Peaceful garden homestay Kon Tum in the heart of the city

One of the homestay in Kon Tum garden that many tourists choose to be the ideal place to stay when traveling to Kon Tum is Vietnam Phuot Homestay. This place is loved by travelers for the peace and lightness of owning a beautiful small garden with a variety of green vegetables.

Vietnam Phuot Homestay also has an extremely cute name “House of Cai” because its design is very simple, the style of the miniature countryside in the middle of the city. In front of the homestay is designed a beautiful small garden with a variety of vegetables like your home garden. That is the reason why “House of Cai” is one of the homestay in Kon Tum garden that is highly sought after by many tourists when traveling to Kon Tum .Peaceful garden homestay Kon Tum in the heart of the cityPeaceful garden homestay Kon Tum in the heart of the city

About homestay garden Kon Tum –  Vietnam Phuot homestay


Vietnam Phuot Homestay is located at 485/3 Pham Van Dong, Tran Hung Dao Ward, Kon Tum Province. This Kon Tum garden homestay is extremely convenient near famous tourist destinations such as 4.3km from Bishop Kon Tum, 3.7km from Indochina coffee shop, 4.9km from Coopmart Kon Tum … very convenient for visitors to have fun and visit.


Although it is a rustic garden homestay, simple and friendly like your own house, “House of Cai” is always fully equipped with modern amenities for visitors to have the best experience when resting. here:

  • Wifi uses Free
  • Garden cafe on site
  • Wheelchair for the disabled
  • There is free private parking available to guests
  • Common living room / TV area
  • Dining area, outdoor cooking
  • Bicycle rental service is available
  • Beach loungers or sun loungers


Kon Tum Vietnam Phuot garden homestay is designed and equipped with very clean, comfortable rooms with a large, lush garden with a variety of green vegetables to ensure food hygiene and safety, bringing a wonderful family atmosphere. for visitors.Comfortable Kon Tum garden homestaySimple and rustic rooms

Moreover, the host is extremely friendly, easygoing and willing to help visitors when needed. They can even act as tour guides to take you to visit destinations and ethnic minority villages so that you can have more interesting and new experiences.

Room rates and room types

“House of Wealth” is designed with 3 types of rooms: single room for 1 person, double room for 2 people and dorm room for dormitory. The main background of the bedroom here is light blue and white – the color represents simplicity, purity. So when entering here everyone feels very comfortable and extremely peaceful.

  • Double room price: 300,000 VND / room
  • Single bed price: 135,000 VND / room

Explore homestay garden in Kon Tum Vietnam Phuot dear

Room design at Vietnam Phuot

Most of the details, furniture accessories in the room are decorated in a simple but extremely aesthetic way. Most of the rooms are designed in full sun, natural wind, so it is very airy and comfortable. Pillows, beds, blankets are always neat, fragrant, so it will bring a deep and smooth sleep. When opening the door of the room, a fresh air rushes into the room and brings a fresh, cool feeling.Garden homestay Kon Tum decor simpleGarden homestay Kon Tum decor simple

In addition, each room is also set up a beautiful small table for you to sit and sip a cup of tea and watch the scenery outside. When you  stay at Kon Tum garden homestay “House of Cai”, you will use the shared toilet, but the toilet is extremely high quality with clean and decent. Wifi use 24 / 24h, parking is free.

More specifically, if you stay 2 nights at a homestay, you will be offered a free tour around the mountain town of Kon Tum. If you stay 3 nights, you will be offered a free tour around Saigon if your next destination is the city. Ho Chi Minh. The room price is quite affordable, the rural space makes everyone excited.

There is a garden with a variety of vegetables

Vietnam Phuot garden homestay  hypnotizes all guests’ eyes when owning an extremely large garden with a variety of green vegetables. Certainly, the homestay owner must be extremely enthusiastic for this house to create a very nice, lovely vegetable garden like this. The vegetable garden is grown with a variety of water spinach, broccoli … with a fresh array of colors interwoven the garden is the appearance of dahlia flowers as the point for the perfect garden, so more poetry.Homestay in Kon Tum garden is a green colorThe vegetable garden grows a variety of green vegetables

In addition to the green vegetable garden, “House of Cai” also owns a shared living room and a windy balcony with many shade trees so you can relax comfortably and make friends. The scene is clear, serene, poetic, making visitors feel like they are in their own house.Garden homestay Kon Tum owns a fresh green vegetable gardenHarvest kohlrabi vegetables

Food Service

At  Kon Tum garden homestay  you can order an extra dinner to eat with everyone more warmly and happily. After dinner, all guests will be able to go to the living room to drink tea, eat cakes and chat together in a warm feeling like a family. On special occasions, the homestay also organizes foreign guests to experience making banh chung and many other interesting activities.The Kon Tum garden homestay has a shared dining serviceLet’s make dinner together

This is one of the extremely meaningful and practical activities that are very suitable to the nature of the experiential tourism to better understand the culture, lifestyle, cuisine, people in the new land … And “Home of Cai ”is the  homestay in Kon Tum garden  that brings strangers together, making everyone closer and friendlier to each other.

And if you travel to Kon Tum in the near future and you want to find a peaceful, peaceful, warm place like in your own house, the homestay garden  Kon Tum Vietnam Phuot will definitely be a great resort. That’s great.