Lonely tree in Tay Ninh – a virtual living spot that makes young people ‘feverish’

Taking photos with lonely trees is a never-ending trend in the virtual living community, and if you also have that passion, you must definitely not ignore the lonely tree in Tay Ninh.

When the lonely bronze tree in Ha Cang village, Hue “causes fever” because the scene is too romantic and poetic in the movie “The Eye” by Victor Vu director, all the lonely trees on the strip S are in the sights of young people such as pine trees in Da Lat, crushed wood trees in Ha Giang, cat apple trees in Ta Xua, purple lentils trees in Binh Thuan … and of course, brooch trees are indispensable. application in Tay Ninh already.

The uniqueness of the lonely tree in Tay Ninh

If the lonely almond tree in front of the immense sea in Binh Thuan has caused many people to “grieve”, the tree located in Go Duoi village, Long Thanh Nam commune, Hoa Thanh district, Tay Ninh province, will also make many hearts. must be “sobbing” no less, because, in the middle of a vast rice field, there is only one it stands alone, soaking in the sun, drizzling with sunlight over the years.the brazen look of a lonely tree in Tay Ninh Remain alone in the middle of a vast field (Photo FB Vi Vi)

According to a villager, Ms. Nguyen Thi Nang (60 years old), this lonely tree is like a forest broccoli, planted by her great-grandfather on the family’s field to create shade, helping people rest after the hard working session. The specific time is not clear, but until now, the tree is over a hundred years old, so it is often called “village old tree” by villagers.

The longevity was so high, coupled with the harsh weather and the devastation of time, the old Tram died long ago, but seeing many young people so enamored, the owner decided to keep it. again.

Therefore, at any time you come here, you can only witness the spindly branches stretching out around and the barren, ragged trunk, clearly imprinted with the traces of time. It looks like there is no such vitality, but the strange thing is that many years have passed the lonely tree in Tay Ninh has not been knocked down, still steadfastly standing there “warmly” to welcome visitors. visit the village.the ragged, spindly look of a lonely tree in Tay Ninh The branches are spindly but attractive (Photo FB with Red Lipstick)

This makes it different from the lush green broccoli tree in An Giang or any other lonely stump that can bloom and bloom in Vietnam, thus making the young people more swept. suck more.

The scene is poetic at a lonely tree in Tay Ninh

There are no more lush green foliage like the old banyan root growing at the village head of the old northern countryside, unable to bear fruit for the children in the village to compete for food, nor can hide the sun dazzling in the hot summer days for the hard work of the people, but it seems that the bare, the fiber makes the lonely tree in Tay Ninh more charming and more attractive.

Every morning, when the bright pink rays of the sun are slowly glimmering behind the clouds, the beauty of the lonely old brooch combined with the green color of the rice fields, the daughter below makes the village scene in Tay Ninh becomes gentle, peaceful, and familiar.dawn - peaceful scene at Lonely Tree in Tay Ninh Peace under the sparkling dawn (Photo by FB Huynh Anh Trung)

And when the sunset falls, the whole space is in a bright yellow color, a little sunshine is finally gradually disappearing to make room for the darkness, the lonely old brooch in Tay Ninh becomes mysterious and mysterious. At this time, each branch of the tree becomes clear, showing a dry, droopy look like a tree is sadly waiting for something, to make the standing person sobbing and recovering.sunset - the ghostly beauty of the Lonely Tree in Tay NinhThe brooch becomes ghostly under the sunset (Photo by FB Le Minh Ruong)

If you catch the moment when the storks are flying in the sky, reflecting the sunset, the peasants working in the fields or the children are helplessly flying kites by the tree, occasionally bringing up the Crunchy laughter, you will definitely feel like you are standing in a romantic fairy tale world somewhere.kite flying - exciting activity at the lonely tree in Tay Ninh The scene of a peaceful kite flying by the tree

Virtual life in a lonely tree in Tay Ninh

For villagers, the lonely tree in Tay Ninh can be just a “witness” to witness the changes of the village over time, a place to rely on resting when tired or associated with a worthy memory. Some memory in the memory, but for young people, especially photographers, it is a masterpiece of art created from the enthusiasm of a talented artist.

That is why, through just a few photos shared on the internet, people are immediately attracted, then eagerly pull each other here to take virtual live photos as “celebrities”.virtual life - attractive activities at lonely trees in Tay Ninh Young people eagerly pulled together to take pictures (Photo @ nthien2702)

You also know, even standing alone, the Tram in Tay Ninh is already a “dead angle” artwork, so no matter how you stand, how you shoot, the camera is good or bad. the picture is also “oh-la”.

If you want the picture to add love, more poetry, just by looking at it, you can feel a story behind, you can wear delicate ao dai, simple bra, make use of transparent umbrella. The beautiful old bicycle, the guitar-ta full of “technology” or the idyllic beauty of the peasants who are diligent in farming … there is no point to criticize.virtual life - important activity at Lonely Tree in Tay Ninh Photo extremely poetic (Photo FB MI MI)

Revealing, sunset is not only the most pleasant time of the day, but it can also create “life-long” pictures, so it often attracts a lot of tourists and villagers to admire the tree, thus inevitably the case of taking photos of “stick people”. However, do not miss this moment, because the person in the photo can erase it, but the sunset is over and not “get” back anywhere.Sunset - Romantic scene at Lonely Tree in Tay Ninh Super fanciful sunset by the tree (Photo FB Tuyet Lan)

Currently, the fact that many young people go to the lonely tree in Tay Ninh to take pictures, make the space here become more bustling, more joyful and promote tourism for the area is very encouraging, but hope you always Consciousness of keeping the landscape, not littering, not breaking branches, peeling trees or stepping into the fields to damage the farmers’ rice, be a very civilized tourist.

Well, once you have trot “run” according to the trend, of course, you must “run” until the end, so you must definitely not ignore a series of other super attractive virtual living plants such as palm tree Twins, lonely brown roses, lonely cajeput and lonely rice right at Tay Ninh.Twins palm tree - check-in point near lonely tree in Tay Ninh Super beautiful virtual palm tree (Photo FB Phamm Mai)

Youth trips, so what are you waiting for without taking your backpack to the lonely tree in Tay Ninh to live virtual “rental agreement” for the youth!