What’s interesting about the Con Son tourist resort in Can Tho?

Go to the West of the river, remember to join the Con Son Can Tho tour – an eco-tourism area with many interesting activities such as making folk cakes, visiting the garden, feeding fish for rice, slapping fish ditches. … and many other memorable experiences.

In addition to Cai Rang floating market , Ninh Kieu wharf , or lush fruit gardens, Con Son Can Tho tourism is a destination attracting many tourists by its wild beauty when it is compared to a jewel in the middle of the street. Marketing flowers. Nature endowed with fruit orchards, fish and shrimp, so Con Son has become an attractive form of community tourism for visitors to come here to mingle with nature, heaven and earth and understand more about simple living. , warmth of the people of the South.What's special about Con Son Can Tho tourist resort, which is 70ha wide?What’s special about Con Son Can Tho tourist resort, which is 70ha wide?

Where is the Con Son tourist area?

Con Son is a small island located in the middle of the gentle Hau river with an area of ​​70 hectares. Favored by nature and favored by the sweet and fragrant fruit garden, the rich ecosystem bearing the imprint of the southern countryside, this place has become the ideal community eco-tourism area of ​​the magnificent land of Tay Do. that tourists cannot miss when returning to Can Tho .

To move to Con Son, tourists have to go by boat across Co Bac pier about 10-15 minutes on the Hau river to reach the beautiful Con Son. Average price for a boat trip is from 10 – 15k / round trip depending on the number of people on a trip.Where is Con Son Can Tho?Where is Con Son Can Tho?

Sightseeing, interesting experience when traveling to Con Son Can Tho

Discovering Con Son , visitors not only feel the coolness of the west of the river with fresh air, green grass blending in the sweet aroma of Western fruits. Besides, visitors will immerse themselves in nature, experience the fresh and sweet orchards, see the uniqueness of the trained snakehead fish, experience the simple lifestyle of the Westerners. like: slapping a ditch to catch fish, making a cake by yourself … with fun moments with simple meals at the garden.

1. Visiting fish raft

In Con Son, people here keep a lot of squash fish in cages. And if you book in advance, visitors will enjoy extremely delicious dishes made from squishy fish such as fried dishes, stewed dishes, fish cakes … which have a strong country flavor. In addition, visitors will visit other fish cages such as: catfish, dolphins …

Entrance fee: 10k / personTraveling to Con Son, Can Tho - fishing raftVisiting fish raft

2. Visiting the flying snakehead fish model

One thing that is quite interesting when traveling to Con Son Can Tho is watching the snakehead fish model flying. Snakehead fish will be raised in cages and trained in eating time according to the daily routine prescribed by the cage owner. When it is time to eat, the owner of the fish raft will knock on the signal so that the snakehead fish know it is time to eat, then the food will be put in a mug and thrown into the fish cage. The voracious snakehead fish will instinctively fly high to catch prey and create an extremely attractive scene that visitors must be surprised. Not only seeing the snakehead fish perform, but visitors will walk around the sweet and crispy guava garden, experience the monkey bridge along the lotus pond, enjoy homemade lotus water.

Entrance fee: 20k / personTravel Con Son, Can Tho - snakehead fish flyVisiting the flying snakehead fish model experience the monkey bridge the sen

3. Visiting the fruit garden system

Visiting Con Son , visitors will visit the fruit orchards, luxuriant all year round with a variety of types. Depending on the season, the types of fruits will be different, but especially during the summer, before and after Tet. Fruit gardens that visitors should not miss:

– Ido longan garden: 20-25,000 VND / person (depending on the beginning or the end of the crop)

– Cow leather longan garden: 15,000 VND / person

– Garden of golden rice boats: 20,000 VND / person

– Orange diamond garden: 20,000 VND / person

– Pomelo garden: 15,000 VND / person

– Pomelo + orchid garden: 20,000 VND / person

– Green strawberry garden: 20,000 VND / person

– Breast milk garden: 10,000 VND / person (buy breast milk to bring home the price of 35,000 VND / kg)

– Plum garden (whip garden)

– Guava garden: 20,000 VND / person

– Tangerine garden: 15,000 VND / person

– Rambutan garden: 15,000 VND / person

Note : When visiting the orchards in Con Son, visitors will be picked and tasted the fruits in the garden by the owner. Then if you like, you can buy it. Fruits here are sold by weight only from 10 – 40k / kg.Tourism Con Son, Can Tho - fruit gardenFruit garden

4. Slap fishing ditch

Traveling to Con Son Can Tho , visitors will experience a day as a farmer by catching fish and processing fish according to their favorite dishes.

Price for participation: 700 – 1 million VND / ditch

Note: There is no limit to the number of fishermen and the number of fish caught and the fish caught will not be charged but only a fee when asking the people here to process. In addition, you will be equipped with Western clothing, fishing equipment such as baskets, hats, bamboo …Traveling to Con Son, Can Tho - slapping fishing ditchSlap fishing ditch

5. Enjoy singing and singing

Joining the Con Son tour, visitors will enjoy the sweet and luscious melodies of amateurs – specialties of Southern folk and be guided how to sing Don Ca Tai Tu from the uncle of the Don Ca Club.

Participation price: 900k / session.

6. Folk cake buffet

Coming to Con Son, visitors will enjoy the sweet taste of the specialties of the West such as beef bun, little cake, rolls.

Price: 35-40k / pieceTourist Con Son, Can Tho - buffet cakeCake buffet

7. Baking experience

Besides enjoying the folk cakes, visitors will learn and make their own folk cakes such as:

  • Rolled sandwiches, printed cakes, dipped cakes, dumplings price: 80k / piece
  • Khot cake price: 100k / piece
  • Pancakes price: 30k / piece
  • Bread soup dough price: 150 – 300k / pot

Traveling to Con Son, Can Tho - baking experienceBaking experience

8. Pull the net

Besides, you will be able to participate in interesting experiences such as catching traditional fish of farmers in the ditches for 500 -1000k / ditch (fish caught will not be charged extra). In addition, visitors will be able to participate in other interesting experiences such as: net, fishing, fishing, standing on a giant lotus leaf.

What to eat in Con Son?

When you experience and visit most of the activities in Con Son, visitors can sit back to enjoy the authentic countryside dishes in the southwestern region with a rich menu such as grilled, hot pot, fried, steamed, fried. …Travel Con Son, Can Tho - eat snailsEat snails

Above are interesting experiences when traveling to Con Son Can Tho that Vietnam Traveler wants to share with readers. Hopefully, this information will bring you many interesting and unexpected surprises when coming to Con Son.