Indulge in the list of delicious noodle dishes in Vietnam by region

Indulge in the list of delicious noodle dishes in Vietnam by region

Delicious noodle dishes in Vietnam hold a special place in the culinary scene. If the northern vermicelli and vermicelli are picky, the Hue beef vermicelli, the central vermicelli sauce and the central region are very attractive. raw materials river water.

As a country with a long tradition of farming and growing wet rice, Vietnam is known as the land of rice and dishes made from rice flour. And speaking of the most typical and popular representative of this food, it is impossible to ignore the noodles.List of delicious noodle dishes in Vietnam - Vietnam is the land of noodle dishesVietnam is the land of noodle dishes. Photo: Shashi_pham94.

In Vietnamese cuisine , vermicelli is a common dish with countless different ways to prepare and eat. Even delicious noodle dishes in Vietnam are almost everywhere, from popular restaurants to luxury restaurants, from countryside to streets. It can be said that going to any province, people also encounter typical delicacies made from vermicelli depending on the typical local products. Perhaps that is why the noodle is extremely popular in this S-shaped land, just behind rice and pho.List of delicious noodle dishes in Vietnam - a gift with long lifeBun cha is the most enduring gift of Hanoi. Photo:

Whether traveling to Hanoi, Hue, Saigon or any other place, you can enjoy vermicelli with “a variety of shapes” its processing method, flavor and presentation form. With us, let’s take a look at the top famous and most familiar noodle dishes in the country!List of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam - Each region has a typical noodle dishEach region of the province has its own unique noodle dish, depending on the most popular and delicious products there. Photo: hetagram _._

Check out delicious noodle dishes in Vietnam, thousands of people love

1. Hanoi noodle soup

Hanoi capital is not only a land of ancient beauty and a “culinary paradise” of the North in particular and of Vietnam in general. Anyone who has ever set foot in this land will be hard-pressed to forget the unique and impressive taste of the dishes, especially vermicelli with delicious taste that is unmistakable.List of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam - Bun cha is a typical dish of HanoiBun cha is a typical dish for Ha Thanh cuisine. Photo: Manh_manh

As the name suggests, bun cha is a dish consisting of tangled vermicelli served with pork rolls grilled on charcoal. There are two types of grilled meat balls or meatballs that are seasoned with rich spices and cooked aromatic. This delicious Hanoi dish is also indispensable for a bowl of sweet and spicy fish sauce with sweet and sour green papaya served with raw vegetables to create harmony for the whole. It can be said that this is both the main dish and the most durable snacks in the capital. List of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam - Bun cha can add a cup of sauce to the bowl when eatenBun cha, when eaten, can be dipped into a bowl of vermicelli, like other types of vermicelli eaten with other broth. Photo:

2. Bun thang

If bun cha has the main ingredient of tangled rice noodles and grilled pork, then bun thang has more variety of ingredients. This delicious dish is a combination of the delicious flavors of more than 20 ingredients such as pork bones, tiger shrimp, duck eggs mixed with silk rolls, shiitake mushrooms, chicken, skinless chicken neck, shrimp head, dried radish. , dried squid, dried squid, grilled onion, fish sauce, salt brewed with tomato stem, green onion, dried onion, coriander, grilled ginger, shiitake mushroom, …

Bun thang is a dish that requires fussy ingredients right from the preparation of ingredients, the preliminary preparation step to the cooking of the broth and the last step is to arrange the ingredients to form the perfect, colorful standard noodle bowl. and attractive.List of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam - Bun thangBun thang is classified as a high-class specialty in all kinds of noodles in Hanoi. Photo: Baomoi

Perhaps that is why this famous Hanoi specialty dish is not only delicious but also beautiful. Indeed, from the past, this dish has been ranked as the most premium specialty and among the top delicious noodle dishes in Vietnam .

If you are preparing to travel to Hanoi , set foot on the capital land, do not hesitate, but quickly choose the nearest noodle shop to enjoy this delicious dish.List of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam - Ingredients to cook bun thangThe ingredients for cooking vermicelli are very diverse and sophisticated. Photo:

3. Vermicelli grows

Vermicelli is a dish originating from the village of Moc (also called Nhan Muc village), Nhan Chinh, now in Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi. This dish is made up of pellets that grow cooked in broth and served with vermicelli (growing which is the name to call live rolls). People often eat vermicelli growing with chili, seasoning with a little shrimp sauce, satay and raw vegetables, eventually adding a few drops of lemon juice.

In addition to growing, people also add young ribs, sliced ​​cinnamon rolls, minced lean meat, mushrooms and mushrooms to add fish sauce with a little sugar to complete the dish. And certainly indispensable a few noodles with raw vegetables, water spinach, bananas, shrimp paste, sliced ​​chili, satay, onions, cilantro, lemon to create the right bowl of vermicelli.List of delicious noodle dishes in Vietnam - Noodles grow frugally easy to eatNoodles grow frugally easy to eat. Photo: Webnauan

4. Crab noodle soup

Crab noodle soup is considered a popular dish and has many different versions in each region across the country, so it is difficult to see one of the famous noodle dishes of this Vietnamese cuisine as a specialty of any province. . But one thing that anyone can confirm is that crab vermicelli is the most widely known traditional Vietnamese dish.

This dish has very popular ingredients, only vermicelli (can be vermicelli or leaf vermicelli) and ‘rieu crab’ – ingredients are cooked from crab bricks, the crab body is pounded and frozen into blocks. The broth with added tomatoes is stir-fried with cashew oil to create a natural color for the dish, add a little water fat, and absorb the familiar Vietnamese spices such as fish sauce, salt, and onion.List of delicious noodle dishes in Vietnam - Bun rieu crabCrab noodle soup is a traditional Vietnamese dish. Photo: Women and family

When eating vermicelli, people often add a little shrimp sauce to increase the richness and charm of the dish. This popular noodle dish, but thousands of people love this dish is often eaten with ghoul (chopped banana cotton or split water spinach stalks). Because there is no pork stew or pork but only crab is the main thing, the vermicelli has a cool, mild taste that is easy to eat but not greasy, Vietnamese people often use it in the summer because of the coolness and gentleness of it.

Over time, vermicelli has become extremely popular and has been upgraded, from popular dishes, sold on the sidewalks, to street corners to specialties in restaurants. But one thing cannot be changed: bun rieu is a dish that conquers a large number of diners, even though it is the most difficult. What are you waiting for without rushing to the nearest familiar shop to enjoy a bowl of fragrant vermicelli.List of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam - Bun rieu crab is everywhereCrab noodle vermicelli are present all over the country.

5. Vermicelli noodles

Bun snail has a few similarities with vermicelli and is also considered one of the specialties of the Hanoi people. Although snails are a popular food, available in many regions, but often people are boiled or fried or cooked into their own dishes, but there is no place with a unique noodle dish like in the capital. And one can also use the dish in these delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam as a breakfast, lunch or dinner gift.

The vermicelli dish conquers diners thanks to its mild and sour taste that is easy to eat and does not cause a heavy stomach like other dishes. A correct bowl of delicious traditional vermicelli usually includes snails, fried tomatoes, tofu … served with fresh fresh vegetables. Perhaps because of that characteristic, people easily addicted to vermicelli in hot summer afternoon or hot afternoon. In some other versions of vermicelli, people also add rolls or beef to make the dish more attractive and help to stay full for longer.List of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam - Bun snail has a mild, sour tasteBun snail has a mild, sour taste that is easy to eat. Photo: @bachuaviahe

6. Hai Phong shrimp noodle soup

If Hanoi is famous for bun cha, vermicelli thang, vermicelli, snail, the specialty shrimp vermicelli of Hai Phong cuisine . The main ingredient of this dish is right above its name is vermicelli and shrimp. There are also wood ear fungus, shiitake mushrooms, silk rolls, a little scallion with vegetables, usually vegetables, green vegetables, dill.List of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam - Hai Phong has shrimp noodle dishesHai Phong has the famous shrimp noodle dish in Port land. Photo: thuytrangg97

7. Noodles with shrimp paste and fish sauce

One of the other delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam is the original shrimp sauce vermicelli in Trung Huong, Phất Lộc lane will include vermicelli with yellow fried beans, shrimp paste, lemon, sugar, chili and a few herbs like purple bowl, marjoram, basil, lettuce … More and more later, people added many other ingredients to create current versions of vermicelli such as fried pork rolls, boiled pork, pork belly. .. to add full and rich dishes.

Although originating in the North, but because it is quite easy to eat but not picky in processing, the low price is suitable for the income of many people, so noodles are widely popular in all three regions of the country.List of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam - Vermicelli with shrimp paste and shrimp sauce is a popular dish Bun with bean paste, shrimp paste is a popular dish but contains the quintessence of Northern cuisine. Photo: thucthan

Here are five famous noodle shops in Hanoi that you should try if you have the opportunity to visit the capital:

Hang Khay shrimp sauce bean noodle shop with prices from only 45,000 thousand VND / capacity.

Cay Bang, Dai La shrimp and bean noodle shop with the price of only 30000 thousand VND / serving.

Trung Huong bean vermicelli shop, Phat Loc alley with the price from 200,000 to 50,000 VND / capacity.

Ngo Brick root vermicelli shop with about 50,000 VND / capacity.

Yellow bean noodle shop in Hoang Cau area with prices ranging from 20000 – 60000 thousand VND / serving.List of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam - Noodles Trung HuongNoodles Trung Huong bean, Phat Loc lane, is very famous. Photo: Toplist

8. Hue beef noodle soup

Leaving the delicious noodle dishes of Vietnam in the North, along with the famous delicacies that the reputation has echoed far from our territory in the Central. Not only one of the most prominent Central specialties of the country with many ancient mausoleum monuments, Hue beef noodle soup conquers the taste of the most demanding diners because of its charm in both content and content. its form. The main ingredients of this delicious dish include vermicelli, beef, pork rolls, harmoniously lying in the typical red brick broth, adding a little sauce with lemongrass and satay to create a very unique flavor. Depending on the taste of the cook and the person who eats it, people will add rare beef, crab rolls, Hue rolls (pork rolls or puree crab cakes) and other ingredients to the bowl of vermicelli.List of delicious noodle dishes in Vietnam - Vermicelli is a favoriteBeef noodle soup is loved for its delicious taste and many nutrients. Photo: mightyinthemitten

Other spices that add to the appeal of the dish are chili powder, satay. Finally, a bowl of Hue beef vermicelli will be the most delicious and complete if served with fresh and fresh vegetables including low price, herbs, lettuce, and chopped banana corn. If you are planning to travel to the ancient capital, remember to reward yourself with a bowl of fragrant beef noodle soup at the right delicious places.

9. Da Nang fish sauce noodle soup

The sunny and windy central land not only has Hue beef vermicelli in the list of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam , but also has another representative, Danang noodle soup. Although it is a popular specialty and can be found anywhere in the city, it’s not so much that it is taken lightly. On the contrary, the main ingredient of the dish is vermicelli, boiled pork with spring rolls and fish sauce, served with raw vegetables, boiled young jackfruit, and roasted peanuts has become very familiar, close and addictive to the people of Da. Nang or tourists come here.List of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam - Bun with seasoning is a popular specialtyVermicelli with wedge sauce is a popular specialty that you can find anywhere in Da Nang city. Photo: CET Middle School

10. Nha Trang fish noodle soup

In the coastal tourist city of Nha Trang with beautiful beaches, there is a vermicelli dish that many people fall in love with because of its delicious, clean, easy-to-eat taste.

Normally, in a standard bowl of Nha Trang fish cake noodle soup, there will always be steamed and fried pies with a few slices of fresh fish fillets, pineapple slices, tomato pieces, with cilantro and sprinkle with pepper. When you eat, you will feel the freshness of the fish, the unmistakable sweetness of the broth because it is secreted from the fish, mackerel head and fish bones. Chew a piece of fish cake, after enjoying the delicious chewyness, you will see on the tip of the tongue the sweet and salty taste of the sea.List of delicious noodle dishes in Vietnam - Nha Trang fish noodle soupNha Trang fish noodle soup has a clean, clean taste that is easy to eat. Photo: Ngoc Tan

11. Soup noodle soup

In the western provinces of the river such as Tra Vinh, Ca Mau, Soc Trang, Bac Lieu, noodle soup is one of the most delicious noodle dishes in Vietnam . As the land of all kinds of fish sauce, people often use fish sauce, fish sauce to cook the broth to add rich flavor, then add seafood such as shrimp, fresh snakehead fish fillet and boiled pork skin thinly. . More specifically, the stork has a few pieces of pork roasted on top of the Soc Trang noodle soup . In order to reconcile the rich taste of fish sauce in the bowl of vermicelli, it is indispensable to lack herbs, classic cotton, and the typical trusses of the Southern river region.List of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam - Special noodle soupNoodle soup is especially famous in Tra Vinh, Ca Mau, Soc Trang, Bac Lieu. Photo: Tripadvisor

12. Western noodle soup

Bun Mam is a variation of the famous western hotpot. The broth of this dish is cooked from Linh fish, and fish is similar to vermicelli, but with a number of different spices to create a distinctively rich flavor. A complete bowl of fish noodle soup will have medium-sized vermicelli, shrimp, squid, fish ball stuffed with chili, a few slices of roasted pork with a splash of boiling broth, in addition to a few slices of ripe eggplant, fragrant. fish sauce and herbs sprinkled on.List of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam - Nam Bo noodle dish full of attractiveExperience the fascinating Nam Bo fish noodle dish. Photo: Foodholicvn

Bun Mam is often eaten with split or thinly shredded morning glory, a few stalks of water lily, bitter vegetables, chopped banana corn, spinach, bean sprouts and fish lettuce. If you come in the right season of the western floating season, vegetables served with vermicelli will also have crazy flowers, lotus and many other types.List of delicious noodle dishes in Vietnam - Western noodle soup is a variation of fish sauceWestern noodle soup is a variation of the sauce dish. Photo: daynauan

Currently, bun Mam is not a special dish for Western people anymore, but is known and loved by many visitors because of its unforgettable strong flavor.

13. Noodles with grilled meat

In the list of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam , grilled meat vermicelli is a rare dish without broth. In terms of ingredients, grilled pork vermicelli has many similarities with Hanoi vermicelli because they also include fresh vermicelli and pork, marinated with spices and then grilled on charcoal, various kinds of vegetables. But the grilled meat vermicelli has a richer meaty taste and the sweet and sour fish sauce served with it is also a bit saltier. Vermicelli with grilled meat is present in all three regions of the country and is also a very popular dish, as well as quite easy to eat. You can use this dish as breakfast, meals, or in between are very delicious and attractive. The requirement of the grilled meat vermicelli dish is that the meat is grilled in two sides with yellow and then chopped when eaten with the aroma of lemongrass and sesame; Sweet and sour fish sauce is served with the right taste but harmonious with the sweet and sour taste.List of delicious vermicelli dishes in Vietnam - A bowl of grilled meat vermicelli attractive and fragrantAn attractive and fragrant bowl of grilled meat vermicelli captivates many diners. Photo: toplist

The top of the above noodle dishes is familiar but equally unique delicacies that captivate many diners, even the most difficult because each dish is a harmonious harmonization of scent, color, and delicious taste. where the tongue is. Travel together, discover the beauty of each region across the country and enjoy each delicious Vietnamese noodle dish at each passing place.