The Hanoi girl cycled alone in Quang Nam

For 5 months, Hue Trang eats and sleeps at the people’s house along the way, sticking with them like relatives, invited to weddings, birthdays, …

In May 2020, Lan Nguyen Hue Trang (Hanoi) decided to take a bicycle trip across Vietnam from Hanoi to Ca Mau. The special feature of the journey is that Trang does not want to go fast, but wants to live slowly, watch nature and live with the locals.

Sharing the reason, Trang calls this the journey back to nature to find herself again. Despite having a good job, loving her colleagues, her heart is no longer alive, filled with enthusiasm as before.

Trang and her bicycle in Quang Tri in July 2020.
Trang and her bicycle in Quang Tri in July 2020. Character photos provided

To prepare for the trip, Trang took 6 months. First, she made the list of destinations, studied the map. Having never had experience traveling through Vietnam or playing extreme sports, Trang learned essential skills such as cycling, downhill, car repair, clothes folding, self-defense … Next, she bought bike, ride, and spend time reading to reinforce your spirits.

“Six months teach me that the best preparation is not preparing at all and that important luggage is my heart. If you delay and prepare until enough, you may never go”, Trang said.

Her belongings include bicycles, clothes, a book, a notebook, dry food supplies, tents, reflective vest, flashlight, mini car repair kit, and some personal belongings. “The first day was probably the bravest one. Because it was the moment when I dared to leave the familiar things and stick with the most to enter an unknown journey,” Trang recalls.

Trang only “pockets” 3 million for the whole journey. “I do not want an easy trip, eat at a restaurant, stay at a motel. Moreover, the long travel time costs a lot of money, I cannot afford it,” Trang shared. She minimizes her own needs, only uses money for sickness, car damage or buying tickets.

Eating and sleeping, Trang mainly relies on the people’s houses along the road. If no one invites them to the motel for lunch, the girl rested on the roadside, where the shade is, eating sweets to bring to get energy. The page was also supported by people adding in kind and cash. “Someone gave me tents, insulated canvas, sleeping bags, chargers, tires, car tires … I’ve never had to spend money at the motel, slept on the street 6 times now, luckily always. Have a clean dinner and shower. Currently my 3 million are still intact, the budget is still increasing, “Trang laughed.

Trang is always grateful for the help she received. She never thought she would live closely with families like family members, invited to weddings, birthdays … Many families sent more cakes, boiled eggs, and milk for her to bring. Trang also participates in charity with local people. “I started by only myself, but now I’m accompanied by many other people. Everyone is very good, going to the banh xeo shop, I sell 10 cakes to me, insist on not taking money. Or sometimes, ladies Neighbors gathered to see what the face of “what a little girl riding a bicycle from North to South” looked like, “she said of her little memories.

Along the journey, the girl encountered many incidents such as car breakdown, severe weather, having to sleep outdoors or being seduced … But she optimistically thought, “Everything has passed so it is not difficult anymore. “. In addition, Trang does not want to lament because she wants to live and understand the hardship of the local people in times of extreme weather, drought or storms.

“There are moments when I shed tears, but never intended to turn my head. There is a strength inside that reminds me to go on. This journey opens me up to a deep connection with myself”, Trang remember.

Trang (green shirt) went out with a new friend in Hue.
Trang (green shirt) went out with a new friend in Hue. Character photos provided

Currently, Trang is in Quang Nam. As expected before, after arriving in Ca Mau, Trang will continue her trekking journey from Hanoi to the northern mountainous provinces. “I have many ideas to live the free life I want, but what I choose to do until then will be clear. Life is always full of surprises, here but worrying about how I live will make myself lose. current, “Trang confirmed.

vnexpress/Photo: NVCC