The delicious Mang Den specialties, so please don’t try it is sorry

Mang Den water chicken, grilled pork on skewers, wild vegetables, green rice … are famous Mang Den specialties that are always eaten by many culinary devotees when traveling to Kon Tum.

Mang Den not only attracts tourists by clear waterfalls, vast fields or old forests, but Mang Den also attracts visitors by its distinctive culinary culture. Mang Den specialties are not only attractive in terms of taste, but also have cultural identity of the windy highlands, making diners once enjoyed and will remember forever. Traveling to Kon Tum and coming to Mang Den, do not miss the opportunity to taste the unique indigenous dishes of this place. 

Mang Den specialties - Mang Den delicacy Mang Den has many attractive specialties. Photo: Foodi

Attend the Mang Den specialties visitors must try 

1. Black Bamboo Shoot Chicken 

Chicken is available everywhere but is raised to Mang Den specialties, it is enough to see that the taste of the dish here is not trivial. Mang Den water chicken is made from free-range chickens in the villages and mountains and fed mainly with natural foods, so the chicken is very firm, fragrant and sweet.

Mang Den specialties - Mang Den grilled chicken Grilled chicken in Mang Den has a very special taste. Photo: Kon Tum Today

In particular, to create a unique taste, especially in Mang Den, when marinated in addition to basic spices, people added roots, leaves of Mang Den forest, wild honey … Mang Den grilled chicken often It is eaten with large grain salt pounded with green chili, so the taste is extremely attractive. 

Because it is a specialty dish, when traveling to Mang Den you can enjoy this dish very easily, some places you can visit to enjoy such as Co Sinh restaurant, Tra Giang shop …

2. Lam rice 

Com lam is also a specialty in Mang Den that many people love. This dish is made from the upland sticky rice of the people and is put into young bamboo tubes, grilled over charcoal fire. The flavor of this dish is extremely attractive, although it is made from sticky rice, but it is not greasy, but the fragrant aroma of sticky rice blends with the young aroma. Soft rice served with aromatic peanut salt creates a rich mountain flavor that makes you want to eat constantly. 

Mang Den specialties - Lam rice Rice lam from upland rice is fragrant and fragrant. Photo: @nguyettlee

Com lam is one of the famous Mang Den specialties, so in addition to specialty restaurants you can buy this dish right on the street, from street vendors to enjoy.

3. Grilled pork skewers Mang Den 

Grilled pork skewers are considered one of the most attractive dishes in Mang Den because of its very special taste. The Black Mangrove Pig is a domesticated pig nourished with natural foods, so its size is not large, the meat is fragrant, firm and very nutritious. The meat here is not seasoned too much, so the sweet and aromatic taste of the meat is kept intact.

Mang Den specialties - grilled pork skewersGrilled pork skewers fragrant. Photo: Kon Tum Tourist

Especially because the meat is grilled directly on charcoal, the meat tastes and is much more attractive. The specialty restaurants in Mang Den all serve grilled pork skewers so you can come and enjoy some typical places such as Hanh Cap restaurant, Quan Suong restaurant, Co Sinh restaurant …

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4. Boiled forest vegetables 

Among the many delicious dishes in the thousands of Mang Den , forest vegetables are always the favorite food for tourists. In the rainy season, from May to November each year, Mang Den is also officially in the season of wild vegetables.

The forest vegetables in Mang Den are quite diverse, including many types such as cheeks, bitter melon, leaf buds, bluish vegetables, aphids, spinach, water spinach, spinach … Most of these vegetables are Naturally growing in the forest, along the banks of the stream, so it retains the delicious, pure and cool taste of the great.

Mang Den specialties - forest vegetables The pure vegetable dish of the thousands. Photo:

Forest vegetables are processed into many dishes such as garlic stir-fry, pickled salt, stir-fried beef, crab soup, wild vegetables, salads, but the best dish is still boiled vegetables, a simple dish that is cool, crispy. Picking, dipping with a rich broth is nothing like. If you want to enjoy, you can visit local restaurants to taste and experience the rare taste of this Mang Den specialty dish . 

5. Sturgeon 

The new range is Mang Den specialties in recent years but has become one of the extremely popular delicacies. Mang Den sturgeon are cultured in Kon Plong district because of the favorable environment for growth and development. The fish meat here is very chewy and delicious than many other regions. Traveling to Mang Den you can taste sturgeon with many ways of processing such as grilled salt and chili, hot pot, fried, steamed, um … In some restaurants you can catch fish by yourself and ask the chef to process it into dishes. I love and enjoy. 

Mang Den specialties - Black Mangrove Sturgeon Grilled Black Bamboo sturgeon. Photo: danang shopping

6. Forest banana flower salad 

Many culinary devotees when having the opportunity to taste Mang Den forest banana flower salad said that this is a dish if you have not tried it, you will have to regret it because of its characteristic delicious taste.

Manganese specialties - Banana flower salad Banana flower salad once eaten will remember forever. Photo:

The salad is made from wild banana flowers, so the flavor is very natural, sweet, and the stick is not bitter. Banana flowers are chopped mixed with sweet and sour broth, chicken, cartilage, pork or beef ears, add a little herbs and roasted peanuts, there will be a dish bearing the breath of the mountains, frugality but taste. indescribable attraction. Specialty restaurants in Mang Den such as Rung Thong restaurant, Son Lam Quan restaurant … all serve this attractive salad. 

7. Hotpot through pepper 

Hearing the name of the hot pot penetrating many tourists feels strange, although it has not appeared for a long time, it has gradually become a very popular Mang Den specialty . Trans-pepper hotpot is a hotpot that is stewed from 6 types of clean standard vegetables, fruits and herbs such as goji berries, red apple in 2h30 minutes to produce a natural sweet soup without using spices cooking every day. The hotpot broth is cooked according to an heirloom recipe with the spicy, warm, fragrant, and floral flavors that are extremely suitable for the cool weather of Mang Den. 

Mang Den specialties - Mang Den pepper hotpot Hot hot spicy hot pot attractive. Photo: Mang Den Lu Quan

When using hot pot through pepper you will eat with vegetables, vermicelli, vermicelli, mushrooms, fish, beef, rolls, chicken and even beans. The taste of this extremely special dish will make you addicted from the first taste. Want to enjoy hot pot through pepper, you should visit Mang Den Lu Quan. 

The above Mang Den specialties are already very famous, so do not miss the chance to taste this when the opportunity to visit this place. The delicious, attractive and bold mountain flavors of the specialties here will make you remember forever.