along Xuan Huong Lake, Dalat

Xuan Huong Lake is located in the city center, is a prominent destination of Dalat tourism. But it will be flawed if you come here many times and it is not the right cherry blossom season. That means you’ve missed out on that rare, romantic charm that is hard to find elsewhere, at some other time. Note that the road with the most blooming flowers is from Da Lat restaurant to Da Lat flower to see cherry blossoms in Dalat - Xuan Huong lake The cherry blossom season makes the edge of Xuan Huong lake more poetic and romantic time to visit and visit Xuan Huong Lake is famous for cherry blossom season

3. Cherry blossom road around Hoang Anh Resort

Few people know that the Hoang Anh resort area (ward 9, Da Lat) is the “genuine” place to see the cherry blossoms in Dalat. You can find flowers everywhere around the resort, in streets like Pho Duc Chinh or Tuong Pho.Save now a series of places to see cherry blossoms from Da Lat - Hoang Anh resortHoang Anh Resort in the cherry blossom season is like a distant Japanese sceneSave now a series of places to see the cherry blossoms in Dalat - Hoang Anh ResortMany people come to take pictures for life

4. Cherry plum in Tuyen Lam lake

To reach the cherry blossom forest in Tuyen Lam lake , visitors need to follow the way to the sculpture tunnel, cross the iron bridge and slowly search the lake side to see the quite large clusters of cherry apricot trees. Save now a series of places to watch the cherry blossoms of Dalat - Tuyen Lam lakeTuyen Lam Lake is also the ideal place to see the cherry blossoms in Dalat

5. Cherry road on Da Quy slope

Da Quy slope in Trai Mat will be the ideal place to watch the cherry blossoms of Da Lat for you. The flowers bloom a lot and are beautiful, so do not be surprised when you come here and see quite a few people. You should come early so your picture won’t show up!Save now a series of places to watch the cherry blossoms of Da Lat - Da Quy slopeThe slope of Da Quy is as beautiful as poetry

In addition to the cherry blossom viewing spots mentioned above; You can also visit Da Nhim Lake, the way to the cable car in Dalat … to admire this beautiful scenery. And one thing is for sure that, during the blooming season, most of the streets of Da Lat cannot be without them, so what you need to do is nice costumes, a gas car has filled the tank to with check-in services in every corner of Da Lat!Save now a series of places to see beautiful Dalat cherry blossoms 'heartbreaking'Take a photo of flowers in the morning, when the golden sun is at its best

The secret to taking pictures with Da Lat cherry apricot is that you should go in the morning to catch the golden sun and have a harmonious blue sky. While posing for the photo, please stand in the middle of the blooming flower tree to look more prominent, not be “drowned” in the vibrant pink. Finally, do not forget to view the flowers in a civilized manner by avoiding cutting flowers to break branches, littering or leaving the car on the roadway causing traffic unsafety …

Wish you have a memorable trip to Dalat cherry blossom season with many beautiful pictures!