Admire the masterpiece from the rock: Hon Con Coc on Ha Long Bay

Hon Con Coc on Ha Long Bay is a masterpiece from nature bestowed on a beautiful coastal city. So where is Con Coc island on Ha Long Bay and what’s so attractive? Please refer to the following article to better understand this famous place of Ha Long tourism.

Where is Hon Con Coc Ha Long?

Where is the Toad island? This unique place is located about 12km from Bai Chay tourist boat port, located in the southeastern area of ​​Ha Long Bay. Although it is only an island with a relatively small area, but Con Coc Island attracts visitors with its strange and impressive shape at first sight. 

Hon Con Coc on Ha Long Bay has a height of about 9m, impressive with waiting for rain to fall, located separately in the vast ocean. Visitors can only admire the beauty of Con Coc from the boat and cannot set foot in this place. 
Con Coc island on Ha Long Bay - attractive destinationHon Con Coc on Ha Long Bay has a height of about 9m, impressive with waiting for rain to fall

How to move to Con Coc island on Ha Long Bay

To explore Con Coc when traveling to Ha Long, first of all, you need to move to Ha Long from Hanoi by many different means. The most convenient is to take a bus from Gia Lam, Giap Bat or My Dinh bus station to Quang Ninh with fares ranging from 100,000 VND – 120,000 VND / person or you can take a Limousine. You can also take the train to Uong Bi station or Dong Trieu station in Ha Long, departing from Hanoi station or Yen Vien station. Most actively, you should take a self-drive car or motorbike along the highway 1A to Hai Duong – Quang Ninh or the direction to Bac Ninh – Hai Duong – Dong Trieu. 

Con Coc Island is located in the southeast area of ​​Ha Long Bay, so to explore this beautiful island you need to first hire a boat, buy a tour ticket or buy a cruise tour. If you have financial conditions you can rent a seaplane departing from Tuan Chau Island. From the height of over 300m, you will admire the panoramic view of the beautiful Ha Long Bay from above with extremely interesting experiences.
Visiting Con Coc island on Ha Long Bay - by seaplaneAdmire Con Coc island by seaplane

Hon Con Coc – natural masterpiece attracting tourists in Ha Long

What’s so attractive about Hon Con Coc ? Perhaps in each of us everyone knows about the toad’s tale associated with the victory for rain with the familiar saying “toad is a grandfather – Whoever hits it, God will fight …”. Therefore, the image of the toad always has a sacred meaning and is highly respected by everyone. 

Hon Con Coc on Ha Long Bay is located in the heart of the bay, relaxing and waiting for the rain. Over the years of decades, Con Coc island still retains its original shape and has not been eroded by waves. Hon Con Coc remained in a stern posture and proudly raised her head in the middle of the immense Ha Long Bay. 
Visiting Con Coc island on Ha Long Bay - a masterpiece from natureHon Con Coc on Ha Long Bay is located in the heart of the bay

Tourists visiting Con Coc island will be overwhelmed with the unique beauty of this special island. The most impressive thing is that the cliffs of Con Coc are covered with green trees, increasing the inherent beauty. In particular, you can also take a picture of Con Tooc island as a souvenir of your trip. If you have the opportunity to come to Ha Long, once you visit Con Coc Ha Long to admire the beauty of this island 1-0-2.
Hon Con Coc on Ha Long Bay - famous sightsAdmire the beauty of Ha Long Con Coc Island

Explore beautiful islands in Ha Long

Besides Con Coc island on Ha Long Bay, you can combine other famous islands such as:

– Hon Dau Man: With an altitude of about 25m, Dau Ngu Island looks like an Egyptian head with a big nose and a chin close to the water when viewed from a distance. Hon Dau Ngu is located in the northern area of ​​Bo Hon island in Halong Bay. From Hon Dau Nguoi, it is very convenient to go to Titop island and Luon cave about 1km.

– Finger Island: This island is impressed with the image of a giant thumb appearing on the water, attracting visitors. 

– Hon Chop: Located in Bai Tu Long Bay area, about 8km from Bai Tho mountain. This island is shaped like a giant magic wand embedded in the sea.

– Hon Mat Dem: Also located in Bai Tu Long Bay, about 20 minutes by train. This island is shaped like a kneeling face and has a deformed face. 

Hon Trong Mai: Considered as a symbol of Ha Long tourism, about 5km from Bai Chay. This place attracts visitors with a pair of rooster-shaped rocks and a hen standing side by side symbolizing the fidelity of husband and wife.
Hon Con Coc on Ha Long Bay - combined with visiting Trong Mai islandCombined visiting Trong Mai islet

Notes when visiting Halong Toad Hon

Visiting Halong toad island, you should also refer to the following notes for a full discovery:

– You should plan your trip clearly and be able to visit more places near Con Coc island. 

– Visitors can only take pictures and admire the scenery of Con Coc, but cannot come directly to visit. 

– You can book a night tour on Ha Long Bay to fully watch the island, watch the sea at night and explore more caves.

– Discovering Con To is beautiful every season, so you can go at any time of the year. 

– If you plan to visit Con Coc on a big holiday or Tet, you need to actively contact to buy train tickets and book a tour early because the ticket price may increase or run out. 

Hon Con Coc on Ha Long Bay is the top destination that you should not miss when visiting the beautiful coastal city. Hopefully, with the above useful information, you will have the most enjoyable and experienced trip to discover Con Coc.