Visit Truong Son cemetery – a special historical relic in Quang Tri

Visit Truong Son cemetery to visit the graves of heroic martyrs who sacrificed to protect independence and freedom for the country. If you have the opportunity to come to Quang Tri, you should once visit the largest cemetery in the country to show your respect.

Where is Truong Son cemetery in Quang Tri?

Where is Truong Son cemetery ? Truong Son martyrs cemetery is located in Ben Tat hill, next to Highway 15. The address of Truong Son cemetery in Vinh Tuong commune, Gio Linh district is about 38km northwest of Dong Ha city center . 

After the country was liberated, on October 24, 1975, Truong Son cemetery was constructed and completed on April 10, 1977. Truong Son cemetery is a place to commemorate and honor the children of the country who bravely sacrificed themselves for the cause of national liberation. Truong Son cemetery is the destination chosen by many people when traveling to Quang Tri . 
Visit Truong Son cemetery - where is the addressTruong Son martyrs cemetery is located in the Ben Tat hill area, next to Highway 15

How to move to Truong Son cemetery

How to go to Truong Son cemetery ? The closest way to get to Truong Son cemetery is by plane to Dong Hoi airport or if you have more time you can go by bus. For those near you, being able to go by motorbike is the most active, while watching the beautiful scenery along the way. 

From Quang Binh, you follow the Ho Chi Minh road for about 1 and a half hours to Truong Son street and you will see a sign leading to Truong Son cemetery. For you from Ha Tinh, you can turn in the direction of Dong Loc junction and follow the way above. Visit Truong Son cemetery , if you are not fluent in the way or depart from the center of Dong Ha city, you can take a taxi or rent a motorbike according to the following instructions: Go in the direction of NH15, go straight about 32km, you will arrive on Ho Chi Minh Street At this point you turn right to reach Truong Son cemetery. 
Visit Truong Son cemetery - how to moveHow to move to Truong Son cemetery

Quang Tri tourism visits Truong Son cemetery

If you have the opportunity to visit Truong Son cemetery in July, you will see the image of the busy Ho Chi Minh route with traffic going back and forth to visit the officials and soldiers here. Truong Son Cemetery designed and managed by Truong Son Army has a total area of ​​about 140,000m2 located on 3 hills near Ben Hai River. The center of the cemetery is located on a hill with an altitude of 32.4m, the monument is made of white stone and has a hollow gut. Around is one of the martyrs arranged in cities and provinces on the hill. The graves are alternating with forests. The path to the cemetery is paved with bricks, stones or cement pages with flowers blooming all year round. Visit Truong Son cemetery - a special historical relic in Quang TriTruong Son cemetery welcomes a large number of visitors every year of all ages, industries, regions …

Grave of the cemetery is divided into 10 areas according to provinces and one area includes 68 unknown martyrs. All graves in the Truong Son cemetery in Quang Tri have been built fortified and carefully looked after. 

At any time of the year, Truong Son cemetery attracts tourists, the most of which is on the day of war invalids and martyrs on July 27th. Lines of people from veterans, wives, children of martyrs and tourists from all over the world come to light incense to thank. 
Visit Truong Son cemetery - visit martyrs graveEvery year around July, Truong Son cemetery attracts more and more tourists to visit

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According to the experience of visiting Truong Son cemetery , this is the resting place of more than 10,000 martyrs, that are boys and girls in their twenties who sacrificed themselves to protect the Truong Son road. The central area of ​​the cemetery is the majestic Monument and behind is the tall bodhi trees to shade. / Abundant Dong Hai air anh linh / Three summons that shook his mind / Long miles of rivers heavy with gratitude “.
Visit Truong Son cemetery - the spiritual place of Quang TriThe whole scene of Truong Son cemetery in Quang Tri

Truong Son Cemetery attracts more than 4 million passengers each year. According to the management of the cemetery, people from all parts of the country from the headland of Ha Giang, the capital of Hanoi to the land of Ca Mau cape have come to visit and offer incense to the heroes. martyrs. Truong Son cemetery is a large-scale architectural work, rich in artistry and expresses the Party and people’s deep gratitude to their beloved children who have bravely sacrificed for the nation. 
Visit Truong Son cemetery - admire Truong Son cemeterySpiritual tourist attraction attracts tourists in Quang Tri

Notes when visiting Truong Son cemetery

Visiting Quang Tri Truong Son cemetery, you can refer to the following notes: 

– Attention should be paid to dress politely and discreetly. It’s best to wear long-sleeved, elegant colors, and a hat. 

– Should bring fruits, candies and incense to burn incense. 

– You can also buy incense from your kids here. 

– Clean up garbage to ensure hygiene.

– Should show respect and avoid talking, laughing loudly. 

Visiting Truong Son cemetery, visitors can not only learn about the resting places of heroic martyrs. More than that, you also have the opportunity to learn about the patriotism and freedom aspirations of the entire nation as well as emphasize the principle of “When drinking water, remember its source”.