16 Phu Yen specialties as gifts must definitely try

Phu Yen in the past is not only famous as a place with many beautiful and memorable scenes but also has ideal specialties for you to buy for your close friends and friends after each trip. Here are the top 10 Phu Yen specialties that you can consult and choose from.

What is Phu Yen specialty?

Cow a sunny

Phu Yen’s specialty that is most often mentioned is one-sunny beef. The meat used to process this delicious beef dish is naturally grazed on the slopes of Phu Yen mountains, so the meat is firm and fragrant. After the beef is slaughtered, people will choose the best tenderloin or corn meat for processing. 

When processing, care should be taken to avoid rancid meat because when making a beef one day, it will be uncertain and fragrant. The meat will be pre-processed, cleaned, and sliced ​​into rectangular slices of 12cm long, 5cm wide and 2cm thick.A sunny beef specialty Phu YenPhu Yen beef specialties (photo collection)

Beef will be marinated with onion, garlic, chili, pepper, fish sauce, salt, and some other spices within 15 minutes to infuse the meat. Then bring the marinated meat to the sun to dry it down but not dry completely but still retain the sweetness of the meat, then the meat will be preserved and packaged. 

Before eating, the meat must be grilled on a charcoal stove to fully cook it. Sun-dried beef can be served with some herbs and soy sauce. The beef is chewy, spicy but delicious. What is more interesting in the cold weather is sitting by the charcoal grill and enjoying with family and friends.Specialties Bo Mot sunshine Phu YenA unique and delicious beef dish in a sunny Phu Yen (photo collection)

Dried ocean tuna edge

Phu Yen land is famous for its rich seafood resources, including the famous Tuna. Tuna here is not only processed into fresh and delicious dishes with bold flavors of the sea, but also to serve the needs of tourists coming to Phu Yen and want to buy as gifts for family and friends, The local people have processed tuna dried dishes. 

This is a unique and delicious Phu Yen specialty, because although it has been prepared by drying method, it still retains the rich and supple flavor of sea fish, really suitable as a side dish. sitting with guests or offering wine from friends.Specialties dried tuna Phu Yen Dried tuna specialty Phu Yen (photo collection)

Hoa Da rice paper

For a long time, Hoa Da rice paper has been famous as a familiar food to the people of Phu Yen and some neighboring provinces. This specialty of Phu Yen differs from rice paper in some other localities in that the shell is neither too thick nor too thin, and coated very well. 

The chewy texture is very suitable for making spring rolls or side dishes. Besides rice paper rolls, Phu Yen specialties also have equally delicious grilled rice paper. When the cake is baked, it is crunchy and fragrant.

It is also an interesting drink or snack. If you want to buy Hoa Da rice paper as a gift, you can buy it at any market in Phu Yen such as Tuy Hoa market, or retail shops, supermarkets with low price but excellent quality. .Specialty rice paper Hoa Da Phu YenHoa Da Phu Yen rice paper (photo collection)

The Emperor’s Pub

Along with snacks or dry food, when visitors come to Phu Yen and want to buy some Phu Yen specialties as gifts, there are many different options. If you have delicious food, you will also need a fine bottle of wine, so why not try some Quan De wine and buy it as a gift for your family.

 Being the product of Xuan Loc and Xuan Binh communes, in Song Cau town, Quan De wine was once chosen as a fine product with many types of wine such as white wine, seahorse wine, ginseng wine or wine. soak the Chinese medicine. Quan De is good but has a slightly high level of alcohol, so it is usually only connoisseurs of wine to choose. 

But when you have a chance to come to Phu Yen, just buy yourself some Quan De wine, good wine with good friends.Delicious specialty of Quan De wine of Phu YenSpecialty Wine of Phu Yen Restaurant (photo collection)

Ganh Do fish sauce

Another gift that is also very rich in Phu Yen is Ganh Do fish sauce with a rich and salty taste that cannot be mixed with other fish sauce. With fresh and delicious seafood, the freshest and most delicious anchovies will be selected, washed and fished with pure salt also produced in Phu Yen.

 Fish sauce is a pure Vietnamese condiment, indispensable in the daily meals of every family. A scoop of delicious fish sauce will help increase the richness of the dish. Fish sauce in Ganh Do village is a famous specialty of Phu Yen, so you can buy Ganh Do fish sauce right at the village or big dealer shops in Phu Yen with many factories producing traditional fish sauce like fish sauce. Old man, Ba Muoi fish sauce or Tan Lap fish sauce.Specialty fish sauce Phu Yen Ganh RedProduction establishment of traditional Ganh Do Phu Yen fish sauce (photo collection)

Grilled sea bass

Under the golden sunshine of the Central Coast, sitting on floating cages on the sea, enjoying the cool sea breeze and sipping on greasy and hot grilled catfish, will definitely be an unforgettable memory. The sweetness of the fish meat, the chewy taste of the fish skin, and the spiciness of the chili and the fragrant citronella eaten while still hot will make you not forget this wonderful specialty of Phu Yen.Phu Yen specialties - grilled catfishSpecialty grilled catfish Phu Yen (photo collection)

Oyster porridge

After a day walking around the city of Phu Yen ward, the delicious and delicious oyster porridge on Le Loi Street will be a perfect choice to energize you. Medium fresh oyster, still intact the pure sweetness from the sea, soft porridge seeds are even more attractive when combined with the passionate, salty ginger flavor of fish sauce.Specialty oyster porridge Phu Yen The unique features of Phu Yen oyster porridge (photo collection)

King crab

Crab is not an unfamiliar dish to tourists in the country, but that is why you need to enjoy this delicious Phu Yen “Nư” dish. You will definitely be ecstatic about the big crab with strong flesh, intact the sweet, rich taste. The natural sweetness of Huynh De crab can create an irresistible taste.

 Among many dishes, the most special one is the fragrant crab porridge, with the pure white color of the crab meat on the red background of the crab bricks.Phu Yen specialties king crabCrab Huynh De special irresistible specialty of Phu Yen (photo collection)

Blood cockle of O Loan lagoon

O Loan Dam is not only famous for its beautiful scenery, but also has delicious specialties to hold visitors. O Loan lagoon blood cockle is one of the famous specialties here. The food is delicious and nutritious. Scallops have red, grainy shells, and scallops as big as the mouth of a cup.

 Blood cockles can be processed into many different dishes such as: fried blood cockles, grilled, fried tamarind, roasted onions, blood soup, salad … At Dam O Loan, there is a rich source of seafood so you can freely choose Choose for yourself the processed dishes right here.Specialties blood cockles in Phu Yen lagoonFamous cockle dish in O Loan Dam (photo collection)

Cup duck cake

If you travel to Phu Yen on a chilly day, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the rustic cake – banh beo, one of the popular Phu Yen specialties. While observing the smooth hand of the owner of the baker, his hands whirled and turned the hot, hot baby cake and when the softness of the cake touched the tip of the tongue, the aroma of onion fat and the meat of the cotton rub faded. nose. All your senses seem to be stimulated and then you have to say, why have I been rewarded with this wonderful delicious food.Phu Yen's specialty water fern cakeDelicious Phu Yen water fern cake (photo collection)

Crab River Bridge

Cau River crab is a specialty not to be missed in Phu Yen. The crabs here have a small, beautiful body, the thinner and very weak, the crab shell is green, with white brown streaks. River crabs are small but crawl very quickly. Cau river crab can be processed into many different ways such as boiled, steamed, grilled and all have a very delicious taste of seafood in Phu Yen.Phu Yen Bridge River specialtiesCrab River Cau attractive specialty of Phu Yen (photo collection)

Phu Yen chicken rice

If the banh beo seduces diners with a rich white color adorned with green onion fat, Phu Yen chicken rice wears a golden, attractive coat. The rice seeds are soft, supple, and fragrant thanks to cooking with coconut milk and chicken stock.Chicken rice specialty Phu Yen (Photo: ST)


Phu Yen specialties, so the most complete gift from the mother nature brought here is probably Phu Yen pancakes. The cake combines the crispy crunch of the crust made from rice flour, the fat leopard of the bacon, the soft sweetness of the squid shrimp inside.

 The fried cake is not eaten all the time because of the harmonious combination with the cool taste of raw vegetables such as herbs, lettuce, and the taste of laksa leaves with a little bean sprouts. You can also curl it all up in the supple rice paper of the specialty of Phu Yen land.Specialty pancakes Phu Yen Phu Yen pancakes (photo collection)

Xoi Dove

Xoi pigeon is one of the delicious specialties that cannot be ignored when traveling to Phu Yen. As a specialty of Tuy Hoa district, pigeon sticky rice is often cooked during important holidays. Xoi Do Do is meticulously prepared, requiring meticulousness and care for the cook’s dishes. Rice to cook sticky rice is a type of sticky rice with a soft and fragrant flavor. 

After the pigeon is cleaned, the bones are finely chopped up to soften and smooth with chili, pepper, onion and some herbs. Then bring it to cook, season to taste. Sticky rice cooked, fragrant aroma radiates. At this time, the processed pigeon meat will be mixed with sticky rice. 

Sticky rice cooked must have ductility, pearl white sticky rice mixed with pigeon meat to create a very unique color. When eating, you can eat with sesame salt or peanut salt to increase the aroma of sticky rice.

Sticky delicious pigeon sticky rice in Phu Yen

Phu Yen land is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes but also for the unique Phu Yen specialties that are characterized by the rich sea here. If you want to fully enjoy these delicacies, come to Phu Yen Thoi and bring back not only memories but also the imprints of the “Nư” origin product. Wish you have a happy trip to Phu Yen.