Mysterious tombs into check-in points

LAM DONG-Dalat Between many famous spots in Da Lat, Nguyen Huu Hao’s mausoleum is quiet and few people visit, inspiring young people to take check-in pictures.

Located on a green hill located on Van Thanh Street, Da Lat City, Nguyen Huu Hao mausoleum is a relic but still new to many tourists. Starting construction in 1939, this project is the burial place of Queen Nam Phuong’s biological father – Nguyen Huu Hao public district. Although he is a Go Cong (Tien Giang), Mr. Nguyen Huu Hao spent the last years of his life in Da Lat.

To reach the mausoleum, you have to cross the main road with 158 steps leading up to an altar opening two ways, each side 13 steps leading to the court. From the courtyard, go up 20 more steps to enter the main mausoleum with the grave of Mr. Nguyen Huu Hao and his wife Le Thi Binh.

Seen from above, the tomb is shaped like a blooming lotus. The tomb is subtle architecture of the Hue court, blending Western architecture when Nguyen Huu Hao’s family followed Christianity. On top of the traditional tiled mausoleum there is a picture of a cross.

Tomb architecture of Nguyen Huu Hao public district.  Photo: Minh Duc
The tomb of Nguyen Huu Hao Public District is about 150 m from Cam Ly junction, only 3.5 km from Da Lat market. Photo: Minh Duc

Many people say that Nguyen Huu Hao mausoleum is a forgotten place, an architecture that sleeps deep in the pine forest, bringing both serene and desolate beauty. There are no signposts, the front gate is obscured by grass bushes plus a sprawling construction site in front, the work mainly attracts young people who love to explore, want to find a peaceful place in the crowded city.

Tourist attraction is the only path leading up to the mausoleum. The gentle stone steps imprinted with traces of time, the two sides are long rows of pine, providing a relaxing experience for walking on cold days. At the beginning of October, the two sides of the road were covered with a glimpse of wild knots.

Straight path leading up to the mausoleum.  Photo: Minh Duc
Straight path leading up to the mausoleum. Photo: Minh Duc

The somewhat lonely tranquility of Nguyen Huu Hao’s tomb seems to contrast with the noise and crowdedness of Dalat in recent years. Walking around the courtyard, courtyard, people see the walls, yard, or stone lion statue covered with green moss.

Nguyen Huu Hao mausoleum generally retains its appearance and landscape after several restoration attempts. The architectural complex is assessed to be clean, with not much waste when it has not been commercialized or massively tourists come here.

Da kneels in full bloom on the side of the road to Nguyen Huu Hao's tomb.  Photo: Minh Duc
Da kneels in full bloom on the side of the road to Nguyen Huu Hao’s tomb. Because it is an unfamiliar destination with the majority of tourists, you do not need to queue to choose the right shooting angle. Photo: Minh Duc

Note for visitors:

Lock your car carefully, as there is no valet service or an entrance ticket counter.

Keep clean, do not litter indiscriminately, do not cause noise in the mausoleum.

Pay attention to dress, ensure respect for the sacred space.

Do not write, doodle or destroy the landscape, works in the mausoleum.