Pin now 6 tourist attractions Dong Ha Quang Tri worth a visit

As a dynamic city of Quang Tri province, Dong Ha tourist destinations also contribute to making this place an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Learn about Dong Ha tourist sites – the center of heroic Quang Tri

Dong Ha Market

Located right next to Dong Ha Bridge next to the Hieu River, smoothly flowing all year round. Dong Ha Market is not only the trading center of the city, but also people from all over the province. Tourists also love coming here to buy local specialties at the market and buy as gifts. Due to its proximity to the border gate, there are also new imported goods originating from Thailand or Laos. travel-destination-dong-ha-cho-3Peaceful restaurant with rustic food on the side of the market

If you want to enjoy the typical dishes of Quang Tri, do not forget to visit  this interesting Dong Ha tourist destination . In the market or the back area, there are simple shops, but the food is delicious and quite cheap. Every early morning or evening, if you do not want to eat at the hotel, you can take the car here to eat a full meal for life. Eating while watching the peaceful countryside market atmosphere. travel-destination-dong-ha-cho-2A peaceful corner of the market

Quang Tri Provincial Museum

Located on Nguyen Hue street in the heart of Dong Ha city of Quang Tri province. This history museum was built only a few years ago, but this is a destination not to be missed for tourists. Especially those who want to learn the traditional culture and people of the ethnic groups in this land of fire and smoke. In the museum displays 10,000 original artifacts of great museum displays many valuable historical artifacts

On a campus of more than 4,000 square meters, this Dong Ha tourist destination is divided into two separate display areas, outdoor and indoor. Outside, you will admire the space that recreates the cultural features of the Cham people and large-sized artifacts from the war. Inside, there are 2 floors, displaying artifacts from each historical period of Quang are displayed in different historical periods

Traditional sound is combined with modernity, besides there is a scientific arrangement that makes tourists interested and easier to understand when having the opportunity to visit the museum. Not only that, there is also a statue of the uncle of Lord Nguyen cast from that time and kept to that time, clusters of semi-enameled porcelain jars dating back more than 10 centuries, An Khe bronze drums, village contract. Phu Kinh is longer than 2m, …

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Park and monument Le Duan

As an important highlight of the city, this park is located right next to Le Duan Street, National Highway 1A. To the people here, this Dong Ha tourist site is very familiar. Spacious and airy space is decorated with green trees, flowers, clean paved road. This is a very comfortable place to relax, every early morning or afternoon the park is crowded with people to exercise.tourist-location-tourism-district-of-duan_1Large and green campus of the park in the center

The park also has rows of benches for people to sit and rest after exercising or visiting Dong Ha market. Sitting here, we can see the North and South buses going back and forth, the other side is the cool lake. This is a peaceful space to relax not only the people but also tourists love it.Tourist-tourist-destination-Dong-Ha-Park-Duan-The statue of Secretary Le Duan is in the center of the park

Not only that, in this Dong Ha Quang Tri tourist destination  , there is also a square area with a statue of the late General Secretary Le Duan placed majestically in the middle. The 9.9 meter tall statue is crafted with green stone to commemorate the beloved son of Quang Tri. Everyday, in front of the monument, people come to play, sit and wait. There are also special occasions such as commemoration of birthdays or anniversary events of the country, where incense offerings and meaningful cultural activities take place.Tourist-tourist-destination-from-ha-ha-park-duan-2Here the big holidays also take place memorial activities

Chau Quang Pagoda

Located at 31, Tran Hung Dao street, built in 1925. The pagoda has a long history and is the place where the Buddhist administration of Quang Tri province works. Through many restoration works in each period and different parts, up to now, it has been relatively spacious. The sanctuary space, the pagoda is a place where Buddhists as well as tourists come to visit and worship every day. tourist-tourist-destination-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haThe pagoda is the home of the Church of Quang Tri province

Quang Tri Railway Station

Newly built in the 2000s when the land of Quang Tri, bomb and fire, once still had many shortages. But to this day, this is still Dong Ha tourist destination that many tourists, especially young people love to visit. Every detail is tinged with time but makes the viewer feel very close. You can visit the station or check in at the railway area, the station bridge is also very beautiful. dia-diem-du-lich-dong-ha-1The tracks near the station were tinged with the old color of time

National Martyrs Cemetery on Road 9

From Dong Ha city to the West for 6 km, you will come to the Cemetery located next to the historic 9th Street. Built in 1995 on a high hill, the resting place of more than 9,500 martyrs, who have contributed to the country during the war years on the 9th road front and soldiers fighting in Laos. The center has a victory monument up to 18 meters high, extremely prominent. travel-destination-travel-tourism-site-9-Solemn campus of Martyrs Cemetery on Road 9

On it depicts the image of the Vietnamese liberation army with the Lao baby and girl celebrating the victory day. Over there is the memorial house, the statue showing the solidarity between Vietnam and Laos, the large reliefs expressing the fighting spirit of the army and people. Dong Ha Quang Tri tourist destination  very meaningful this is the destination that you should visit once during your visit to this land. travel-destination-travel-tourism-site-9_2The bell placed on the premises is visited by tourists

From the arid land ravaged by war, today’s Quang Tri tourism has gradually become an attractive destination for tourists. Not only relics and historical works but also many attractions, such as this young city of Dong Ha.