Fansipan – a destination that attracts tourists all year round

LAO CAI – Fansipan (Sa Pa) conquers visitors not only because of the local cultural imprint but also because nature changes miraculously during the four seasons, few places have it.

Around October and November every year, when the weather starts to get cold with golden sunshine, the moving souls have the opportunity to admire the sea of ​​clouds floating from the legendary Mount Fansipan.

The cloudy season lasts for about 2 months but Fansipan is not the same day as any other day. Here there are cloudy mornings that seem to form a soft, fluffy mattress stretching to the horizon, but sometimes clouds are spongy, rolling up like giant cotton candy blocks. Many tourists said that they also come to Fansipan every year to “hunt clouds” but never feel satisfied.

In Fansipan, at the end of the cloudy season comes the frost again. There are winter days when the sky is blue, the sun is clear, the peak of Fansipan is covered with white, frozen trees and trees create a sparkling picture of ice. Visitors who are lucky enough to reach the top of this occasion will enjoy the crystal clear ice densely clinging to tree branches, ledges … – the scene seems to be only seen through Christmas movies.

When the weather turns to spring, Fansipan enters the vibrant flower season again. Dai thousand Hoang Lien, after a winter of sleep, began to awaken with the pink color of peach blossoms and azaleas flaps from pale pink to dark red then apricot yellow, pure white sprouting. The scenery of the sea, clouds, or ice is now replaced by colorful flower beds hidden under the cold fog, which looks very interesting.

At the foot of the mountain, when the first summer sun shines, it is also the time when the rose clusters in Sa Pa begin to open their buds. Sa Pa roses bloom in large clusters, creating streams of flowers, waterfalls overflowing on each cliff and wall, making a strong impression on flower lovers.

Coming to Fansipan, you definitely do not miss a walk on the purple flower hill. This is the place where millions of pre-drafted vodkas form into purple clouds bobbing to embrace green young children, blending with blue sky and white clouds, drawing a movie of flowers in love with travelers.

Fansipan also attracts visitors to admire the changing green rice season, golden rice season, romantic cherry blossom season … Each time here will bring visitors different emotions. According to many visitors, to see the full beauty of Fansipan, you definitely cannot visit this place once.

Resonating with natural beauty is the unique and characteristic cultural color of the country in the clouds. Here, visitors are immersed in the traditional life of indigenous people such as shopping at ethnic markets where the Mong, Dao, Giay … gather to sell specialties of mountains and forests. Or, tourists can also listen to the sound of the flute, the sound of the lips humming, and each graceful dance spread from the Northwest poets.

Faintly in the cold mist, there is an irresistible and attractive taste of grilled Ban Pig that is stuck on embers on embers, served with fragrant blue rice, Thang Co, chicken rolled with lemon leaves or crispy grilled fish … These are the Certain dishes you must taste when you have the opportunity to come to Fansipan.

At Sun World Fansipan Legend resort, stretching throughout the year is festival activities, diverse cultural events for visitors, from the opening spring festival to the azalea festival, the rice season festival, or the hippocampus race on the vibrant clouds …
This resort is also one of the spiritual destinations sought by Buddhists on the top of Fansipan sacred, home to the magnificent spiritual structures built. Marvel. Many visitors share, just coming to this resort, you will see a Sa Pa never repeated.

vnexpress/ Photo: Tô Bá Hiếu, Lê Việt Khánh