List of 6 places to rent a motorbike in Kon Tum surprisingly cheap

Exploring Kon Tum by motorbike will be an extremely convenient choice and help your trip be more proactive and relaxed when you want to learn about a certain destination carefully. And certainly, choosing a cheap – quality – reputable Kon Tum motorbike rental is extremely necessary.

Although there are not many famous destinations like Da Lat and Ha Giang, but Kon Tum is still one of the destinations that many tourists want to visit. And if you want to completely cut and collage the picture of the wild mountains of Kon Tum, then surely riding a motorbike is the best choice. Because Kon Tum’s topography is mainly hilly roads or winding and winding slopes, it is even more reasonable to rent a motorbike.

Please pin 6 places to rent Kon Tum motorbikes with good prices below so that if you have the opportunity to visit Kon Tum, just pick up the engine and rent a car right away without spending time searching and filtering.TOP list of 6 places to rent motorbikes at a surprisingly cheap priceTOP list of 6 places to rent motorbikes at a surprisingly cheap price

Pin now 6 locations for Kon Tum motorbike rental only from 80k

1. Dong Duong Hotel

In addition to being an ideal place to rest for tourists, Indochina hotel is also one of 6 prestigious Kon Tum motorbike rental addresses with good price. The car rental procedure here is very simple and fast, so it does not make it difficult for tourists to rent a car.

There are many types of vehicles for visitors to choose from. With each different car, the car rental price is also different, but the car rental price only fluctuates 90k / 1 car / 1 day. More specifically, when renting a motorbike here, visitors are also equipped with a full helmet and paper to ensure safety throughout the journey.


  • Address: 30 Bach Dang – Ward Quyet Thang – Kon Tum
  • Phone: 1900545440
  • Car rental: 90,000 VND / day

2. Homestay Sum Villa

When it comes to quality Kon Tum motorbike rental with good price, homestay Sum Villa is definitely a memorable place that many travelers appreciate. With only a car rental price of 120k / day, you can enjoy every corner, road, and wonderful destinations of the Central Highlands. Moreover, in addition to car rental, homestay Sum Villa is also an ideal place to stop because of cooking and laundry services. Very convenient, right?The address of cheap Kon Tum motorbike rental - Homestay Sum VillaHomestay Sum Villa


  • Address:  No.1 Mang Den – Dak Long – Kon Plong – Kon Tum
  • Phone:  096.322.02.66
  • Car rental: 120,000 VND / day

3. Van Tuan shop

This is a shop specializing in cheap quality motorbike rental in Kon Tum . Because this place specializes in exchanging and buying and selling genuine motorcycles. Therefore, in terms of quality, you can completely rest assured to put your trust in car rental at Van Tuan store. There are also many lines of cars for you to explore Kon Tum easily: Air Blade, Lead, Nouvo, Attila, … only for 130 – 150k / day. As for digital cars such as: Sirius, Wave, Jupiter … the price is slightly softer from 100 to 120k / day.


  • Address:  981 Phan Dinh Phung – Ward Quyet Thang – City. Kon Tum
  • Phone:  098 444 7999 – 0260 391 7949
  • Car rental: 100,000 VND – 150,000 VND / day

4. Cheap Kon Tum motorbike rental

In addition to hotels, homestays, and motorbike rental shops, there is a reputable Kon Tum motorbike rental address that many travelers choose as ” Cheap Kon Tum motorbike rental “. Here specializes in extremely high quality cars suitable for mountain climbing experiences with winding roads. Although there is no specific address, many people choose it because of the appropriate price and high quality of the car. Car rental here is very cheap from 100k / day and car delivery to take place. And if you have any need, contact the phone number 0899.356.982  for advice.

5. Indochine hotel

In addition to providing accommodation services, Indochine Hotel is also a familiar motorbike rental address in Kon Tum that many tourists choose. Although there are not many models of cars like other places, the quality of the car here ensures you can rest assured your trip. When renting a motorbike here, visitors are supported with 2 more helmets, raincoats, and full vehicle papers. The car rental price is from 100 – 120k for digital cars and 150 – 180k for scooters. If you have any problems on the road, you can contact the hotel reception number directly to assist. And really necessary to renew.Address to rent a cheap motorbike Kon Tum - Indochine hotelIndochine hotel


  • Address:  30 Bach Dang – Ward Quyet Thang – Kon Tum
  • Phone:  1900545440
  • Car rental: 100,000 VND – 150,000 VND / day

6. Family Hotel

In the list of 6 locations for Kon Tum motorbike rental, Family Hotel is also a famous name chosen by many travelers. The vehicles here are extremely qualified with many models that are enough for you to choose a car like you on your Kon Tum travel trip with you. Most of the cars here are regularly maintained and repaired, so they will not be damaged when the passenger travels. The cost of renting a car here ranges from 100 – 150k cars depending on the number of rental days and the number of cars.


  • Address: 235 Tran Hung Dao Street – City. Kon Tum
  • Phone: 060.3862.448
  • Car rental: 100 – 150k / day

Important notes when renting a motorbike in Kon Tum

Here are a few small notes when you rent a motorbike in Kon Tum:Address to rent a cheap motorbike Kon TumNote when renting a motorbike Kon Tum with a cheap price

– Before renting a car, you should contact the place you want to rent directly to ask about the price, service, as well as the procedure for car rental to prepare in advance. Depending on the different addresses will require an ID card, passport or a little more complicated is a deposit in money.

– Learn carefully how to calculate the time to rent a car to avoid misunderstanding.

– Check whether the motorbike rental is near the nearest gas station? If the distance is too far, you should ask the store to get some gas before delivering the car. The cost of refueling can be included in the car rental for that day.

– Find out if the store is fully equipped with good helmets, good quality car or not.

– When receiving the vehicle, it is recommended to check the vehicle’s appearance and see if it is damaged.

– Check the tire wear, brake wear speed and try to test the brake is suitable. Check if there are problems with the horn, turn signals, and headlights? If so, ask the rental car to change to another car.

Let’s pin the 6th address motorbike rental Kontum reputed to have a chance traveling Kon Tum you just open the record book of his and direct contact with units rented car without losing time, the power to search, and refine where to rent the best car.