Virtual living corners in Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma Thuot

Besides green year-round forests, majestic white waterfalls and beautiful wooden stilt houses, Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma Thuot is also a virtual living spot.

Not only Saigon, Hanoi, Da Nang or Hue … but even in the great Central Highlands, there is also a corner of Hong Kong packed with coffee, making young people “sob” day and night.

About Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma Thuot

Like many other Hong Kong corners in Vietnam, the corner of Hong Kong street in Buon Ma Thuot is a combination of pubs, coffee, tea and snacks … located in alley 188 Ama Khe, in Buon Ma city. Thuot, Dak Lak province.architecture of Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma ThuotBrilliant space of the restaurant (Photo by Fb Hong Kong Alley)

Being in the trend of “making the wind” for the past year, as soon as it opened on January 19, 2020, this alley immediately attracted a lot of young people to check-in and not yet. ever “cool down” until now.

What’s so interesting about Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma Thuot?

Perhaps for each of us, everyone’s childhood is more or less associated with cult TVB movies, whether it’s romantic movies, detective films or martial arts films … there are crowded and splendid scenes. the place of Port Thom. So, Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma Thuot is inspired by the beauty of Port city in the 60s and 70s of the twentieth century, will help you find wonderful childhood memories.Impressive design of Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma ThuotThe street corner “chops” the smell of Hong Kong (Photo: Hong Kong Alley Fb)

Even if you are a new tourist, not familiar with the streets of this mountain, do not worry, as the neon signs glow with eye-catching colors such as red, black, blue, and white. The typical Chinese characters from the beginning of the alley make it different from other cafes in Buon Ma Thuot.

Going into the inside corner of Hong Kong in Buon Ma childhood t then you will realize, not only signs where that information written on the wall of doors, newspapers, pictures, wallpaper or text instructions are also Chinese language, makes us feel like we get lost in the familiar scene in popular Hong Kong movies.signs with Chinese characters - characteristic of Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma ThuotThe signs are all Chinese (Photo Fb Hong Kong Alley)

If you do not know Chinese and find it difficult to read comprehension, then it is okay because those words are just for “color” only, the surrounding people or other tourists are all Vietnamese. just feel free to communicate.

Another thing that characterizes the Hong Kong space in the restaurant is the rows of red lanterns hanging on strings stretching across the alley and in front of the eaves. The lanterns are also designed with many different shapes such as round, oval … to not create boredom for visitors.Red cage temple - the impressive point of Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma ThuotA series of brilliant red lanterns (Photo by Fb My Dung)lantern photography - interesting spot in Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma ThuotThere are also ancient oval shaped lights (Photo: Hong Kong Alley Fb)

In the daytime, when the lights are prominent, the night when the lights are lit, they are even more brilliant, so no matter where you stand in the Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma Thuot , you will be able to catch scenes with super romantic lanterns. and should be poetic.

In addition, this place also has a highlight that makes it different from other Hong Kong shops is a section of railway located in the middle of the alley, carefully designed and meticulously to each wooden bar like the railway. North – South really. You can comfortably go deep here such as: wandering around or sitting quietly thinking … without fear of danger like the coffee on the street in Phung Hung, Hanoi.railway - a unique point of Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma ThuotSuper virtual railway (Photo by Fb Hong Kong Alley)

Below is beautiful, the above Little Hong Kong in Dak Lak is no less. The balcony corners on the 2nd floor not only help you get the view of the alley from above, but also reproduce more authentically and vividly the beauty of a bustling Huong Cang. Balcony - beautiful virtual living corner in Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma ThuotSuper beautiful photo balcony (Photo by Fb Hong Kong Alley)

Especially in the evening, the dim space of orange, red, and blue lights combined with the crowded, hustling traffic below will be a great setting for you to create a photo collection. It’s really Hong Kong.Take photos on the evening balcony - a unique spot in Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma ThuotSparkling and magical evening (Photo by Fb Hong Kong Alley)

In addition, wooden tables, yellow plastic chairs, red stairs, and a wall covered with black and white striped flowers in front of a toilet in Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma Thuot will also be a Genuine background to create pictures like TVB movie posters for you to see. wooden furniture - the highlight of Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma ThuotHong Kong style furniture (Photo Hong Danh Dao Le)toilet wall - a real picture in the Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma ThuotThe wall of the house looks like a TVB movie poster (Photo: Hong Kong Alley Fb)

After you have taken a photo of “fire engine”, you can sit down and order a cup of milk tea, coffee, juice … for refreshments. As for those who have a stronger personality, want to drink with friends, the bar also has beer, wine and “bait” to respond immediately. The special thing is that almost all drinks are stored in a super beautiful ceramic jug like in a historical film, so it is also very suitable for virtual live pictures.Drinks - attractions in Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma ThuotDrinks are stored in antique jars (photo of Hong Kong Alley Fb)

Tell you the secret to “quality” photo in Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma Thuot

To have a ‘life’ photo set at 188 Ama Khe alley in Buon Ma Thuot , the background is not enough, but you need to prepare a few other things.

The first is the outfit: this is the most important part of making your photo impressive. Instead of wearing too “banh beo” dresses that make the photo look cheesy, “out of tune”, the outfits that are somewhat vintage, classic or have a cool, dusty style will make the photo “shine”. better than that. If possible, then invest in a set of cheongsam, make sure to “pile up to the roof”.Cheongsam - great outfit for photo taking in Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma ThuotThe cheongsam on the picture is “hiccup” (Photo: Hong Kong Alley Fb)

In terms of the color of the outfit, it is advisable to give priority to colors that are prominent and inclined to hot colors such as red, yellow, orange … or contrasting colors such as white, black … to stand out in the photo . And if you add some accessories such as fans, hats or black glasses … it will be even more satisfying.floating colors - a point to note when wearing photo shoots in Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma ThuotWhat’s the difference between getting lost in Hong Kong (Photo by Fb Pham Kieu Huong)

Next, of course, there is a need for a caring “blinker”, because if you pose “deep”, but your friend cannot choose a good angle, the photo at the alley 188 of Ama Khe  will be “failed” right away. .

After taking the photo, but still see that the photo does not have “Hong Kong quality” very much, now the photo editing software such as lightroom, vsco or foodie … is about to take effect. If the outfit is cool, then darken the lighting of the image a bit and add some noise, and if the outfit is bright, make the highlights darker, while lightening the dark colors. Go … make sure it’s beautiful.color correction - an important point for good photos in Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma ThuotAdjust the colors to better match the quality of Hong Kong (Photo: Hong Kong Alley Fb)

In addition, you should go early in the morning because at this time there are quite a few guests, with many empty places, the picture will be better.

Some information about Hong Kong corner of Dak Lak

Opening hours : 7:00 to 23:00.

Admission ticket : 25,000 VND / person, including 1 glass of water.

How to get there : from the center of Buon Ma Thuot city, you follow Hung Vuong street to the northeast, just go all the way to the right to see Ama Khe Street, when you see No. 188 on the road, you will arrive.

What are you waiting for without “shopping” right away to go to Hong Kong alley in Buon Ma Thuot to live virtual for friends to admire!