Suggest 7 tourist attractions in Gio Linh Quang Tri that many people love

Visit a historic land with famous Gio Linh tourist sites such as Truong Son martyrs cemetery, Cua Viet beach, Ben Tat suspension bridge, … 

Although it is a small district of Quang Tri province with a population of just over 72,000 people, in years of a fierce war, the 17th parallel divided the country into two regions. This dear land is the South Bank, a part of blood and flesh was cut in half to witness the bombs falling. Today, thanks to the endowment of nature, there are forests and seas. Bringing in her heroic historical landmarks, becoming an attractive tourist destination.

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The famous Gio Linh tourist sites are visited by many people

1. Truong Son National Martyrs Cemetery

This is the most significant and large-scale cemetery in Vietnam today, built on 3 hills in Ben Tat with an area of ​​up to 106 hectares. Going back upstream of the Ben Hai River, you will find the cemetery majestic and quiet. Completed in April 1977 after more than 2 years of construction, located right next to NH15, in the northwest of Dong Ha cemetery in the country

This is the most famous Gio Linh tourist site because Truong Son cemetery gathers a large number of graves of people who have fought and defended the Ho Chi Minh route from fierce attacks by the US army. After many embellishment processes, the campus is now shaded with green trees with typical provincial tombs, the national record station, the showroom, … surrounded by solid year a large number of visitors come to visit

Every year, this place is not only a place for martyrs’ relatives, local or central authorities to burn incense, organize memorials for heroes who have made merit to the nation. But tourists from all over the country to abroad also come here to light a incense in front of the spirits of the dead and to remember the gratitude for those who gave them life place of gratitude to the dead soldiers

2. Cua Viet Beach

Located near the famous Xuyen A route, only 15 km south of Dong Ha city in Quang Tri. This beautiful beach is Gio Linh tourist destination attracting top tourists with its charm. On sunny summer days, walking barefoot on the long, poetic white sand beach, enjoying the fresh nature of the tranquil @iamchangg_htt

Not only domestic tourists but also international tourists often come to this northern Cua Viet beach to relax and relax. In the midst of the scorching heat of the Central region, she was struggling under the cool water. And participating in beach games or fun activities on the beach is very interesting. The palm-roofing umbrellas or the coconut trees planted here also make the atmosphere softer.tourist-travel-destination-7Photo: @ hang.nga.94Travel-Travel-Location-Spirit-8Photo: @ mike.2311

3. The two-bank relic of Hien Luong and Ben Hai river

For each people of Quang Tri, Ben Hai River and Hien Luong Bridge are closely related as a part of their flesh and blood that everyone talks about every time they go away. Not only that, this relic cluster is also a Gio Linh tourist destination that is loved by many people. The river is more than 100km long, taking the Truong Son mountain range as upstream and flowing into Cua Tung sea. Together with Hien Luong bridge, which once divided the North and South for a while.tourist-travel-locationThe bridge is associated with the years of heroic history. Photo: Tran Huy Thang

One side is located in Gio Linh district, the other side is Vinh Linh. Coming to this lovely shore, not only can walk on the bridge to be a witness of history but also be checked in with the charming natural scenery. Visit the monument area called “Desire for unity” with the wish that the country will no longer suffer painful @ppikiutravel-destination-location-2Photo: @the_laiability

4. Ben Tat suspension bridge

As part of the legendary Ho Chi Minh route, this bridge has great historical value to the people of Quang Tri. Built in 1973, it was previously recognized as a national historic site. Carrying on his back tens of thousands of trips carrying food from the rear to support the frontlines. But later this Gio Linh tourist site was swept away by the floods, so it was rebuilt with the help of construction engineers from Cuba.tourist-travel-destination-9Ancient bridge associated with many generations of heroestourist-travel-destination-10The bridge connects the happy banks of the heroic land

5. Temple advocacy well

For hundreds of years, people in Gio My, Gio Linh district have passed on each other to preserve and preserve a unique ancient well located at the foot of the pagoda’s cave. According to the story, this well from the Cham dynasty is associated with the anecdotal love of the prince of this kingdom with the beautiful village girl. And a special feature is in the midst of immense white sand, but it is never exhausted and always clear. travel-destination-from-time-11Unique wells are hundreds of years old

This is not only a place where people still come to get water for their daily activities and especially to cook wine because the water is cool in summer and warm in winter. But also included in history books as part of culture that needs to be preserved and promoted. This cultural relic is also included in the list of attractive Gio Linh tourist attractions to introduce to tourists to visit. travel-destination-from-time-12The well water is cool and clear all year round

6. The golden sand hill at Nhi Ha

This sand dune area is also one of the must-visit destinations in Quang Tri. Golden sand dunes with a height of up to 40 meters, close to Cua Viet beach, Gio Hai beach. The surroundings are quite flat, so when you stand from above, you will see a beautiful natural scenery. Especially early dawn or dusk, watch the sun lurking in the beautiful distant golden sand dunes are like “little desert” of Quang Tritravel-travel-destination-14This Gio Linh tourist site is also visited by a lot of people

7. Doc Mieu base area

Doc Mieu and Con Tien are two Gio Linh tourist sites of great historical significance. When in the years 1947 – 1954 this was an important base that the US devoted all its efforts to build to serve the process of invading the North. Today, it has become a favorite sightseeing place with peacefulness surrounded by green hills and majestic The base area is located on a high hill majestic statue stands out

Once a place to witness the pain of separation, but now Quang Tri tourism connects people everywhere to the heroic land. Not only for nostalgia but also to visit interesting and attractive places.